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  1. Chainsaws also use these on their bars, I bought one from our local chainsaw shop. I believe it was maybe 12$
  2. My 2012 Gasser 280 gives me lots of joy, no problems getting parts...yet... Buy one, ride it, then buy more, secure them somehow. Do you live in Gotham?
  3. Glayne

    2 stroke oil

    Sweet! Oil thread! Maxima SuperM!
  4. It should be fine, I run a couple old Yamaha snowmobiles on it (1981) just best to not let it sit too long. Seems some of the two stroke oils condition the fuel as well, however the snowmobiles are oil injected. Biggest problem I have heard is plastic tanks swelling, however I have not had this problem either. Non ethanol would be best.
  5. 12 miles would be around max for my 280, an extra fuel bottle 24oz sure adds some confidence. But it does have the Keihin carb.
  6. Glayne

    Bike infohelp

    I would build a quick puller with threaded rod, washers, nuts and a piece of wood with a hole drilled out of it, but I can be a bit cheap sometimes...
  7. +1 to the choke on, I have rode an embarrassing distance a few times not noticing the choke on! If your not using more than half throttle the fun factor can pull the wool over the troubleshooting part of the brain. My excuse would be riding with the kids...more concerned about them...I see 40 oz as a lot to consume in 20 mins whether it be beer whiskey or premix fuel! Side story, raced a hair scramble about 15 years back and one of the faster riders accused someone of pulling his choke on the starting line. He raced over AN HOUR WITH THE CHOKE ON!!! and I believe DNF'd after 2 of 3 laps. FASTER RIDER...AN HOUR...RACE!!!
  8. For what it's worth, I had an old 02 gasser 250. it was awesome! I bought a newer gasser 280, way too much power and I instantly regretted it!...have learned the power and would not trade back now! That 02 TXT edition was a great machine, but not as fun as a 280 Pro! Play with , or own as many as you can! life seems short!
  9. Odd Balls, Old balls, All Balls... as far as seals go I will choose the All Balls!
  10. Sometimes just finding a bike around here is easier than finding the right bike. Maybe find a bike in good mechanical condition, as carl ekblom said parts/dealer support is a big bonus. In my experience the right bike will eventually find you, they ship them over the pond every year! I'm 6'1 and have not had to rise the bars on my Gasser, I did roll them forward a bit. Watch out, these skinny bikes are a lot of fun and very addictive!
  11. Looks much too thick to me, My favorite is a Motul Transoil 10W30, ATF seems to work fine as well on my 2012 Gas Gas 280. I also make sure it does not have the energy conserving stamp on the back, whether it is true or not, I have been told it is not good for the clutch?
  12. From my experience, which is limited, skinny bike will hang with the big bikes in the slow stuff but the suspension will not keep up anywhere else and it feels like full on trials bike abuse. The harder stuff feels like cheating and the medium flowy stuff is just too much on the suspension to keep speed. Maybe different in your single track? Good luck!
  13. On a more serious note, here in Canada I personally don't check gas tank leaks with a torch! I hope this means flashlight! For your sake I hope it was some really bad gas. I would fill it to the brim with gas, add a cheap in line fuel filter and go play for a tank or more! Probably the most enjoyable laziest way to do it.
  14. Took apart again, couldn't find a crack, pressure tested with my cheek muscles, couldnt feel a leak, re cleaned re assembled... Drip gone. Im not sure I'll call it a win but I won't call it a loss. Still can't post a picture? File too large. Thanks richt
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