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  1. Thanks for that reply, I'll get investigating a bit more. I hadn't heard of Norwich Vikings and, strangely, they hadn't come up on my searches. Do you know how well supported the class is? I've sometimes been in a class of 1 or 2 in a car event, which isn't really that fun. Thanks again
  2. Hi, A friend and I have done several car-based motorsport activities together but, for various reasons, would like to try trials on a combination. We won't want to do it every weekend but would like to compete with someone (even though we'll come last!). Are there four or five combination-friendly trials per year in Norfolk / Suffolk / Cambridgeshire? We're in Norwich but don't mind travelling. Also what would you recommend for a couple of beginners? Cheaper end would be good while we see if we like it. I'd like twin shock, just cos I like the look of them. Thanks
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