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  1. that rules out sourcing a bigger cc motor then,iv been doing abit of trawling tonight and did notice that in the photos. I found that the crankcaseing are the same on the 125 as the bigger cc engines, and on a old thread someone has bored a 125 to 185 but for the money that would all cost its going to get a transplant .ohh well it was brought as a project for my spares anyway cheers for the info.
  2. Hi all just had the ebay itchy fingers and brought a 1976 sherpa 125 rolling chassis, I'm wondering if the frame is compatible with the bigger 250/350 engine's or is built especially for a 125 motor. I know the wheels are 1inch smaller than the 350 etc but that's about all the information I can find on frame dimensions. I have two potential motors to fit in the roller, a yamaha 125 aircooled 4t the type that comes in the tyf or a pit bike engine. I'd like to fit the yamaha engine but there will be a fair bit of fabrication as it's probably a little taller than a 125 air cooled 2t, but if I come across an original bultaco engine of a bigger cc I might go down that road cheers.
  3. Watch Ryan Young trials videos on YouTube, loads of little tips I watch one yesterday that had a wheely section in it.
  4. Sounds more like your middle exhaust box silencer is gunked up with 2stroke oil, and your exhaust o ring's are probably old and worn so you get oil dripping from the joint on to the engine down the back of your clutch cover housing making you think its gearbox oil. 🤔 Elimentary my dear whatson... 🤔 Get a blow torch take your mid box off and blow torch it until its stops smoking.and repack your rear muffler whilst your at it. It Worked for me.
  5. Endless sphere electric motorcycle fourm is the place to ask that question the people on there know everything about electrical control systems.
  6. There is loads of spares for that type of gas gas engine on ebay,if you clutch plates are not stuck take the clutch rod pusher part of the engine and make sure the cylinder inside is pushed in before bleeding you may have an air stuck inside then rebleed the whole system.
  7. The chap at croft competition motorcycles had a 1998 /9 lampkin techno in a couple of weeks ago might be worth a call.
  8. Try running the breather to a small transparent catch tank of some sort, maybe a large fuel filter or something, se how quickly it fills up. Mount it higher than the breather outlet then the oil will run back in to the gear box if it fills up the filter in mins you definitely have a air leak if its just abit of spatter you probably have to much oil in your gearbox.
  9. Yeh I suppose the oset would be tamer. I'm not impressed with the battery life on the 24 my friend has one and gets about 7 miles out of it if ridden in anger non stop woods popping over logs small climbs etc, thay don't like long hill climbing eather and can overheat cut out I'd say thay are an electric downhill mountain bike styled for trials but Hay thay are great fun and lighter than a scorpa,I sound like an oset hater but I'm not thay are fun and almost reasonably priced lol. but if moneys not a issue and I was going electric again I'd would try a emotion or something like that with a clutch.
  10. After owning a highly modified 20r I think think the osets are fun and great back yard play thing but don't compare to a petrol bike, thay have pretty poor rst mountain bike forks and a low end mtb dnm shock, sram brakes. If you upgrade one you will end up spending thousands.try a scorpa ty125f or 175 4stroke if you can find one. Thay will set you back about the same money as a decent oset 24.
  11. If you run just distilled water it will boil up after about 15 mins, Iv use prestone pre mixed antifreeze in all my bikes with no problems. Most old 90,s forks use about 350ml of oil in each leg so start with 300 and you can always top it up if you feel the damping change dramatically when compressing the forks, it will usually be at the top of the stroke if you haven't got enough oil in.
  12. Yeah the second hand mountain bike world has gone crazy with people advertising 15year old knackers for a grand, the thing is alot aren't selling and just relisting. the second hand market is flooded with bikes brought in the first lockdown and because of the original price hike when you couldn't buy a bike people are trying there luck, can't blame em tbh. A year and half ago it was hard to sell a dh bike for any decent money because of the trend in enduro and trail bikes, prices have sky rocketed but thay are not selling. Not quite the same for trials though bikes are selling well, iv been looking to buy something for two months but gave up after some of the old sheds iv been to see, one bike iv seen do the rounds is at a dealer is a scruffy looking gasgas jtx 1998 advertised for 1995 bold tyres n all someone might fall for it but Now the trials club is locked down iv gave up for abit.
  13. How does useing to much oil cause a lean mixture?, does the fuel injection system recalibrate itself to keep within certain parameters, iv never owned a fuel injection bike so dont know much about the system cheers.
  14. I think you can do your forks at home no problem mate. The only hard bit with rebuilding your forks is pressing in the oil seal in, unless you have completely stripped the shim stack in the damper and thrown all the shims in a box or something lol. Then it can be abit confusing. You may also need a set of circlip pliers but thay are cheap. Give splatshop a call he might be able to get you a schimatic of the forks or advise you on a suspension specialist.
  15. Try watching jimsnells fork rebuild videos on YouTube, most trials forks of that year are very similar. Gasgas, beta, shercos mostly have paioli forks. You will need a oil seal driver thow to make it easier, or you can make one out of 38mm id plastic tubeing. Failing that there is a shop called leasure trail uk in Beeston thay sell trials bikes might be able to help.
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