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  1. Gasser crank bearings have been lubricated by gear oil on all the pro motors, I think the sealed bearing is new in just the last two years but should have a much longer service life than 60hrs. I would suspect a faulty bearing for sure, seems not all bearings are created equal. Please correct me if I'm wrong!
  2. My kid was also on an Oset 12.5 to start, just slow down the speed to start, give him a large flat area, a quick throttle tutorial and let him go! Also good to have someone else on a bike, even a peddle bike, kids like to follow and lead. Kids intelligence and learning ability is often under rated. The balance bikes are brilliant and teach them the hardest part!
  3. Glayne

    wulf helmet

    My Wulf helmet is about 5 years old, no problems, would definitely purchase another one. Boots have been really good for the price as well, just added some generic insoles.
  4. My 7 year old is on a Beta 80jr this year when he is not on his KTM 50. He seems to be preferring the Beta clutch and gears bike over the 1 speed KTM. The Beta is still large for him for sure but we are having fun and will be able to hold on to this bike for many years. My only suggestions are to ride with him, as much as possible and try not to have too many days between rides. Keep it fun, just ride, make it a little challenging and use lots of encouragement. He learns best by imitating others, I try to exaggerate many of the skills, when I do he has lots of questions of why which is good.
  5. I really like my Gasser 280, I also really like the look of the TRS but have not had the chance to ride one. 9K USD sure is a lot more than 6500... For me the 2500$ difference sounds like an enduro upgrade as well!
  6. Glayne

    Petcock position

    I can never remember, I had to switch to reserve last Saturday, don't remember which way! It's the way that makes the bike stop sounding like "wong, pong, pong, pong!" If I was to guess it would be the small end of the petcock lever pointing up for on and 3'oclock for reserve? I can say for sure that on my 2012 I can go almost nowhere on the small amount of gas in the reserve!
  7. For what it is worth we had an Oset 12.5, an Oset 16 and a Beta 16 Minitrial. Many of the components are identical, throttle, charger, batteries... Oset 16 has a pentiometer much like the 12.5 while the Beta has a 3 speed switch, real slow, progressively faster and fast. I liked the Oset tires and pentiometer more although both bikes were cranked up to full speed after the first 10 minutes, but possibly liked the beta suspension a touch more. Beta had hydraulic mountain bike brakes and I recall the Oset having cable disk brakes. I would recommend either bike, get your kid on one as fast as you can because before you know it you will be onto bigger faster more expensive ones (from my experience)
  8. Neat, I've never seen or heard of a 4Ride! looks nice. How many cc? the pipe looks small. I also have a hard time believing that horn is installed in the best spot. We miss out on some cool vehicles in Canada.
  9. I also prefer Motul transoil in my GasGas.
  10. A half a***d attempt most likely rewards a half a***d result
  11. I agree with reggie above, however the plug seems strange. I thought the pro's all used a 5 heat range plug. My 2012 uses a NGK BPR5ES.
  12. Nope, really hard to find as well, took me a year but I found one and it should show up on Monday. 2017 Beta Evo 80 JR, 3600 Canadian$ plus shipping. Super excited for my 7yr old, his 6th bike!
  13. Glayne

    07 txt pro

    Strange that the previous owner wouldn't keep the stock unit for spares and pass them along with the bike? However nice to see that HPI is providing customer service. Hope the shipping is speedy!
  14. Was this compression checked with throttle wide open? it should be. I'm not sure about specs for a TY but 90psi sounds low. Newer bikes are closer to 150psi. Good Luck.
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