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  1. 2stroke4stroke

    Gearbox Sprocket

    Dry the filter out on a radiator (or even use a hairdryer) and get out tomorrow! Let us know how it goes.
  2. 2stroke4stroke

    fork seal driver

    By the time seals need replacing then I find it worth stripping the forks to clean them - a lot of black stuff comes out. I then use the old seal to drive the new one in.
  3. 2stroke4stroke

    Trial bike in winter

    Whilst the coolant may be OK you are dealing with temperatures way below what most of us have experience of. If you are that worried then the obvious remedy is to take a few seconds and drain the fluid completely for transit.
  4. 2stroke4stroke

    cleaning titanium exhaust

    I'll second the Harpic - returns stainless to silver when it discolours to brown. Saves hours with Solvol.
  5. 2stroke4stroke

    kevlar clutch

    Given that the use of asbestos has been illegal since some time towards the end of last century, Gas Gas will never have had the material in any clutch.
  6. 2stroke4stroke

    New Factory Beta 2019

    Not in obnoxiously loud exhaust I hope.
  7. 2stroke4stroke

    Fiat doblo (van)

    My Berlingo was a bit lower than my current Doblo. A strap to compress the fork slightly before lifting in dealt with the headlining issue.
  8. Look at photos from the Seventies and compare them with modern riders. The "correct" body position for many sections has changed, but the more extreme body lean from back then still seems to work (for me at least).
  9. 2stroke4stroke

    The First Chinese Trials Bike

    Euro 4 is irrelevant with Euro 5 coming in to force in less than a year. I wonder how many of the current trials manufacturers will be able to meet it. I did read that it would require 30% lower emissions than Euro 4 but don't know how true that is. Perhaps there will be a way round it for small volume manufacturers. On another point - a few years ago we were all very happy with the weight of bikes that were much heavier than the current crop. I''ve been riding for all but fifty years, in my experience the 4RT is a lightweight bike.
  10. 2stroke4stroke

    Scorpa ditching WTC?

    It's probably a more enjoyable day on the bike as well.
  11. 2stroke4stroke

    Scorpa ditching WTC?

    I see a fair few Scorpas bought locally. I doubt whether a single one of those sales was due to consideration of their performance in the WTC.
  12. 2stroke4stroke

    Crash helmets

    According to the ACU, "Trials competitors may use any appropriate helmet". You may or may not find somewhere in the regs what they consider to be appropriate. As your pudding bowl is still entirely legal for use on the road I think it could be seen as appropriate - certainly more so than the bicycle helmets some trials competitors wear where the design level of protection (from a 12 mph blow) is exceeded if you fall over whilst stationary (12 mph being the speed your head would hit the ground in such a fall). Puts things in to perspective a bit.
  13. 2stroke4stroke

    Seat / Tank unit

    "How many of these frames broke?" Every one that I have seen or seen a photo of. The downtubes crack just at the end of the gusset. You might get away with repairing a small crack if you catch it before it spreads but the problem would appear to be a combination of bad design and poor quality tubing. I had mine sleeved internally - not an easy job.
  14. 2stroke4stroke

    Beta Rev 3 2007 Head Pipe...Bent or Not Bent?

    Looks a lot better than many I see. What exactly do you think might be wrong?
  15. 2stroke4stroke

    Seat / Tank unit

    So you'll have a broken frame to look forward to sometime as well☺