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  1. I have a Majesty which I rode in the Sebac rounds in the 1990s both as a 250 and 320, and I also tried the standard and long front pipes. During the 2021 lockdown I was running out of bike projects so refurbished the Majesty and decided to rebuild as a 250 with the long front pipe. I think for me this gives the most rideable specification for more natural sections where you are not expected to drop the clutch at high revs to launch at a large step, and, in general riding, made the engine seem more predictable. My career was/is in engine design and the most important tuning effect on the front pipe is the length to internal diameter ratio, the longer the pipe is relative to the internal diameter the stronger the engine will feel at lower engine speeds and vice-versa. The other factor I believe that can have an overall bigger factor is fitting electronic ignition, in particular to give more advance at higher engine speed to recover what may be lost by the use of the longer front pipe, but I believe the loss is virtually impossible to detect in most sections, as long wet hills where a higher gear is required are now less common.
  2. The upgrade most people do is the taper roller bearings as I defined
  3. This is complicated, assuming you mean taper rolling bearings, if not then I cannot help. The upper bearing is 48.5 x 26 x 15, the lower is 48.5 x 27 x 17. or some lower bearings are 15 deep with a reduced diameter boss on the lower side, note the internal diameters are different upper to lower. ,
  4. I suspect it fits on the rear wheel spindle, sprocket side, and acts as the mounting for the chain tubes.
  5. MICM I think you are right and Scotland will be unlikely to get a form of special deal, but do not forget unless there is a feasible sea route directly from an EU port to Scotland, the EU based riders would have to do the paperwork to travel via England.
  6. From my experience in the professional four wheeled motorsport world, even if registered, unless it is being ridden or driven as it leaves UK and enters EU it will need a Carnet, e.g. rally cars based and registered in the UK being used in EU. Professional motorsport will tend to pay the Carnet and insurance for a year at a time for multiple entries..
  7. I think it may have been made by Eric Cheney as I remember his son Simon?? Cheney riding it in trials in the Southern and South Eastern centres in the 1970s, it probably needs to be the 1970s with the D14/4 engine.
  8. I am not aware of this specific gearbox and without seeing the parts but based on simple gearbox design rules I would expect the two options to be ( dependant on which goes together based on internal diameters and splines) 30/26/21/17 16/20/25/29 or 30/25/20/17 16/21/26/29
  9. There is an ACU Eastern sidecar championship, which will be run over three rounds in 2019, all being run by Southend club so will be in Essex. Norwich VIkings and I think Norfolk and Suffolk Junior MCC accept sidecar entries for some of their trials. ACU Eastern covers Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex and information is on their web-site. In Norfolk this Sunday (13/1) Wymondham and District MCC are running a trial at Great Ellingham starting at 10.30 if you just want to see how things run and talk to riders, there are generally quite a few twin shocks taking part.
  10. I can conclude from your comments on rider classes and routes that you probably ride ACU Eastern centre trials. We organise an annual Trials Forum where riders and organisers attend to discuss any issues and decide any changes to the way events are run. This years is November 8th starting at 8pm, at The Parish Room, Great Blakenham, Ipswich Suffolk, any input appreciated if you can attend.
  11. To go back to the original request for help I thought some might still find this interesting. I have tried to attach some photographs of one of the racks I modified to go on a factory fitted swan neck type tow bar and uses the rear towing eye fixing to stop the rack moving. These racks have worked on four different BMWS, 3 series and 4 series. The relative position of the tow ball and towing fixing does seem to change model to model so they have been modified a few times in the last 15 years. The towing eye fixing is a strange thread, eventually I identified it as an ACME thread, and again this has changed model to model. I do remember in the late 1970s there was one trials rider with a 911 with a tow bar. .
  12. I have had the same problem with three BMWs with factory fitted tow bars, the best solution was to modify the mounting plate so that a thick walled tube fitted over the ball and then made a threaded fixing which screwed into the rear towing eye socket, the front wheel loop was them modified to also bolt onto the aforesaid threaded fixing. If you want I can fit the rack tomorrow and take photographs. The other advantage is if I get stopped I am not limited by the tow bar weight limit as some of the weight is taken via the towing eye socket PS I worked on the MP4-12c starting in 2008 and two things I can tell you, there is no tow bar listed as an optional extra and I cannot remember why it had such a stupid model name /
  13. I am interested in any information or colour photographs for the Francis Barnett Model 92 from 1963 to 1966, in particular I think the frame was Arden Green, does anyone have the current code or know which car manufacturer colour may match?
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