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  1. 2stroke4stroke

    320 Sherco bogs on throttle

    Did anyone ever get the carburetion sorted on the 320?
  2. 2stroke4stroke

    Montesa Cota 348 MRR date of manufacture.

    The very early ones, as I recall, had a different gearbox spec with later versions having a change that lowered third and top slightly. A bit hard to tell in your situation though.
  3. 2stroke4stroke

    When will it end ??

    Of course, tyres are already restricted by regulation. Would you advocate a return to the use of full knobblies for grip in mud?
  4. 2stroke4stroke

    When will it end ??

    No doubt other old guys like me are smiling at the recollection of similar "where will it end" comments when the Spanish got the Bultacos and Montesas to ride so much better than the previous British stuff. I'll admit there is a difference in degree but it was ever thus. The tyre issue, one of his hobbyhorses, was raised frequently by Ralph Venables in his weekly trials column in MCN (current riders may find the idea that MCN knew what trials was and reported on loads of local events each week with the SSDT getting several pages hard to believe - their staff could actually write in proper English then too) and was always scorned but, in retrospect, perhaps he had something. As far as "ordinary" trials, as opposed to WTC go, rock steps which we routinely rode on early Spanish stuff now don't get used because folk seem to find them too demanding (though the modern bike practically rides itself up them). I observed at a trial last year which used straightforward sections unchanged from the Seventies and many riders were moaning when they saw them. I agree that WTC is beyond a joke, in many ways, but there does seem to be a marked lack of ambition in the young at grass roots level. As Breagh has said on occasion, an old twin shock could be (and is) used to clean the bulk of sections in the modern trials I now ride. Not that I'm complaining at my age but nobody would have laid out a trial to suit pensioners back then.
  5. 2stroke4stroke

    Missing E Bikes

    I assume EM (a business that has to have profit to survive) are selling all they can make, so why bother spending a lot of money for no commercial return? Works specials have existed for decades, perhaps not as extreme as the Honda, and are part of what makes trials what it is. I suspect many (most?) trials bike purchasers see the WTC as an irrelevance anyway. I know I do but also feel that trials is important enough to have a world championship; a bit of a dichotomy, I know.
  6. 2stroke4stroke

    exhaust needs a repack- what damage can happen

    If you can get more than a couple of inches through the hole then buy a lottety ticket as it is your lucky week. The packing needs to be evenly distributed and not too tightly packed - impossible to do without a large access. The rope is the wrong stuff anyway. I have used the same bag of loft insulation for years so it works out cheap, you could even borrow some from your attic😊 Ease of repacking was one reason why I bought a Beta and, given the importance of a correctly packed exhaust, then frankly any bike that can't easily be repacked has a design flaw in my opinion. I can't be alone in that.
  7. 2stroke4stroke

    Scorpa 300 setup for fat old newbie

    Once you get in to the confines of a "proper" section you may find the bike seems somewhat snappier than you currently think😊. Let us know how it goes.
  8. 2stroke4stroke

    Dalesman upgrades

    The Dalesman is what it is, a product of the difficulties of the time, and it's good to see a piece of history in use; I did wonder if any would surface in trials. However, most folk found there was only one really worthwhile upgrade.......... a Bultaco.
  9. 2stroke4stroke

    part out or fix?

    Don't worry, Breagh is a Fifer so an expert on value and will have spotted that. In the Ossa context there is not that much difference using exchange rates, but "market value" depends on other, local, factors too.
  10. 2stroke4stroke

    part out or fix?

    What would you reckon in the UK Breagh, sounds optimistic to me? If you could find anyone willing to take one on.
  11. 2stroke4stroke

    315R piston and ring kit

    That was my first reaction, but it is a lot cheaper than having a pistonless bike sitting doing nothing, so priced accordingly.
  12. 2stroke4stroke

    MX clothing

    MX gear is a lot baggier to allow for full armour beneath - and is even more garish than trials gear.
  13. 2stroke4stroke

    What does one think....

    No, the NE Centre and I never did the Little Bear. Might have been at Woodburn (west of the A68).
  14. 2stroke4stroke

    What does one think....

    I seem to remember enjoying the occasional six lapper in the NE Centre in the Seventies. Is my memory playing tricks?
  15. 2stroke4stroke

    Carole Nash Off Road Insurance

    You're missing my point - it's not legal if you're not insured, which now would appear to be the case with certain policies.