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  1. Hi Ya Hillary Thanks very much for the phone number I've contacted Richard and what a lovely guy very helpful indeed. Hopefully he has my parts I require.
  2. Hello and Good Morning All , I'm rather new here and have posted the same subject on my profile but was wondering if any out there has a early TLR200 broken as I'm looking for a few discontinued parts in order to finish my project I'm building. I'm after the speedo drive gear which is a plastic on later than 1986 is metal .
  3. If anyone out there sees my message I THINK I might have come up trumps , I've found a company that specializes in one off manufacturing parts in plastic so hopefully i might have one made . If this proves to be the case I'll update at a later stage. Many Thanks Lyndon
  4. I've tried them no joy it's not available from Honda anymore
  5. Good Evening Having not been on here before I'm in the middle of putting my TLR200 back together and I'm looking for a Plastic Speedo Drive gear . There are two types from what I'm lead to believe upto 1986 was plastic and after 1986 its metal . I was wondering if anyone out there has one please?
  6. Just uploaded a pickle 2day 17.02.2019 of a bike that is posted online of Tlr200 restored in repsol colours . This the colour of my bike of which is now 90% restored and now needs to be out back together . Being a Fuel Tanker driver working away all week it's not easy to find the time to do much but I will complete her by the end of 2019 . Will upload pickles as I do and will list all that's been done to her . All the best to all who read my post 


  7. As me name says tlr200 that's the bike I'm Slooooooowly restoring . It was a field bike when I bought her about 3 years ago and bin doing a bit at a time . On me last leg now hoping to have her all up and running by the summer. When she's all done it'll ave cost me a small fortune LOL but it'll basicly be a brand new bike in Repsol colours. Will put pickles on here as I put her back together all the best to who may read my new post.
  8. Just Joined I'm in the process of restoring a tlr200 . This I started about 12 months ago . I've had the engine totally overhauled . The frame is all powder coated and ready to start to reassemble . Hoping to complete by summer 2018.  I'm only doing it up in my spare time not a lot of that with an eight year old daughter ever other weekend and away all week working . Thank for looking at my profiles. 

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