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  1. breagh

    2019 Scorpa 125F motor?

    2, Yamaha TY250 Mono 3, TY175, there's a pattern here. Worst Fantic 307, Fantic section(My original one not the one I just sold) Montesa 200 but there's loads more on that second list , basically anything that's not got a Yamaha. motor.
  2. breagh

    Toby Martyn

    Kind of says it all that he's not up for the BTC, bring back a BTC based on the big nationals and ditch this exclusive series. Include the SSDT and the Scott so we can all feel part of it.
  3. breagh

    What Is A Twinshock ?

    Never had any problems with tight stuff on my RLs back in the day, they all started to collapse at the steering head first time they got a hammering. Moving on the sensible approach would be to keep the bikes as standard as " reasonably practical" imagine it'll go the same way as the pre 65s.
  4. breagh

    2019 Scorpa 125F motor?

    Back in 06 I got a 163 Scorpa from my local dealer which I believe was the first one in the UK. The engine was built in Brazil and has ran faultlessly for the last 12 years. I might be a bit outspoken but I would suggest that it has done more work than any other bike up here . Probably done about 200 trials plus, also I run trials so there's loads of setting out and clearing up and I've lent it out on many occasions to all and sundry. Best bike I've ever owned by a mile and it's sitting in the van ready for tomorrows trial.
  5. I suppose the old Bulto would run a lot hotter than these modern girds. Moving on synthetic just seems to clog up the silencers of modern 2Ts. My wee boys Beta has an inbuilt chain oiler as the silencer drips oil on the chain. What I don't get is as a gardener my Hedgecutter ,Strimmer, Chainsaw work miles harder than any Trials bike with no problems and no real fuss over what ratio or oil type is run.
  6. breagh

    Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    Hi SS, have to say anything that makes Trials more complicated wouldn't get my vote. It's bad enough with multi classes multi routes and a complex scoring system. Certainly wouldn't want to see a grading system or anything that brings in more classes and riding on the road . I would say is the trouble with most Trials is they try to please everyone and it doesn't work. Our club run easy trials which is really a fun route with a few extra gates for the more adventurous .There's no pretence about it being for the better riders and it works for about 70% of the riders out there. Sometimes there's no awards and mostly there self scoring and it works to get riders out there. It's more a battle of concentration than riding ability so this negates any need for grading riders anyone could win and does. I would say though if you're going to run a "serious " trial this doesn't work, it's got to be observed,difficult, and not for the casual rider. .
  7. breagh

    Build up to the Scott

    Don't suppose the Richmond club needs any more spectators clogging up the roads. Wish I could go ' best of luck to BB but there's plenty others who could give him a run on the Trials bike. It'll be great and it's going to be wet.
  8. breagh

    Ford Connect L2 or Citroen Dispatch

    I've an old one 06 plate lwb hi top takes 3 adult bikes easy. No had any bother apart from rust.
  9. breagh

    Ideal kid bike?

    Hi Brad,My 13 year old has a Beta 80 big wheel and I don't think he's ever been limited by the power it would certainly go up anything he was brave enough to attempt. Lot cheaper than a 125 too and seem to hold there value well, be my pick but still could be a stretch for an 11 year old..
  10. breagh

    What's in a name?

    We need to give this old feet up nonsense a bit of re branding. Trials ? the general public think Trail and then associate it with MX. Last week I was assured that a lad at the wee boys school was mad keen on Trials found out he had a KTM. Today setting out another lad appeared on the hill having been told about our wee club from a friend I've known about 15 years, he had a KX 125. Any suggestions?
  11. breagh

    Toby Martyn

    Ok,ok Grattanolas not that bad but I would like to point out that Michael Brown lost the BTC a few years back after a similar incident. Moving on there's been little attempt to limit trials bikes and what we have now is an extreme sport at the top end which only a select few can do. The gulf between riding abilities is greatly amplified by modern machinery and we need as many classes/routes as riders. It used to be so simple,now you can't even work out what class/route or even what the rules are.
  12. breagh

    Toby Martyn

    Anyone with an ounce of self respect could never accept this as a genuine victory. In his heart the Italian will know he got the title by ,well lets be blunt and say cheating. He's going to be really popular next season if he has the cheek to show up. As for the rules my take is the bikes have developed too far and we need to limit them , for example we still run the same tyre width/depth as my dad did on his gold star BSA in the 50s it's nonsense.
  13. breagh

    Scorpa 2018? Yay or nay?

    Loads up here as the local dealers a gem. Very well made and easy to work on rode hire one in the six days was a bit fiery for me and it was only a 250 but I'm 55. Never see any with problems. Cheers the noo.
  14. breagh

    Nominate Emma!

    Worthy winner I'd say the old trials is a pig of a sport for all, the list of things you have to be good at to succeed is endless.
  15. breagh

    Transmission oil change

    My thinking is 99% of Trials bikes just do basic trials and in general things are fine. Now, some do get a fair bit roadwork and the oil is sometimes used to lube the main bearings. This where things get a hard time as they're not really made for this.so the oil has a really hard job being that some of them hardly have any oil in them. Just a thought as I've had problems in this area..