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  1. i think it was around 2 years ago since i sold my last bike and have always missed a sunday meet since recently ive been looking for a used bike to get back out riding and for some reason the bikes i was riding and selling on to upgrade ect are worth nearly twice they were 2 years ago i mean im seeing 15 year old shercos priced ar over £2000 i remember selling a 05 sherco 250 in 2010 for £1200 and i had a 2012 gasgas 280 and in 2016 sold it for £1900 so how come now id need to part with almost £3000 for the same bike ? that is just to name a couple of examples what have i missed? lol
  2. Thats awesome mate thank you i will check it out now
  3. Hi i was wondering if anyone can advise me how to go about replacing the fork seals on my beta im normally quite handy with maintaining my bikes but have never changed fork seals before i have a vague idea how to do it and have found a couple of things on the internet which are quite helpful but i just thought id ask on here first before i tackle the job .
  4. Hi i was wondering if anyone can recomend a good gearbox oil to use in my rev 3 i recently bought the bike and was wanting to change the fluids to make sure they are tip top and can anyone recomend which fork seals and oil to use and last thing how many ml of each do i need to use thanks
  5. Hi im not exactley new to trials as ive had a fair few bikes over the years but i am new on here and i did my first trial today after not riding for around 3 years and it was awesome fun i probably came last but im not botherd i had a great time and im hooked again
  6. I dont suppose it helps and you prob already know but the model name is a beta techno its a start good luck and happy trialing
  7. I dont know anything about frame numbers but i usually find the colours of the forks / wheels and if the plastics are original the shape and colour of them change depending on year
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