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  1. Ryder40BC

    Oil Brand

    Thanks to all for the replies. I'm looking at a 300 R model and was hoping I could use up a 4 liter jug of 710 rather than dumping more $$ on 800 or whatever folks or Vertigo feels protects the best. What bike do you have and ratio are you running the 710 at faussy? I believe the North American importers recommend ,75% or 130:1 ratio. Cheers
  2. Ryder40BC

    Oil Brand

    There's been interesting discussions regarding oil mix ratios for Vertigos. I'm interested in what brand of oils folks are running in their machines. I'm in North America where the recommended Rock Oil isn't readily available. I like Motul 710 although unsure if it can be run at .75%... Thanks for any recommendations.
  3. Ryder40BC

    Premix Oil

    I have been running Motul 710 2t for over 10 years at 80:1 in my current 09 Evo 290. Always starts first or second kick and never any smoke and have never fouled a plug. I also ran it in 2 previous Rev. 270's with no issues. I do run half pump premium and either VP 110 or C12. I also use it in all of my 2 stroke power equipment at 50:1 on pump premium with no plug or clogged exhaust issues. Love this stuff, I bet I have burned 5 gallons of it over the years. Plus the fact that the green oil with green C12 looks really kool, I have been told the difference between the 710 and the more expensive 800 is that the 800 has a downstream detergent package to keep power valves, which we don't have in trial bikes cleaner. I had a importer for GAS GAS tell me the same thing, they ran the Pro's at 80:1 no issues. I seem to like the Motul better than another oil a lot of guys are running. Smells a heck of a lot better anyhow and has a good history from what I'm reading... I've heard a few gassers that had run 80:1 from new and some sound great, others have a little top end rattle which could be arguably from lean oil mixing, poor warm-up, possibly cold seizures, out of round pistons...who knows? Hoped to not start a debate on mix ratios, just what has been working great with no issues and possibly a few jetting tips. Thanks!
  4. Ryder40BC

    Premix Oil

    Just out of interest for you on 2t premix worrying ....the Vertigo trials bike manual says 133:1 pre mix ratio and the UK importer recommends 25ml per 5 litres of fuel [200:1] and owners have said that at 200:1 over a years use they had no problems .....the Vertigo cylinder and piston have no special features they are like the GasGas pro . TRS bikes run on 100:1 mix without any problems the OSSA TRi used to run at 120:1........I used to run a 125 Gas Gas pro 2004 model at 100:1 with no problems at all ...no different than when I ran one at 50:1 ........obviously if you were going to ride it on the road at speed for a while you would be wise to add more oil ......people were running the old 1998 GasGas motor at 100:1 without problems back when they were new and that motor had the crank bearings lubricated by the pre mix unlike the gearbox oil lubed crank bearings in the pro bikes. I am not suggesting you should stop putting in a bucket of oil but just pointing out that modern 2t oil can lubricate perfectly well at very low mix ratios without the motor seizing under normal 4 lap 10 section short courses. if your GasGas Is not starting easy HOT or Cold then try full choke and NO throttle and press pedal down lightly until you feel resistance then kick HARD and FAST cracking the kick pedal against the footrest [that is designed to be the kick pedal STOP.] Thanks oni nou for the starting tip. I took your advice and a few tips from others such as rocking back and forth in 2nd several times and it seems to be lighting up a little better when cold. Seems the trick is keeping the kick velocity up rather than using brute strength to kick it through. Kicking it slightly rearward than downward like a mule seems to work better and both feet up even easier ... I can see the full on kick from the top without engaging the gear some recommend online and in videos working well but the initial shock causing issues and busted parts pretty quickly. As for the ratio with Motul 710 when cold it does a great job at killing mosquitoes at 67:1 and clears up when it reaches operating temperature.
  5. Ryder40BC

    Premix Oil

    Not a sheep... The reason for "considering" going leaner is almost every guy in our area does and every dealer I talked to recommended 80:1. For now I intend to stick with what the manual recommends as it's burning clean when warmed up with no fouling. I appreciate the replies so thanks to all that contributed! Now if changing the float level or mixture screw might help this 300 start a little easier I'd be laughing. My old Yammy YZ 490 had better manners when it came to firing up when cold or hot...Have to give my technique a little work and go from there.
  6. Ryder40BC

    Premix Oil

    Bike is a 2018 TXT 300 pro and I ride closer to sea level 90% of the time. I'm on my fourth tank of fuel and used up most of some leftover Motul 710 2t mixed at the manual recommended 67:1. Seemed to run great without excessive smoke other than a bit a pig to start compared to any other bike I've owned(plan to try a few recommended tactics) Considering trying Motorex Cross power 2T or Maxima K2 next which are readily available in the area. Motul 800 would likely be overkill and has a much higher flashpoint. Not sure about stretching Motul 710 to 80:1 which sounds lean on oil. Looking for a couple recommendations on tried and trusted oils and if most guys leave the pilot jetting and needle clip alone on this year/displacement of bike. There seem to be a lot of guys running 80:1 but don't often post which oil they're running at that ratio without issues. Thanks in advance,
  7. I haven't seen one in person and like to fabricate a slightly larger UHMW version. Could someone that has mounted the Jitsie Linkage Suspension protector tell me where the aluminum spacer is sandwiched and if required or could be improved on. I'm running an "18 TXT 300. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi Dan, I appreciate all the work and posts you've put up regarding the 2018 Beta. I'm considering a new 2018 EVO 2t 300 and was a little concerned with this trans issue which may steer me to another make/model I have my eye on ('18 GG TXT300 ). Sounds like the Beta's are a great bike. To sum things up did the 2019 parts cure the popping out of gear or did you custom machined any parts which solved the issue? I'm also wondering if anyone knows what brand of forks these bikes are running and if they have any other issues a person should be aware of? Thanks
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