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  1. The classes are gey odd as I would say. Having 3 grades A,B and C to match the routes and forget all the name tags would be my ideal set up. To answer the question you could ride clubman don't think you need to ride any age related category.
  2. breagh

    Beta 80's

    I do have to clean it now and then but certainly not every ride. Be careful with the pressure washer at the seat area but that's just common sense. Make sure the tube between the air box and the carb is clean as water lies in the ridges so maybe the lad that sold you the bike doesn't do this? While I'm on I've had probs with the throttle cable, I feel the spring in the slide is too long and becomes distorted ,and rubs the inner cable, I've replaced 3, I've now shortened the spring with no issues. Also I run it very lean on oil 50ml to 4 L because if I don't it dribbles everywhere from the lower silencer joint , you'll see how oily it is when you repack it. All the best. PS Make sure you ALWAYS turn the fuel of when not in use, the crankcase stuffers can swell if it floods and cause havoc.
  3. breagh

    Beta 80's

    Our 16s great, wouldn't spend money on a shock unless your girls very light and the standards too stiff. Think they come new with cheapo tyres and the rears not tubeless so that might be a no no. Silencers easy damaged and the rear brake pedal is poor. My boy's 14 5ft5 and 9 stone ish and I think it's spot on for him. He wants a 125 but he can't boss the 80 enough for my liking and no way is it holding him back. As I said great bike.
  4. breagh


    That 150 looks fun much like my Scorpa 163.
  5. Brilliant, a few lads up here have similar you're looks the part though.
  6. That's one scary name to come on the forum with Ian then to say you haven't ridden competitively for 20 years. Anyway, welcome back. Apologies Ian he's spelt Huntley.
  7. Certainly a problem with budget start up bikes in Trials. Not many folk would consider spending £1000 on a bike let alone say two three thousand for a decent Oset or Beta to get junior started. Lately I've wondered about pit bikes as a base as an all singing dancing one can be had out the crate for a grand, maybe someone out there has modified one.I don't mean new frames and wheels just a few bits like tyres and gearing.
  8. breagh


    We've a local dealer in Fife, one was at our trial last month though that wasn't the first one. Looked fine ,sounded good ,had a wee play on one about September and it felt fine but was let down by a poor set up which really should have been fine tuned by the selling dealer (Not my local chap). It wouldn't worry a 4rt but there is a price gap. Certainly be happy enough to ride one don't think at 56 it would make much difference to my score.I
  9. Even though I'm an old guy I do ride my kids bikes and ty80s are rubbish to ride, they steer terrible and really ride much heavier than they are and the suspension is awful. Trust me a Beta 80 sw is no comparison on the rough stuff. I agree they're well made and hold there value but past there sell by date.
  10. Beta 80 small wheel, think it's 19in front 17 rear my 10 year old manages it easy he's had it a year. It's the only proper small trials bike on the market.
  11. I think the problem is Trials throws up too many variations. what's perfect on a big step will be a disaster on loose going so at best you'll have to compromise. What I would say is you have to get used to how your suspension works,I think you'll end up with something you like but It'll be a personal thing. As an old guy I prefer it very plush so I don't feel the small stuff,but you run through the travel quick on bigger stuff. Anyway nothing to stop you trying to better it.
  12. Said this for years it's the bikes that need limited not more rules; Stick a 3.50 back tyre on and no one will be keen to stop. Still riding with the same size tyre as my dad did on his Gold Star BSA weighing 400lb and 5 inches of ground clearance. Sammy Millers said this for years (not the bit about my dad) but what would he know.
  13. Good man,I know you're not in the first flush of youth but take heart from the fact there's plenty over 60s here at the wobblers. Some pretty handy too which can be a bit worrying for some of the youngsters. Anyway enjoy ,some folk never find out how fun Trials are.
  14. Hi Arthur welcome from Fife The main stronghold in your area is the Bob MacGregor Trials academy at Dunlop which isn't too far away from you. They've got a site so check that out. Best man for help /advice in your area is Murdo MacPhail who helps out at the academy. All the regulars will know how to contact him. Cheers.
  15. Spot on, you don't want to spoil them. KIds bikes are a problem in Trials , there's nothing budget . This is no good for getting youngsters into the sport. Very few "virgin" parents will take the plunge ,spend a few thousand and see how it goes, normally it's people who have ridden previously that get there kids involved. The answer would be some budget trials style bike under £1000 like you can by a pit bike for, I know this doesn't help but I've every sympathy with aevans.
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