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  1. 2stroke4stroke

    2019 Scorpa 125F motor?

    You are being too modest Allan in not pointing out that your TY often finishes top of the results list, as it did last time you were out. That may give nigel a bit of context.
  2. 2stroke4stroke

    KT250 Followed Me Home

    Try sticking it in the deep freeze. Then doing a hot/cold cycle if that doesn't work.
  3. 2stroke4stroke

    Wet weather gear?

    Basically you can forget trials gear - it's all designed for romping in Spanish sunshine. SSDT riders seem to get satisfactory results using "outdoor" jackets. Those who bother with waterproof trousers seem to use what might be your farmer's leggings. Never having ridden it I get the impression that Scott competitors don't bother too much - they are certainly working hard enough to stay warm, but something carried in case of breakdown could save a hypothermia attack. In a short circuit trial it has to be really bad before I bother but over my trials gear use an old cycling jacket and stretchy PVC overtrousers kindly provided by my old employer. That's only once every few years though. If you get the right camo though you might conceal a few dabs☺
  4. 2stroke4stroke

    TLR200 running right?

    Are you perhaps expecting two stroke smoothness from a four stroke? They are a bit harsher off the bottom - eased by having what may feel like too high a tickover. In comparison with a TY 175 it will seem particularly bad as the TY has a very smooth power output, not least due to gearing and low power (compared to a typical 250 for instance).
  5. 2stroke4stroke

    Have you noticed......

    Indeed, and have you seen the entry fees for a mountain bike event? I'd like to see what they're spent on. The insurance can't be more than for a motor sport event surely.
  6. 2stroke4stroke

    No Snap!

    Whilst it only takes a moment to remove the seat I'd follow the advice to tighten the throttle cable before doing anythng else. Your massive wrist movement is spent taking up the slack so you're not getting the revs.
  7. 2stroke4stroke

    Fantic 200 vs Fantic 300

    The Minarelli engined 200 was a world championshop section bike in its day as well as a great clubman bike (grand for the SSDT for me) so probably well up to today's twinshock sections. Rider weight is no problem as they coped with two men and a sidecar quite successfully. 300 never really caught on (they never sounded to run right, but they do more to them nowadays) and I know a few folk who never really got on with the 240, there was a rash of measures to soften it off, successfully or otherwise, but we are now used to sharper power and have better tyres and rear suspension.
  8. 2stroke4stroke

    Starting out in trials... how to practice the basics?

    Once you have the basics of control, practice is much more productive if you put markers down to force you to make that turn rather than just playing about.
  9. 2stroke4stroke

    2019 Scorpa 125F motor?

    I seem to recall the owner of a fleet of these telling me that the electric start model available a few years ago was powered by a Chinese copy of the Yamaha but my local Scorpa dealer tells me the new model is a Yamaha motor.
  10. 2stroke4stroke

    TY 175 wheels

    Time Left: 3 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    One pair front and rear wheels for Yamaha TY 175. Delivery might be possible or carriage at cost.

    90.00 GBP

  11. 2stroke4stroke

    What Is A Twinshock ?

    Good to see that the youngsters can still do on a twinshock what Bernie was doing all those years ago.
  12. 2stroke4stroke

    Montesa Cota 349 1980

    Your biggest problem may be gumming up of the carb if it was left with any petrol in the float bowl. Crank seals may have gone hard but should start nonetheless. I'd check for oil in the primary drive and gearbox then, using fresh premix in the tank, and after checking that the motor turns over with the plug out, see if it starts. Check the throttle closes fully before doing so. If it runs you can go from there with a general clean out, timing check, new oils, air filter etc and tighten all the nuts and bolts.There must be videos on checking over a two stroke motor, assessing chain wear and so on. No doubt others will be on soon with further advice.
  13. 2stroke4stroke

    New Member

    You'll need to be a bit more specific about what you want advice on. Clearly not on what bike to buy, but that leaves multiple trials related topics that the many on here will be happy to give info on, but expect some of the advice to be contradictory☺
  14. 2stroke4stroke

    More white route action for ocular stimulation

    Having had this on many occasions I always leave the marker where it is until the rider has had a chance to see it - saves on arguments.
  15. 2stroke4stroke

    Tubeliss System Revisited

    I think feetupfun is correct; generally I can sort the creep without moving the tyre by completely deflating the tube then locking the valve upright with the locking ring (the only use for this - I keep it locked to the valve cap normally so the valve is free to move) then inflate the tube to a highish pressure. When the ring is undone (after letting the pressure out then inflating to 4 psi) , the valve is back at 90 degrees to the rim, the tube having realigned itself, though sometimes it takes two or three goes. In other words, a reversal of the walking feetupfun describes.