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  1. I think the problem is Trials throws up too many variations. what's perfect on a big step will be a disaster on loose going so at best you'll have to compromise. What I would say is you have to get used to how your suspension works,I think you'll end up with something you like but It'll be a personal thing. As an old guy I prefer it very plush so I don't feel the small stuff,but you run through the travel quick on bigger stuff. Anyway nothing to stop you trying to better it.
  2. Said this for years it's the bikes that need limited not more rules; Stick a 3.50 back tyre on and no one will be keen to stop. Still riding with the same size tyre as my dad did on his Gold Star BSA weighing 400lb and 5 inches of ground clearance. Sammy Millers said this for years (not the bit about my dad) but what would he know.
  3. Good man,I know you're not in the first flush of youth but take heart from the fact there's plenty over 60s here at the wobblers. Some pretty handy too which can be a bit worrying for some of the youngsters. Anyway enjoy ,some folk never find out how fun Trials are.
  4. Hi Arthur welcome from Fife The main stronghold in your area is the Bob MacGregor Trials academy at Dunlop which isn't too far away from you. They've got a site so check that out. Best man for help /advice in your area is Murdo MacPhail who helps out at the academy. All the regulars will know how to contact him. Cheers.
  5. Spot on, you don't want to spoil them. KIds bikes are a problem in Trials , there's nothing budget . This is no good for getting youngsters into the sport. Very few "virgin" parents will take the plunge ,spend a few thousand and see how it goes, normally it's people who have ridden previously that get there kids involved. The answer would be some budget trials style bike under £1000 like you can by a pit bike for, I know this doesn't help but I've every sympathy with aevans.
  6. He's only 4ft 6 mind, my 10 year old is bigger and looks about right on a sw 80, bw is way too big for him and he's no puddin'
  7. For sure what about Trotters burn in the 6 day's how big is that ? did that in the 70s.
  8. Certainly swap it for a small wheel 80 if you can find one. I've still got my 14 year old on a Beta 80 bw and he's 5ft5 and strong as an ox,there's plenty time for a bigger bike. Better to learn technique than use the size/power of the bike to mask riding ability.
  9. Most old Trials bikes are a pain,even rough newish ones aren't worth the trouble. Don't suppose it would even break as there's very few old Gassers still in use.. Just made that light, but not too last, sorry I can't be positive but I've been there.
  10. Hi there choice is fairly limited,either an Oset 20r or a Beta 80 small wheel. I've both, Oset needs a lithium battery to be any use which makes it expensive and it has limited off road ability. I find it fine for playing, Beta's more up for it,rides like a proper small trials bike which it is, weak point is the hubs, holds it value well and quite sought after.
  11. Certainly agree that most trials riders are brand new however over the years Trials has become clunky and fragmented which I find very off putting. Your local trial now has about 4 routes sections look like a Christmas tree, just about get a migraine working out where to go, I know they're trying to be inclusive . To me you either run a serious trial with observed sections and a degree of difficulty or a fun trial for casual or beginners mark yourself. This isn't the way it seems to be going with more routes and classes plus a classic scene which to me is just an excuse for running an easy trial. Add on the complicated scoring system which no beginner could possibly understand.It's not really got the making off a fun day on the bike. Anyway I'll still be out this Sunday thankfully the Trial will have only one route with a few extra sets of gates for the "good" riders because I'll be setting out.
  12. Hi ran atf in mine , they're very well made don't mind of any clutch problems. If it's had a hard time and the baskets grooved might cause clutch problems. Take this with a pinch of salt , but drilling the clutch basket to let more oil in about the clutch plates sometimes helps. Old springs ? Might be worth changing. I mind they've a funny set up with the slave cyl moving a mechanical arm, (these bend life toffee) make sure this is set up correctly , there's quite a bit about it on the forum probably ages ago though. Cheers the noo.
  13. Dunfermline mcc and ourselves the Wobblers are the two Fife based clubs if you fancy a drive. As Steve says Glenlomond near Milnathort is the default venue for new folk in the locale. Nothing heavy perfect for the basics and a good few regulars. The landowner is David Yeaman, get him on 07930 389789. Cheers the noo.
  14. breagh

    SSDT Website

    Many thanks Andy a great job and certainly appreciated by me .
  15. A true off road god, more famous than Dougie now? I wonder.
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