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  1. I really like the Randonne & my 200 does not have the muffler box. Have you had to service the starter clutch? Dean
  2. Looking to share info,especially info re engine replacement parts. I've geared my recently purchased 200 10/48. I'm to replace the stock mt43 tires with genuine IRC trials tires & going to a taller set of handlebars. Dean Old hickory, Tennessee USA
  3. At some point I'm sure I will need to replace a starter clutch & one of the gears. It is a problem with the TTR125 Yamaha too. Has anyone used Yamaha parts to replace their broken GasGas pieces? Dean in Tennessee
  4. Looking for bars about one inch taller? A lot of times the starter motor doesn't fully extend making ugly noises. Will a TTR Yamaha starter motor work as a replacement? Thanks for suggestions! Dean
  5. Got a 10T coming from UK. Discovered I have a 9T right now & can get a 48 here this week. Looking forward to my first trials at TTC this next weekend! Dean
  6. Doug I planned to only use the cylinder for added cooling. I picked up a gasgas Randonne 200 last weekend & hope to get the reflex refreshed soon ... I look forward to trying out the Randonne this weekend in Sequatchie, Tennessee !
  7. Anyone? Got a trials coming up & need to gear down : - ) Local Yamaha shops no Buenos.
  8. I've been riding a USA 1986 Honda tlr 200 reflex with some B&J racing mods for 8 years & really like it. My TrAshed 57 yr old right knee is gonna love the E button! Dean
  9. Picked mine up here in the states ...Illinois, Friday. Trying to see what gearing may work well for the 200. Back in Tennessee! Dean@LearnToride.org
  10. dean_dabs

    Gas Gas Randonne

    Looking for a vendor for the 10/48 sprockets. I'm picking up a 200 randonne this weekend. Dean@learntoride.org 615 545 1111 Old hickory, Tennessee USA
  11. Thanks H, How can I translate that forum to English? Dean
  12. Current tlr200 reflex USA spec looking for electric start. How are you liking your Randonne? Mechanical issues? BTW I'm a C/D or 3/4 class rider. Dean in Tennessee
  13. Anyone know how a Beta Alp 200 compares to a Reflex?
  14. Sorry to hear Randonne engine woes, if they'd only gone with Yamaha power.... Sigh. I know about nothing og electric bike pricing, vendors & real world two day weekend trials durability... Dean
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