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  1. I have my original 2006 4rt and did this last year ! Just need to trim the new style mudguard a bit ... Use a very sharp Stanley knife and be very careful. Not perfect , but I was happy.
  2. Thanks for the honest reply , I still have a trusty 4rt, and have owned a 125f scorpa (very underrated ) . Its not a cost or performance issue , after several road bike crashes (broken ankle , leg, back, neck, shoulder , wrist , fingers.) The list goes on, I struggle to start, and hold on to my petrol trialers. So was thinking of the Oset for no clutch, light weight, ease of use , for a wobble round , rather than a competitive attempt .
  3. I have used the search facility (but as a techno phone ) without success.. Does anybody use a 24.0 R for adult trials ? Is it compliant with regs (minimum weight , tyre size etc) As a worn out old codger I was considering having a wobble around easy rout adult trials on something really light , and by the looks of them , well capable trailer .. Thanks in advance D.
  4. In the UK !!, other European countries, the USA and Australia, its a different story . even here in the past Trials bikes have been extreme terrain transport... I remember the Fantic Importer saying for every Fantic 200 he sold to a Trials rider , he sold three to sheep farmers...
  5. I have a 2006 4rt I have had from new , it has never let me down, and even after buying a few more trialers , modern Twinshock and prefer 65, I could never bring myself to let it go, I have just returned to competition after a couple of years, and decided to get the "Lifeboat" out of the shed and tart it up....not bad for a 14 year old Trials bike .
  6. dixie

    New 200 !!

    I was wondering about the Vertigo 200 ! I have owned several 200 Betas , and really sing their virtue . But fancy something a bit different ....
  7. dixie

    New 200 !!

    Has anyone tried , or even better own a new 200??? I am thinking of a new bike , and I must admit a 200 seems like a good idea ....
  8. What is the thing you like ? I love really thumpy low reving motors , and prefer first gear plodding ! I had an old rev3 290 , and it was a real handful.....
  9. Quite often Tubeless tyres have rough or ridged inside surfaces , and even if they stay still on the rim, they will turn your tube to dust (eventually) I have done exactly what you are proposing, as a quick fix , think it took about six months to self destruct... The Bottle of slime idea already suggested is the way to go, as its cheaper than a decent tube ...
  10. Hi, I know its like asking "What's the best flavour ice cream" But is the 300 evo soft or not? I am an average rider , getting on in age , and always sing the virtues of 200 Betas, but they are like hens teeth... Loads of good looking 300's around , for reasonable money... But are they too fiery ?? Owner replies please.
  11. I have owned the bike for over 30 years !! And it was registered in my name ..... Just my old address....
  12. My old Tiger Cub has been in my possession for 31 years , however when I moved out of my family home 25years ago, I couldn't find the log book, but as I only did the odd trial, and the Christmas engine run up with my Dad (RIP). I wasn't overly bothered , however while going through documents after we lost Mum, I found the original Log book in my name , So I sent it off to the DVLA, with covering letter .... Much to my surprise I have had a two month correspondents ping pong, even having to Photograph the frame number , number plate , etc.... But have finally been told its being processed ... Is this now the norm ?
  13. The Beta 200, IMHO , is the best bike on the British market for an "Ordinary " rider, in my case I am on the way back down (read well over the hill), it is a soft grippy motor, and lots of people would ride better on one. Most people who do buy them are cubmen or over 50s, so tend to be easier on the bike, and maintain them well, this affects the second hand price, as not many "dog's" bring the price down. Be patient, you won't regret it, I am 18st, and the littlun never runs out of puff.....
  14. dixie


    Hi anyone know where I can get some of those heavy canvas "plain" black trials jeans?
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