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  1. 2stroke4stroke

    Choosing a new front tire.

    I would imagine the longer springs, if suited to MX or YZ, will be far too stiff for trials use, ditto the damping control set up. 15w is far too heavy an oil anyway. You don't say what your bike actually is, what is it? There was an implication of it being a trailified TY but then you mention an expansion chamber which points to something else. I can't, in that case, help but feel that it would be better and cheaper in the long run to take cleanorbust's advice about getting a trials bike - you haven't even started on rear suspension or footrest position queries yet, let alone the unsuitability of an expansion chamber equipped motor.
  2. 2stroke4stroke

    Winning bikes

    The answer to your question is - nobody knows or can know. Since, by and large, trials bikes no longer get registered (or maintain registration a few owners down the line once sold), very few machines have any verifiable provenance. Where once an ace might have had a well known number they seem to get a new bike every six months now so it is very hard to say which exact bike did what. The same applies to old "works" numbers which were shuffled from bike to bike. Whilst many on here might be able to list reg numbers for Miller, Rathmell and others of that era I think we have, alas, lost a valuable part of trials history since. Who could state the reg number of, as a random example, the bike Graham Jarvis rode to SSDT victory? It's unlikely any photos captured what passed for a rear number plate.
  3. 2stroke4stroke

    Montesa 4RT Dragging Clutch Advice

    I have tried various oils, don't have the gear selection problems, and neutral is sometimes hard to find (as on many trials bikes) but don't have actual clutch drag in that I have to release the lever a fair way before drive starts to be taken up. Having said that, I long ago gave up any expectation of the thing starting in gear. It will do once in a while for no apparent reason but generally I don't bother trying. It beats me how the might of Honda can't produce a clutch that consistently permits starting in gear but you may just have to get used to living with it.
  4. 2stroke4stroke


    You'll need to wait, it's kept secret until the prizegiving. Though I daresay the whole of the Fort will know.
  5. 2stroke4stroke

    Montesa 348 repacking exhaust.

    I did both on my 348 back in the day, using roofing insulation, and it was a lot smoother afterwards.
  6. 2stroke4stroke

    Bike 2.5 yrs with very little use...so what maintenance?

    I just taped up the vents from the inside. Bike runs fine and the amount of muck that still reaches the filter shows that plenty air is getting through.
  7. 2stroke4stroke

    Bike 2.5 yrs with very little use...so what maintenance?

    Just check that nuts and bolts are not loosening off.
  8. 2stroke4stroke

    Beta 80 retarded when warm

    If the tap is that bad to use and the results of leaving it on are so bad then I'd be draining the tank or putting a clamp on the petrol pipe between events.
  9. 2stroke4stroke

    1974-TY250-A...rear suspension

    Sorry, I don't recognise those. What is the problem with them? I would normally expect such as these to be mounted the other way up for the damping system to work properly.
  10. 2stroke4stroke

    1974-TY250-A...rear suspension

    What colour are the springs and how many on each unit? They could be Fox, but a photo would certainly help a great deal.
  11. The liquid type is recommended to be applied by pouring some in to a ziplok bag then putting the filter in to the bag, sealing it and massaging tbe oil in. No mess and no waste with just the right amount used - surplus remains in the bag for next time if you put too much in, but you soon get to know the right amount. I went to NoToil oil years ago, it's easy to use and can be washed out with a solution of washing powder so does not leave a smell in the kitchen😊
  12. 2stroke4stroke

    Making the TYS125F headlight brighter?

    As far as I know the lighting runs direct and LEDs won't like that so plug and play, as you put it, seems unlikely.
  13. 2stroke4stroke

    Honda silver engine paint code

    I was told that Honda don't do casing paint, which seems a bit odd. If you have enough on the casings it can be scanned by a car paint supplier (there's one in Livingston I think) and matched.
  14. 2stroke4stroke

    Montesa 348 Cota, what carb is best nowadays ?

    They were certainly good for flying over the moors Ross and the early ones very fast (in context) on the road. Now that I think about it I remember scraping my wellie boot whilst cornering on the road at the Alan Trophy. I must have been braver then as the footrests were pretty high, in accord with the Rathmell design.
  15. 2stroke4stroke

    Montesa 348 Cota, what carb is best nowadays ?

    If memory serves, your selection problem is caused by the drum in which the pawls slide having been put in upside down. The groove for the pawls is offset from centre.