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  1. Five hours seems far too soon for normal use. I change oil every six trials (but sometimes stretch that depending on the events) per the manual but feel that could be extended as the oil seems fairly fresh. I wonder how many people change the oil during the SSDT? I do the filter every second change and it tends to come out fairly clean. The filter has a lot of life in it in terms of volume of oil it can cope with over time as the same item is used in various machines including the Polaris Ace where the change interval is 100 hours or 1000 miles. It's worth bearing in mind that you are only draining 75% of the engine oil (450 of the 600cc capacity) which leaves quite a high proportion of "dirty" oil in the motor.
  2. VIN numbers, as we now know them, did not come in until 1981. Yours would have been registered on the frame number, but I don't think the computerised records go back to 1976.
  3. It's a Cub - you'll soon know all about the inner workings😊
  4. You can use it on the road without lights, even if only meantime.
  5. A speedo that actually works is not period correct for a Bultaco😊
  6. Montesa worked hard to provide an unobtrusive routing. I don't see how you could route it elsewhere without it being both in the way and liable to damage.
  7. I don't think that's unusual.
  8. We just used to cut some sheet alloy to suit when shimming the 348 to take Renthals.
  9. https://www.trialsuk.co.uk/Apico-Handlebar-Riser-Kit---Fatbar-28.6mm I used these on my 4RT, I think they do a set for 7/8 as well.
  10. Don't think parts availability should deteriorate but what may happen is that not much money is spent on development of the twostrokes as the CEO is of the opinion that trials will be going electric in the nearish future. Any such lack of development won't bother the average buyer too much as they could probably go back five years in development terms and not notice the difference in their results.
  11. You need one that senses the pulses in the HT lead. The one pictured needs sight of a rotating flywheel. The small ones (matchbox size) from China last about a fortnight. I got one of these but it only lasted a few goes https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/draper-automotive-tachometer/ I do find the speed can vary during an event and it does rise when the fan comes on. As a by the by, if you find it hard to adapt to the fast tickover you could lower the gearing. I went to 9 teeth on the front but that's a bit cruel to the chain so went up two teeth on the rear instead when replacement time came round and find that a good compromise on my 250 (I'm not one for using the clutch all the time). When I briefly rode a 260, although the gearing is the same as the standard 250, it felt to run a bit slower as if the gearing was lower - I can't explain that.
  12. I see they've announced teams for MX, enduro and rally with Taddy Blazusiak and Laia Sanz being mentioned. The announcement is silent on trials, possibly as it is a current endeavour, but I'm sure fans will be keenly awaiting news on that.
  13. I got a pitbike seat for a fiver at the scrappy to use on my 4RT. You should be able to rig up something similar.
  14. We all had to ride 3 foot steps in the Seventies.
  15. I only recall it being pictured, with some details, in the trials column of the Motor Cycle but can't remember hearing anything further of it, so can't say who rode it or how well (no doubt somebody can). Memory was stirred during discussion about the Emme which a pal had just seen in the Neckarsulm museum. Emme
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