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  1. We moved from Basildon, Essex, to west Wales. Its real rural out here, but its all farmland. Where I was born and spent the 1st 40 years of my life was in South Wales, and by God, there was no limit to the access of decent grounds. Living on the edge of the Beacons national park had its advantages, as well as its downsides.
  2. Lucky you. I have to trailer my wee Scorpa anywhere I can ride.
  3. Thanks guys. Al-Orange, I will de inatly be looking at the Leatts
  4. Is that a Rieju? Never seen one of them in real life.
  5. Thanks Turbofurball. I'll have a look for them, see what's available.
  6. Having chunky biceps has put me in a bit of a head spin as to what's best and sizing. I have searched the posts on here going back as far as 2014 trying to find a pair that'll fit the bill. My biceps are 35.5cm relaxed, and that's measured 5cm up from my inner elbow. Who makes elbow guards that fit the bigger arms? I've heard many good reports about Jitsie elbow guards, but fear they won't stretch enough for my biceps or forearm. Their sizing chart rates them stretched at what my arms are relaxed. As I don't live anywhere near a dealer I could try them on, even after lockdown has ended. My only option is to buy online. I would really appreciate some advice on sizing from people with bigger arms than an Italian model. My arms are modelled more like Popeye.
  7. Poor sarge. Standard Matchless and a stiff upper lip.
  8. This vote for presidency has turned out to look farcical to people not living in America. The outgoing president, inciting his supporters to fight (riot) for him to stay in power, whilst the newly elected president is staying mainly quiet, giving trump enough rope to hang himself. The whole world knows trumps double standards, pardoning friends and associates but ramping up the number of death sentence executions amongst other dubious acts. The whole world is watching the most powerful country in the world devolve into a banana Republic. As an outsider to America, looking at events unfold, it looks like trump, the sore loser, is doing whatever he can to disrupt democracy and cause civil riot by his supporters. Encouraging the capitol building to be stormed? Hell, he hasn't even condemned the riot. That's treason as I see it. The rest of the world is watching in amazement at what's happening. Even our first minister for Scotland has said, he won't be allowed to land here to play a round of golf whilst the inauguration is taking place. Its not classed as essential travel. Its farcical, its making American democracy look shambolic. That's what the rest of the world thinks of the situation. Or are my views "fake news" and none of this is happening. You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all the people some of the time. But you can't fool all the people all of the time. Who said that quote? It rings true.
  9. I believe its close to standard. It had 245kms on the clock, as new. It has been rejetted previously, and I'm not sure if they came with Apico handlebars, which mine has. Came with the longride seat, indicators, headlight, and mirrors, none of which have ever been fitted. Oh, it's got a real sticky rear tyre fitted. Pulls a fat old man around OK too. And Non Stop Trials had one for sale in Ammanford just after I bought this wee beauty. Alas, lockdown has prevented me from going back for some more fun. As for Arm pump up, I didn't suffer as I think if its powerful, you subconsciously hang on tighter. Stay loose?
  10. I don't see the need for a cover whilst it's on a rack. Surely you'll wash it down when you get home, and if it is cinched too tight to stop it becoming a parachute, it chafe on the alloy or plastics and stickers. Every bike I own goes on a trailer, no cover, and washed when at home. And that goes for my road bikes too, when transporting them long distance. It'll be hard to disguise a trials bike on a rack with a cover, but, each to their own. Whatever works for you. I just let mine breathe.
  11. Same here. Had a day out at non stop trials South Wales and was totally bolluxed when I got home. Then had to jet wash the bike and my clothes and boots. Don't know where the energy came from for that, but enough energy to open a tinnie for this 64 year old.
  12. I'd laugh my a*** off if the security service had to go I to the Whitehouse and march Trump off the premises. It looks like that could happen too. ?
  13. Good advice from ChrisCH. Clean thoroughly, and reapply as often as you like.
  14. To answer my own question, it's the odometer. Seems I've got a very low mileage, minter of a Scorpa.
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