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  1. my rev 3 200 was like this crank shaft seal dry side IE flywheel stator side had perished badly .
  2. I am old enough to remember the reason the bike limit was brought down from 250 to 125 cc was the high number of fatal accidents involving youths who just jumped on a bike capable of 100+ MPH and killing themselves and at times others. this was down to them being unable to either ride or control the bike properly.hence the introduction I for one would shudder to think in this day an age allowing a youth my sons included the chance to just go out and purchase a 250 jump on and ride it. especially as the volume of road traffic has increased dramaticially since its introduction. and most youths are dickheads any way mine including.
  3. engines on locos diesel electrics are for all intents and purposes a donkey engine they are there to provide power to either an ac generator or alternator which converts the AC to DC to power traction motors on the wheels. a true electric loco say like a brush built class 92 is far more powerfull than its diesel electric counterpart.and lighter so in theory a electrics trial bike should give more grunt than a petrol version but the tech isn't quite there yet .funny thing is the vast majority of british freight locos running round the networks are 2 stroke diesels.
  4. make it short and sweet after suffering a mishap on my bike throttle stuck fell off broke wrist cut elbow stitches .I went to my local A E for treatment didn't no I had broken wrist thought I had sprained it. anyways when they found out I was on warfarin concerns about internal bleeding . I had to have a CT scan ECG.[ I have had heart surgery] back neck and chest x rays and was only allowed home after 9 hours I fell off doing about 5 miles an hour was fully kitted out it was a beginners trial official one . I now find myself with a few weeks spare till cast comes off pondering which trials to do next I certainly wont be doing the rocky type ones and am quite happy to completely miss out certain sections so anyone else in my situation in regards to taking blood thinning meds be very carefull I am not put off but will certainly be investing in some body protection etc .. so just be carefull to people in my situation.
  5. hope you got sorted mate if not name and shame .
  6. intend keeping both bikes problem at the moment is getting out and now forecast a cold snap . I had rode a rev 200 a couple of times before buying one found it was a lot more controllable than the gassa were I am less likely to launch it and lose control especially when going up an incline due to snappy throttle. to be honest both the bikes are both far more capable than I ever will be but was wondering is there anything I need to keep an eye on the beta.
  7. picked a beta rev 200 2004 to go with my gas gas 125 txt pro. a couple of questions which in my haste forgot to ask 1/ which is the best spark plug for it. and whats the gap setting. 2/ gear stroke clutch oil which is the best to use fuel pipe breather pipe there wasn't one on but I assume there should be but unlike my gas gas no visible sign of were the free end goes as on the gassa it tucks between centre of tank and handlebars stroke forks. 3/ anything to keep an eye on look out for clutch is annoying but tend to rock it back and forth in 2nd seems to free it off quickly before starting it up.[cheers for that tip craig] well happy with it kicks up first second kick no problems same as my gassa but sounds like a tank compared to my gassa which hums like a sewing machine. but no unusual bangs rattles etc and are both spot on.
  8. lead singer lemmy passed away last week 2 days after learning he was suffering from a rare but aggressive form of cancer. only found out today as I was abroad last week. RIP lemmy
  9. or the countless millions of deaths know doubt that have occurred to cover ones face in makeup lipstick eye shadow liner etc in ones pursuit of beauty. and may I had both the male and female cosmetics industry
  10. I used hunting as an example to be quite honest to not be an hypocrite on views of hunting you would have to be a Buddhist monk the fact is them nice leather trial boots or the dyes that goes into your nice new trial clothing range is tested or was tested at some point on animals. I also think you will find millions more animals die each year the subject off weapons testing beauty products effects of various drugs, the effects of smoking alcohol on health clothing dyes various fuels oils clothing products food production . a fine example is the Ecuador v chevron lawsuit so in the cold light of day our greed alone for cheaper products like oil etc leads to disasters like this and being consumers all of us are in directly responcible for what happens. and I didn't even mention the conditions of factory farming. our own pursuit of cheap products our lifestyle and countless over wants and needs results in not only the needless destruction of millions of animals each year but the destruction of the environment as well in the way we mine explore and extract products for our personal use.
  11. it would have been far better to make an un resevred apology DO2 and say I got it wrong than trying to justify your actions in the first place. a far better way to go about future topics is to confirm in the first place it is ok make the information available. and like has been touched on there is an ant brigade out there that would love it if to see it restricted or bans placed on the sport hobby etc.you certainly do not want it to go down the hunting route with basically a blanket ban or heavy ristrications placed on it.
  12. actually here in gods county [Lancashire] we had the pleasure of middle age men creaming themselves in haslingden for 15 minutes over arcade games like space invaders ****e etc. no scotts trial coverage and I was late for my nightshift waiting to see it as well!!!.
  13. you do realise dadof2 that a lot of the flak is self inflicted. I am sure there are more easier ways to prove your point than the way you have gone about it in your previous post sums it up
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