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  1. I've done the odd Trial and had plenty shots on my son's old 80 Evo (2016). It's a hoot to ride and easy on the tight stuff but don't expect it to lug you out of trouble when things go wrong. A more aggressive technique is also needed so maybe at 70 it's not what you want. Cheers the noo.
  2. I'm 180lb and struggle with my 300. It's not that it 's hard to start just the kickstart stops dead against the frame when you run through. Wrecks my Achilles , don't suppose a longer kickstart would make much difference. Sorry I'm no help.
  3. My default bike is a Scorpa TY175F and the reason I ride it a lot is it doesn't encourage me to try anything above my pay grade. It's bugger all power and less ground clearance so anything big time is a no no . I'm now 57 and have had it 14 years and it's been a hoot.
  4. If I'm not dead or that unfit I can't start the Triumph I would enjoy it. I imagine most of would be entrants and all the spectators will be in the self isolation big time group so it may be a quiet run round. On a lighter note my wife has banned me from racing round the from garden on a pit bike for no reason whatsoever. I don't get it only about 10 neighbours have complained.
  5. About time to call it a day probably, I'm getting a taste for doing very little and the fact is the less you do the less you want to do.
  6. Way I feel now is I'll just be glad to get out for a play. Modern trials are really fussy plus most involve a bit travelling , expense, plus the bike has to be right. I really don't know if I could rise to this again , maybe it's an age thing, I want to ride but not all that goes with it. In May I had an entry for a major trial, if someone waved a magic wand and said it's all on you can go I couldn't face it.
  7. Like most I've plenty time on my hands at the moment . How does the forum feel the sport will go once it all passes ? Can't imagine we'll pick up where we left off, few of us won't feel the impact on finances and for a long time. Also are the days of just jumping in the van and heading off at a whim over, will it be local trials only? What about the clubs? It's tricky enough running Trials and added restrictions would be a real chore. Also would landowners be so keen to let us use there land? Also, what about the manufacturers, most are pretty dodgy at the best of times, will they even resume. I know I sound kind of bleak but we've had it so good for ever and probably didn't know how privileged we were. Pretty sure things will start up again I just can't see us starting where we left off.
  8. Got an Oset 20r since 2015, the original battery was a heartbreak, the boost ones great, lasts ages (3hrs ish) as long as it's doing Trials type stuff. Certainly got my moneys worth out of it as it's been used 100s of times by all and sundry in situations you could never run a petrol bike. It's had no love whatsoever and it keeps coming back there's lumps worn out of it and the footrests point downwards on the brackets, just changed the drive sprocket again which was worn round. Pulls my 12/13 stone I'm worn out before the battery also must do well over 30mph too fast really,
  9. Think the forks changed for 15 and the clutch got an upgrade that's all I remember. For sure the 14/15 bikes are the ones to have as they've stronger linkages and gearboxes. Nigel Birkett would know.
  10. breagh

    Sherco TY 125

    The old model sy 200f certainly didn't overheat I've had one since 06 and done a few 100 trials on it and I know it's hard to believe but it finished the Scott. Best bike I've ever owned by a big margin.
  11. breagh

    Sherco TY 125

    I have to laugh as I always think of the States as the centre of everything yet it's patently a backwater on the Trials front. I stay in a out of the way place in Scotland yet I've a Scorpa dealer a TRS dealer a chap that's a TY Yam spares guru another that can source Sherco's and Gas Gas's and a very nice chap that has these new Chinese trials bikes that I can't spell in stock not more than half an hour's drive away. Mind you if I stayed over there I probably wouldn't trial more likely do Enduro or Trail Ride, maybe we just do Trials because space is limited. ps If you want a Beta or an Oset it's about an hour though you have a choice of dealers.
  12. breagh

    Sherco TY 125

    Scorpa do the same bike in orange, don't know if you can get them over there?
  13. The classes are gey odd as I would say. Having 3 grades A,B and C to match the routes and forget all the name tags would be my ideal set up. To answer the question you could ride clubman don't think you need to ride any age related category.
  14. breagh

    Beta 80's

    I do have to clean it now and then but certainly not every ride. Be careful with the pressure washer at the seat area but that's just common sense. Make sure the tube between the air box and the carb is clean as water lies in the ridges so maybe the lad that sold you the bike doesn't do this? While I'm on I've had probs with the throttle cable, I feel the spring in the slide is too long and becomes distorted ,and rubs the inner cable, I've replaced 3, I've now shortened the spring with no issues. Also I run it very lean on oil 50ml to 4 L because if I don't it dribbles everywhere from the lower silencer joint , you'll see how oily it is when you repack it. All the best. PS Make sure you ALWAYS turn the fuel of when not in use, the crankcase stuffers can swell if it floods and cause havoc.
  15. breagh

    Beta 80's

    Our 16s great, wouldn't spend money on a shock unless your girls very light and the standards too stiff. Think they come new with cheapo tyres and the rears not tubeless so that might be a no no. Silencers easy damaged and the rear brake pedal is poor. My boy's 14 5ft5 and 9 stone ish and I think it's spot on for him. He wants a 125 but he can't boss the 80 enough for my liking and no way is it holding him back. As I said great bike.
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