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  1. I believe I paid 3500 CAD, seemed a bit high but it was the only used one I could find in western Canada. It has only costed me a brake lever since and I don't expect to lose much between now and resale.
  2. I bought a 2016 Beta 80JR for my son a couple years back, it is great, build quality is good enough, have not had any problems with it. I have heard the Beta is by far the best JR model. He is 8.5 now and I suspect it will last him at least two or three more years. It has a great clutch and was a breeze for him to learn the clutch at 7 and a bit years old. My neighbor got a really good deal on a Beta SR80 and scooped it up thinking it was the same as ours, it is much bigger and as arthritic said it would be a lot of cash to transform, his is now for sale. Maybe reach out to some trials clubs and see if someone knows of one being outgrown?
  3. I like the shout out to Outlaw Trials! We are lucky to have Dave and Outlaw Trials local, he is a wealth of information. If you want to learn some cool motorcycle stuff, follow his blog!
  4. Maybe practice with the handlebars leaning on something for balance so you can stand to kick, cycle the kicker maybe 20 degrees until you feel engagement, then it is a *sharp fast kick* I did richen the pilot circuit a bit when I got mine as well, I think it helped. I was ready to change carbs to the Dellorto I had on my last bike, or low comp head or anything. I was sure I downgraded bikes at the time, then I read up on it in this forum and got used to the starting tricks. I really like my 280 now and have no reason to upgrade. The roll back in 2nd gear works well as well.
  5. Once you figure out the fast kick needed it won't be an issue.
  6. I know for sure you should really see the coolant cycling through the radiator rapidly, if it is not cycling rapidly that must be your problem.
  7. If I run my 2012 Gasser with the rad cap off the coolant is moving around very rapidly. I'm starting to think your water pump impeller could be stripped?
  8. If you start it with the radiator cap off can you see good circulation of the coolant? And is the fluid still clean and not contaminated with combustion gasses?
  9. Noteworthy question, I totally missed that! At one time I used an oil that was clear and could look a bit like that, but it sure looks suspect.
  10. Is the fan blowing hard enough, and spinning in the right direction? I have seen these fans wear out and while still spinning they are not spinning fast enough.
  11. When I'm planning to get a ways from home I pack a 750ml fuel bottle in my camelback. I don't like the idea of fuel sloshing around up on my forks even if the auxiliary tank empties first. I can dump my fuel bottle in before I run out to ditch some weight and I don't mind packing some water and a few basic tools. When riding with my kid I pack two bottles and the weight really isn't that noticeable.
  12. I went up one size on my pilot jet which helped, but it really is just getting used to it and giving it a *FAST KICK* once the kickstart gear has engaged.
  13. Does the sound go away when the clutch is pulled? If it does, seems normal to me.
  14. I am far from an expert, I would have to see a picture and still not be an expert, but I'm not sure the bush would be removable, or serviceable?
  15. Glayne

    Scorpa Sy250 Reviews

    I'm a sucker for Yamahas, I would have bought it too!
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