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  1. Midweek practising in Yorkshire

    Hi. I'm wanting to do some midweek practising through the day but don't want to go on my own. Is anyone else interested in doing the same? We could use Bumpy nr Leeds or Hooton Lodge Rotherham way or maybe even Tong nr Bradford if there were a few of us. Let me know if interested
  2. 2 Stroke oil

    I use A747. Old men chase me round the woods asking for a sniff. A747 Castrol Ahhhhh
  3. Keihin slide return spring

    Oh and one more thing as Adam Raga says the left hand needs to be accurate , the right hand you can get away with !!!
  4. Keihin slide return spring

    Why not pack it out at the top with some fibre washers, cheap and variable
  5. Bluetooth ECU

    In short No No and No
  6. tightening swing arm main pivot/spindle

    Yep soz
  7. tightening swing arm main pivot/spindle

    Sorry oni nou but the pinch bolts should be the last thing to tighten otherwise you could side load the engine cases when tightening spindle.....expensive mistake !!!!!!
  8. tightening swing arm main pivot/spindle

    Maybe it is too long. If theres no movement when pulling on the s w arm then it may be tight enough.It does not affect the bearing loading really. Best to be tight though. Pull the arm to one side, does that help stop spindle turning
  9. tightening swing arm main pivot/spindle

    Can you push a bar or screwdriver into the blank end to slow or stop spinning. Eventually it should bite. Also you can load up the arm by placing bike on its wheels just to do this part of the job.
  10. Not shutting off properly....

    Talking about Keihin only here from experience. If the carb spring is biting into the top cap and you don't reassemble with the slide inline then some sideways force can be applied to the slide. It then tends to stick a bit to the body slowing the return to shut. Check cable also as if one strand is split it can catch and do similar things. Had two cables do this over 10 years of riding.
  11. Fuel Usage

    I get two sore knees and one sweaty helmet out of one tank of fuel usually
  12. Hello From Yorkshire

    Tong practice day is this Saturday. Wear a santa hat so we can recognise you
  13. constantly loosening rear brake pedal

    Apply loctite and tighten to still allow movement then leave it overnight. Sorted
  14. Vodka to de-funk a helmet?

    I use home brew sterilizer in a large bucket. Submerge for an hour then rinse in clean water (otherwise it'll burn your forehead) then dry in your proffered manner. I use a brewing heater tray. No need to dismantle the helmet inners.
  15. Drying your boots!

    Mine is the best idea. First become a homebrewer. You'll then need a warming tray for fermenting. It provides gentle heat over days. Drink beer whilst watching your boots dry out on the warming tray. Result.