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  1. Have you spoke with the dealer yet? Certainly would be hard to have much love for a bike that hasn't shown you any. Would you know how old the fuel might have been, a carb clean would be my first endeavour. I quite liked all the Shercos I've been on...(Both of them an 06 250 and a 16 300)...
  2. I would think they are about the same for parts, we have a Beta/TRS dealer here as well that is great for parts too, even cross over Gasser parts. Obviously the newer the bike the easier to get parts for. I had a 2002 Gas Gas, parts were getting a little tricky but often easy enough to find in the UK as well (splat shop is great)
  3. I could be just as suspicious of a dealer masking a problem as a private sale. I swapped bikes with my neighbour last weekend from my 2012 gas gas 280 to his 2016 Sherco 300, I liked it, no complaints just not as smooth off the bottom. I wouldn't choose a 300 but certainly wouldn't shy away from one as used trials bikes are sparse around here. He has not had any problems with it although it is new to him this year, I think it might be the best looking trials bike out there for whatever that is worth!
  4. From what I've heard many of the riders found it stupid as well, and many come out with 0's. Possibly the sport heading in the wrong direction? I personally would rather see skill than speed.
  5. Glayne


    Im currently running a tube in my new dunlop 803GP tires, front and back. Im only doing so since the previous owner had tube in the back. So far, so good? I have had them on for a month now. Tires are so much better than the stock 9 year old ones!
  6. I rode my 2012 yesterday for maybe 20 mins without boots, similar results, much better with boots. As for starting... I've had the bike for a year knowing that the bike starts great in gear with the roll back method... I have been skeptical and start it in neutral till now. Bike starts better in gear unlike any other bike I have ever owned? I should listen better!
  7. ^^^Agree^^^ Were you following Ronnie Mac?
  8. Yes, I believe as you spin the threaded rod you can adjust nut position.
  9. Nice trail, I see the Trout lake sign, but which Trout lake? We certainly are spoiled in BC, I'm in the north Okanagan Glayne
  10. The mechanic would be correct that you need some free play in the lever, I had an 02 TXT I recall being able to loosen the nut and spin the bolt to adjust?
  11. Glayne

    Brake fade

    kurtas and arthritic nailed it! Thanks for the help!
  12. Glayne

    Brake fade

    And yes the bike is dirty, has anyone else followed an ambitious 6 year old on a KTM 50? Crazy roost!
  13. Glayne

    Brake fade

    D2w, I cant even feel a ridge on the disc, bike is fairly new to me but I know it is low use because I know the previous not users! Still on original tires for a few more days. New master cylinder, brakes are rock hard. Could have easily lost the spacer on the top bolt and wired up the brake line to keep air from getting in. I'll try to add pics. Easily bled from the master banjo bolt... do they call that a banjo bolt everywhere?
  14. Glayne

    Brake fade

    Thanks lineaway, pads are very new. Interesting thought d2w, I will check on that. Moto Trials West shipped me a new master cylinder that I received today, hopefully have it sorted this afternoon. Thanks all
  15. Glayne

    Brake fade

    Good thoughts timdog, pads are wearing evenly and wheel spins freely, break is not spongy and bites quite well but only for about 3 seconds. I changed the fluid yesterday afternoon some came out a little murky but I don't think the break feels any better. Pretty sure kurtas is correct. I think I'll find a rebuild kit, bugger it up, then order a new master cylinder! Thanks everyone
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