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  1. Could it be made on a 3D printer?
  2. . . . 10 (or so) is a bit beyond my budget, but it has got me thinking. LOL
  3. The digit is a one-off? A quick search doesn't come up.
  4. Excellent point! I think that last 2018 price for the Dragonfly I saw was about $9600.(with 143 units available world wide). Shipping was extra? No word if they are now sold out, bet it is tough to get anything from Spain these days. There's no 2020 news of future Dragonfly production, same as with Gas Gas, which I could have sworn I spotted on the internet at nearly $12k. I bet you could produce a really fun machine . . . or two . . . or six for a lot less?
  5. How much is reasonable?
  6. You should be able to find plenty of anything except the cylinders. They have been and are always being sourced. There was a guy (not long ago) on eBay in the UK selling kits he claimed used "new" cylinders. You are in the UK so I'm not really in a position to help you source parts, but of course you can buy off eBay yourself. Again things come up on the internet, just not as plentifully as years ago. You aren't late to the game, it may just take time for something to surface. Well . . . here's a post from someone in the US and they claim to ship worldwide. https://www.ebay.com/itm/83-85-HONDA-ATC-200X-200-X-CYLINDER-PISTON-TOP-END-GASKETS-KIT-REPAIR-/143181538062?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10 Good luck
  7. "Looking for a carb rebuild kit", which implies disassembly. Eventually someone was going to chime in about the horribly lean jetting the Reflex can have. Yes, dealer for parts I agree. I ran out of time while composing. Thanks for backing me up. Depending on a particular scenario, running issues thought to be carburetor related will likely involve some level of disassembly. If you get to that point and discover a likely culprit is varnish or ingested debris you have to do something. Compressed air won't get you very far, many people give up and buy some replacement. That's ok too, but with some tenacity most carburetors can be revived, regardless of whether there is something better as a replacement. There are always people suggesting not to bother with a Reflex or don't expect a "real" experience on one or why dump all this money into one. The thing is we all start somewhere and why not on a Reflex if that's your budget or love? I loved my '91 Fantic 309 (in retrospect). I did not care for the USD forks and I do not miss the heavy clutch pull (despite a Section One cable), but everything else (except premix) I absolutely loved.
  8. This forum has been declining in people willing to offer help, but in light of what is going on in the world that may change. I will offer what I've discovered/ have learned. You may need to go that route as well if you don't want to buy new. A high quality ultra sonic cleaner is a good idea if your bike sat idle for yrs. or if your carburetor ingested particle/ debris. I've have good luck using one with a high quality solvent and there are ones that work well which are not petroleum based. In my experience if you find crud in the float bowl you may be hard pressed to get any cleaning results w/o an ultrasonic cleaner or similar. Unfortunately good ones are costly, but if you buy a large one they clean more than just carburetors. You may find people may respond to this post suggesting not to waste your time with a Reflex carburetor. Below is a link that I've followed. It's a good approach. https://advrider.com/f/threads/honda-tlr200-reflex-carb-carburator-fix-jetting-thread.772320/ Good luck
  9. slip_kid

    RTL silencer

    Joe Lewis has had some experience with these silencers and materials. He likely has the most current information.
  10. Thanks Fantic303. Those are very useful links for as near to the real thing as is possible. They have a US division so ordering is a snap.
  11. Hi Ed, I've had to put this project aside though I did buy modified taper bearings from: Leonard Technical Sports One 9920 Prospect Ave Suite107 Santee, CA 92071-4349 U.S.A. (619) 258-0125 (619) 258-1450 fax sales@tso.us.com http://www.tso.us.com/ These modified bearings have the frame (steer tube ID) clearance necessary to work in my '85 RTLS. I couldn't speak to other bikes, but Leonard can provide the measurement specs so you can check your specific bike. One other thing I recent discovered that has seemingly never been discussed in this forum. A Cota 4RT yoke and factory Honda part number bearings fit w/o any issue in the pre-disc brake RTL250S. Yes I'm aware this is an issue for some riders in certain classes. I also can't say this fitment works in the disc brake RTL250S ('88-'90). Doug
  12. slip_kid

    RTL Registry

    Would anyone know if a comprehensive (pretty darn complete) RTL registry exists? I think "Trials Only" had the beginnings of one. I may have seen a thread suggesting someone was putting one together? To put it another way has the question ever been answered? How many could have been made (excluding factory rider bikes) during the production run? What percentage are believed to still exist? Thank you.
  13. I found a person modifying taper bearing for use in the RS125R. That bike only uses it in the top. He gave me a measurement to check on my RTL head stock. If I have the clearance his part should work. It may take a week to get back to this, but once I know something one way or the other I'll update this post. If anyone else should have useful input on this subject please respond. Thank you.
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