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  1. I bought one new and liked it, the rear shock has no linkage so it was low maintenance . Engine is a Sherco so no problems with bits and nice to work on. Didn't have any problems but if I mind right the carb was tricky to get out and the plastics a bit ropey. Probably should have kept it but I found the power a bit much but a flywheel weight would have cured it. I know my Ossa's bigger but the Scorpa had loads more go.
  2. Trials goes against modern culture where everything has to be seen and easy. Trials is a killer to get half decent at let alone good and it takes ages,also there's little recognition and no praise. It's for those who value the effort rather than the result, I think deep down all seasoned Trials riders know this.
  3. Not sure but it's older than my 2014,it's like an early factory edition no newer than 2013. Sorry I can't be more definite. Cheers.
  4. I remember an old club member who said when I fall off and don't know why I'll quit,probably good advice.
  5. In reality what will happen is the mudguard will come loose from the stay, this is fairly common. Couple of years ago I rode across a big moor at the SSDT on a Scorpa and noticed as I hit "civilisation" (it's Lochaber about 1973) the mudguard fall off. First person I met was Murdo Mc Phail a legend up here who looked at me held out his hand and said " you want these"? Loads of bikes had just shaken the mudguards loose on the moor.
  6. The problem with these old things is the actuator arm bends out of shape and no amount of adjustment helps. Back in the day we used to reinforce the arm, someone out there might have a photo. The slave cyl is pretty basic and a standard kit should be an easy fit. Never heard of anyone converting one to a cable though I can't see it being a big deal. Maybe google an image to see how the set up should look. All the best.
  7. Just a guess, but I do own 2 of these Beta's. The exhaust and silencers fill up with oil as they don't run hot enough to burn it away.It's not helped by riders constantly "blipping" the throttle and stop start riding which is common in the younger age group. I run about 50ml of 2t to 4 L which is about 80.1which helps . While I'm on leaking petrol taps are common (Always switch them off) they Make a nice job of filling the crank with fuel and this really adds to the problem . Cheers the noo.
  8. Hi there even though I've owned one of these from new and trialled it regularly it's something I don't really know. The tank holds only about 3 litres but they don't use much fuel specially in competitions. Certainly miles better than any other bike I've ridden. Guess 40 miles on a tank minimum. Happy trail riding. PS Just checked a Yam YBR 125 does 90mpg so 40 miles for 3 litres of road on a 163 sounds reasonable.
  9. Totally agree with the tyres,still using the same size as my dad had on his Gold Star BSA,.there's been no attempt to limit the development. Fact is riders now ride stop start style as they've the grip to do this, you wouldn't dare stop on an old rock hard Avon.
  10. My solution would be to make only half of the Championship sections severe and the other half suitable for National level. Ok most would have to take 5s at the harder stuff but there would be sections they would clean and not humiliate themselves with a card of 5s. That way everyone could "ride" the same route . Can't see why this wouldn't work and everyone would be happy.
  11. No, but the swingarm has bushes so it's no problem, it's in halves too which have to be separated . Pretty sure you have to remove the drive side of the swingarm to replace the "gearbox" sprocket so it's made to come apart. When I replaced the bearings I think I only did the drive side of the motor or wished I had , I think the internal one was like new and a real pain I really can't mind. The original motor had no seal on the drive shaft, that caused the problem .
  12. Double standards carried out to the letter. Absolutely crazy yet we'll be the cranks for mentioning the reality of the situation.
  13. Don't know why they even bother to make them ,maybe noise considerations but as for the environment it's like taking a dustpan and brush to a tsunami.
  14. breagh

    Future of Gasgas

    You can't be interested in something you don't know exists.
  15. breagh

    Future of Gasgas

    Said this loads Trials is like a secret society, how does any unknowing member of the public discover trials other than by accident . Only the clubs and a few well meaning dealers push the boat a bit, as for the makers nothing. It's a wonder any bikes get sold.
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