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  1. Hello Will try altering the ratio also I've purchased some good quality oil much appreciated
  2. Morning Thank you for your reply. Will try it later on today. Much appreciated Rob
  3. 25 to 1 what oil should I add to the petrol
  4. What oil should I add to the petrol
  5. Thank you for your reply Never had this running before Owned for years Feel happier now Thank you
  6. Running 25 to 1 What oil should I add to the oil
  7. Morning Many thanks for your reply. Feel much better reading this. It's been stood in garage for years Has mentioned I changed the crankshaft seals that were rock hard. New oil,plug, points etc Started straight away. I'm running 30 to 1 What oil should I add to the petrol,? Best regards
  8. Hello Many thanks for your email. Thank you.
  9. Evening Many thanks for your information. How do I remove the obstruction? Is it carbon the obstruction? Once again thank you. Stay safe and well.
  10. Hello I was having oil coming out of the exhaust. I've changed the crankshaft seals No improvement Petrol/oil ratio not the problem Any thoughts
  11. Much appreciated Thank you Best regards Rob
  12. Morning Many thanks for your email. Will give it a go. Thank you
  13. Robert 65

    Montesa 248

    I have a Montesa 248 Currently in the process of changing the crankshaft seals. I have been able to access the seals on the Magneto side but having problems with the clutch side. I am aware of the possible issues in removing the primary gear but at the moment I am unable to remove the nut on the crankshaft. I know the Magneto end is left hand thread but what thread left or right is the clutch side. I've tried moving it won't move at all Any ideas thank you
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