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  1. Recently acquired 2006 Sherco 290: is the choke on or off with the lever up? Starts, idles and runs choke lever up or down.
  2. Stuckagain

    Sparks plugs

    Yes, I know - there's other trails on here about plugs, but not quite specific enough for me. Not sure my bike is running as it should - 1993 Beta Zero Gara 260. It didn't have a standard spec plug in it when I got it. I put the recommended standard one in - B8ES - thinking I was doing the right thing, but it feels like it's running hot and/or weak, and idle eventually fades when I'm getting stuck in up at Inch Perfect. Riding it when I first got it it did idle no problem with a Champion RN7YCC in it, and didn't feel like it was getting hot - fan rarely kicked in. But is that plug much different from the B8ES? The Champion has a far bigger electrode. Should I change back from the NGK B8ES to that plug, or another plug? If so which one? And should I be running it on super-unleaded...? Plug is a teeny bit dark after running it around in sea-level Cheshire, and doesn't feel like it's running weak. Do I need to tweak the mixture screw and/or change the plug when I'm 1500 feet up in the Lancashire hills?
  3. I need a couple of spokes for the 18" rear wheel on my 1993 Beta Zero Gara. The wheel is an Akront. The Beta specialist I've been in touch with has sent me spokes, but they're too long. Anybody got any suggestions?
  4. My 1993 Beta is now getting nicely sorted after fitting a new CDI and stator. Mixture can still be a bit tricky to get right, though, sometimes requiring a little tweak after a couple of hours non-stop. Somebody suggested that it might not be running quite right because there's no packing in the silencer, silencer being subjective because it's definitely not silencing much. Any observations, anybody?
  5. Stuckagain

    No spark.

    Much appreciated.
  6. Stuckagain

    No spark.

    Just heard back from the chap fixing mine. It's the CDI. Now we're both trying to find one. Anybody got any ideas? '93 Beta Zero Gara.
  7. Probably my dumbest question yet, but big-bore two-stroke Beta Zero with short left-hand-side kick-starter doesn't make for easy firing up. 1) Are there longer kick start levers available? 2) If so, does it make them easier to start? Or do i just carry around a folding step ladder?
  8. Stuckagain

    No spark.

    Thanks guys. It seems I'm one of the few people on the planet who thinks Beta and then automatically thinks stator failure. Took it to my normal bike fixer and I didn't even get to the end of the sentence before he'd told me what it most likely was.
  9. Stuckagain

    No spark.

    '93 Beta Zero Gara. Now, bear in mind I'm otherwise a Yamaha puller-apart-er, but a Beta novice. Completely unfamiliar with Betas, and new to trials riding. I'm planning to pay-and-play with mine. Was riding it round our field, running fine, stopped, left it for a few minutes and tried to re-start it. Nada. Checked and filled with fuel. Nope. Eventually skinned all my knuckles changing the plug. Kicked it over with plug resting on crankcase before putting it back: no spark. What could the problem be? Coil? If so, anybody got a part number or know where I can get one in the UK or Europe? Otherwise what else could it be? And can anybody recommend a Beta fettler in the North West of England just in case?
  10. Still getting to know my 1993 Beta Gara... The fuel tap, carefully designed to be positioned as inaccessibly as possible, now horizontal is off, vertical is on, but slightly over centre...? Is that reserve...? Or just a broken fuel tap?
  11. Hi, thanks for that: useful. I'm building an understanding from all this that simply doesn't seem to be available in one place online. After checking and air blasting the innards, then tightening up the fourth screw on the float bowl, there's no leakage at all. Not even if I leave it with the tap turned on. Seems to run the same now as before, but without the petrol smell. I'm not likely to give it a hard time: it's my first trials bike since the 1970s (a TL150) and I'll probably be doing mainly pay & play stuff. I'll be running it on super-unleaded, as I do with a couple of my other old (non-trials) bikes. No signs of overheating. I've been trundling it mainly around the far reaches of my garden. I've not noticed the fan kicking in at any point, but previous owner swears it works. Changed transmission fluid and the old stuff didn't look that old. Putoline Nano went in, and it hasn't so far dragged at any point, although the test will be when I get it fired up tomorrow after three days sitting in the garage. The bike, not me. I saved three days sitting in the garage for my 71 Honda 250. Input much appreciated. Cheers.
  12. OK, two big wins today. I'm only an occasional mechanic - and the Beta certainly doesn't have the sort of no-nonsense accessibility my old Yamahas have - but I now have a bike which doesn't have clutch drag from start up after I drained and refilled it with Putoline Nano tech transmission oil, and the carb is no longer leaking. After eventually wrestling the Mikuni out I discovered one of the float bowl screws was finger tight. There was a teeny bit of gunk in the bowl and around the carb which I blasted away with compressed air, but now it doesn't even leak after ten minutes standing with the fuel tap left off. All I need to do now is build up my left leg muscle: it's like trying to kick start a 1958 BSA.
  13. Right, it looks like the leak is from the joint between float bowl and carb body. Gasket I presume. Of course, I can't get hold of any parts people at this time on a Sunday, so does anybody know if the VM26-208 float bowl gasket is the same as other VM26 gaskets?
  14. I've cleaned a rebuilt the carb on my 1972 Yamaha DT250 about 500 times. I can't imagine the Gara carb can be any more complicated...? Or can it...?
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