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  1. It's all relative of course. These modern things might be fast action, but they're not quick action. I once saw, and maybe even rode (it's too far back to recall), a trials bike with the old Amal Quick Action twistgrip - nothing to full throttle in a quarter turn. Cam must have been about two inches diameter. Just the job for road racing.
  2. I ran a 200 for many years and I would say it is better than a 125 as it has more bottom end so you don't get that lag followed by a surge of acceleration when you open the throttle from low revs. This can be avoided by using the 125 technique of slipping the clutch (or weighing 9 stone) of course but you'll have enough to learn without adding that in. Normally I don't agree with extreme tweaking to change a bike but, as you already have the 300, then you may as well try the inexpensive mods. Why a fast twistgrip is standard is beyond me as most average riders need to change them, or should but are too vain to do so. As said above you will find any bike a bit of a struggle at first after being away so long.
  3. 2stroke4stroke

    Oldie but newbie

    Bring it down to the Galloway Club trial at Thornhill this weekend - details on the club website and Facebook page. The event will suit someone such as yourself - there will be a few beginners there.
  4. 2stroke4stroke

    4T Coolant questions

    What level are you filling it to? Should be at the top of the matrix plus a wee bit. If you fill it "full" then it will burp out to reach correct level. Hot coolant expands.
  5. 2stroke4stroke

    Details on ACU entries

    I've never heard of anyone hacking in to a website or e-mail account and stealing data that was on paper. In my opinion it is more secure - someone has to know where it is then break in to the premises to get it.
  6. 2stroke4stroke

    4Rt Not Starting

    That seems a bit more complex than the standard two kicks at full throttle with the kill button depressed that I have to do frequently. Had you tried that method? Once you get the tickover set correctly you don't want to be fiddling with it unless absolutely necessary.
  7. 2stroke4stroke

    Rear brake pedal bearing

    I used to find it was the head of the bolt that was making contact with the joining link as it would loosen off slightly, I just kept the bolt tight. Clearance is tight so putting the spring clip to the inside of the chain also helps, but it's good practice anyway.
  8. 2stroke4stroke

    Seat Cover: TY250 same size as TY175?

    My local taxi upholstery repairer was the place to go in the old days.
  9. 2stroke4stroke

    Anybody Use Film?

    I'd use my old camera but I find It's getting harder to obtain magnesium powder these days😊 Still got a roll of 35mm in the fridge though.
  10. 2stroke4stroke

    4RT semi or fully synthetic engine oil?

    Shouldn't be a problem. You may need a gasket for the casing as well, they tend to stick and tear. By sheer chance I found this while looking for something else Oil
  11. I think there are some formal parameters to define such a bike but can't recall where I saw them. I do, however, remember that when indicators became a requirement in the UK "trail bikes" (they were the ones people were worried about) were excused this and also the mirror requirement if my memory is correct. Probably covered in Construction and Use Regs, which incidentally render illegal almost every new road bike with a plastic stick, instead of a mudguard, to carry the rear numberplate.
  12. 2stroke4stroke

    adults future of the sport ?

    If I had a fiver for every youth that I've seen leave the sport when adult life in the shape of girls, further education, drink etc came along then did not return for twenty years, if at all, then I'd be a lot better off than I am.
  13. I thought EU regs permitted not having indicators on a machine intended for offroad use?
  14. 2stroke4stroke

    Cleaning oiled boots?

    Duckswax looks excellent but softening of the leather is not really what you want on a trials boot worn to protect from injury.
  15. 2stroke4stroke

    Bing Carb problem

    Must be the only thing for which BMW dealers are the cheapest source😀