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  1. avo

    Jack Shepard

    correct he is in japan, he landed early this morning UK time
  2. avo

    Formula Brakes - Where Do They All Go

    ive changed mine over but keeping the brakes until i sell my bike to put it back to standard, thats why most people arent selling them
  3. avo

    Segs On The Hand

    the harden skin at the top of the palm
  4. avo

    Segs On The Hand

    As the title suggests i am wondering if there is anyone out there that does anything to get rid of them? i find on the last lap the segs appear and becomes painful to hold onto the bike, any suggestions?? cheers
  5. Winsford & DMC trials club doesnt have a website, all pictures that tend to be taken from our trials are posted on the macclesfield trials club gallery, http://www.macctrials.org.uk/ best speaking to bill brown about uploading pictures onto there or could post them on the clubs page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/273358799441469/?fref=ts
  6. avo

    Changing Formula To Ajp

    i will let you all know tonight whether it is just a straight forward swap or not
  7. avo

    Changing Formula To Ajp

    has anyone changed the formula clutch for an ajp? if do you need to swap the hose as well or is it a straight swap?
  8. avo

    Gas Gas 2012 Front Light

    all the connections on the back of the LED board are fine
  9. avo

    Gas Gas 2012 Front Light

    has anyone else with a 2012 gasser found that the front light led's have gone out or only so many of them working? has anyone fixed it and got them all working again? thanks
  10. avo

    Wrexham Motorcycle Club

    I've just tried to get on Wrexham and couldn't, do you get Tmx news? It is in the back of there
  11. avo

    Wrexham Motorcycle Club

    The information for trial on Sunday can be found on Tmx website
  12. avo

    Wrexham Motorcycle Club

    Just type in on google Wrexham trials club an it should come up
  13. avo

    S3 Pipe

    he has a 2010 250 and rides expert
  14. avo

    S3 Pipe

    This isn't for me it's for a friend but he wants more bottom end more torque so would be the longer pipe
  15. avo

    Jst Gas Gas Graphics Kit.

    That's what I'm wondering to cubby, what are they like cause everyone seems to have the jst gg uk ones and it's something different on ya bike instead of being like sheep