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  1. The fork is an RST F1RST fork. It has a Schrader valve on the top of the left fork and an Allen bolt on the bottom.
  2. Hi there. I've just ordered a set of fork springs to fit in my son's Oset 16 Racing. Apparently they fit in the left hand air fork of the rst forks. They are supposed to soften the ride as the standard forks are a very hard ride even with minimal air in. Was wondering if anyone has done this modification themselves. Do you need to remove any of the existing fork internals on the left side before fitting the springs and what order do the springs go in ? Do they just sit one on top of each other ? I'm more than happy stripping down trials bike forks but oset forks are MTB forks and seem very different.
  3. I fitted a Wes silencer on my Ty125 when I was a teenager in the late 80's. It made a massive difference exactly as feet up fun describes. A better sound and more trials specific power. The ty125 silencer was very restrictive with a tiny bore on the outside. It really transformed my little bike and I loved it !!!
  4. I've got my beta Evo insured through Adrian flux on a sorn policy. It is simply a fire and theft policy. I don't have a motorcycle licence either. Not having a licence caused issues with certain insurance companies. I think it's called laid up insurance. They are fairly reasonable at about £200 but excess is £500. Still it's better than having a total loss on a stolen bike.
  5. Fly racing Motocross pants are very generous in a relaxed fit. I wear their f16 pants as there is enough space for knee braces.
  6. I wear gaernes as they are the only manufacturer that does eu50 size. They are ridiculously short in height and offer limited shin protection if you are six feet plus. They are very comfortable though.
  7. Spark plug and spanner, zip ties, hex key set, 10mm spanner, lever pins and boot for brake / clutch lever and a spare lever. That is all I take with me.
  8. Just got my son an Oset 16 racing. He is thrilled to bits. Garden is now chewed up but at least he enjoyed his first few rides. Mrs sensibly won't let me take him practicing till his proper helmet arrives. Was wondering about washing it? I've always jet washed trials bikes and dried them properly afterwards with no issues at all. I understand jet washing these osets is a big no no. Is this actually the case ? What bits should be kept dry ? If they have such an aversion to water should he even avoid streams and puddles? Any help would be appreciated before I ruin it.
  9. I've got the Jitsie L3 tritzan pants and top. They are fairly loose but not like the hebo baggy pants. I wear full Motocross knee braces under them and there is no issue with fit. I don't think the quality is that good. I've always had Clice clothing which I think is better. The triztan material snags easily and there is no engine / exhaust protection near the knees. I've got numerous holes in mine but perhaps I crash more than most and maybe the braces are pinching the fabric. There is only one pocket too. The top is very thin but comfortable. Again this snags easily. Hope this helps.
  10. There are some reasonably priced beta rev complete rear wheels on eBay at the moment. It would save you the respoking costs. You'd probably struggle to undo 22 year old spokes so you'd need new ones. Second hand complete rear wheel may be a reasonable option.
  11. The recess in the groove prevents that. They sit proud enough for the o-rings to act as seals yet sit deep enough to not be pushed into the silencer by the header pipe advancing inwards.
  12. Yep. They go into the two grooves in the silencer then slide the header in. Don't tighten the bolts fully in header or silencer until it is all fully assembled.
  13. My Berlingo van just about fits a trials bike. The Motocross bikes are far taller on the handlebars. I think the Berlingo and doblo are similar sizes so I would be surprised.
  14. I've just taken delivery of my new Evo 300. I've always ridden Betas. My last bike was a 2020 Evo 300. Rode new bike for the first time on Fri. It is so different to the 2020. The 2nd gear seems like a gear I would use in every section now. On my 2020 I would always do slow tricky stuff in 1st but the 2023 bike will happily creep along the slowest section in 2nd yet still has the guts to blast up anything. Sprocket sizes seem the same. It must be down to ignition and mapping ? Has anybody else noticed a big difference? And they say beta just change the stickers ..........
  15. Just put the packing on the tube first, then into the end cap, then advance into the silencer body. It's really tricky to do it the other way round because of the angled end cap. Your bike will feel like a new bike after. It makes a big difference.
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