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  1. Have a day a non stop trials, thay hire new bikes for reasonable money, and thay sell bikes, so im shure thay will let you try out a few if you've got 5 grand to spend.
  2. I must admit that my rose-tinted glasses have been getting the better of me on ebay recently looking at ty, s and fantics, I'm glad you put that and I can imagine its exactly what I'd end up doing myself lol. A mid-late 00,s sherco or gas gas is probably the most sensible option cheers
  3. Thanks for the comments everyone, I had my eye on a 2003 scorpa sy 250,looked very well kept and sold before I could get there. I think I should stretch the wallet open abit more and go for a beta evo, I did like my old rev 3 tbh.
  4. I do like the look of the scorpa sy 250 and there is a few for sale at the moment, I like the idea of the air cooled older bikes as well no more '' why isn't my fan kicking in'' has my thermostat gone again lol. Why don't hardly any manufacturers make air cooled bikes any more?? I'd have thought thay would be very popular and easy to manufacture. The tyf125 looks like a fun bike but you don't see many for sale.
  5. Sounds expensive to me unless it's an absolute beauty, I had 2 rev 3s over the years it was a great bike. only slight peeve I had with it was it was a left hand kickstart,and apparently the magnesium casing can become pourus near the water seal but neather of mine were.
  6. Hi all iv been watching alot of the 80,s 90,s and 00,s World trials videos over the past few weeks as i injured my shoulder mountain bikeing. And obviously now I want another trials bike to injur my other shoulder on lol, looking at what alot of the 90,s bikes are capable of how much better realy is say a 2009 evo or rev3 over a 1999 techno, especially from a novices point of view. Obviously if your splatting 6ft rock faces I'd imagine the slight weight reduction will help, but from a middle of the road novice point of view? , Iv had a few bikes sherco betas gasgas all old ish early to mid 00,s versions iv got a budget of around 1500-2000 but thinking shall I go the other way and get say a beta tr34 or twinshock do I realy need a shiny sherco st or something cheers.. 🤔
  7. I found pretty much all the decent carbon helmets we're around 900g. The lightest cheap helmet I found was the spada edge helmet.
  8. It was originally designed by a South African chap called puzey
  9. Ahh though you would of had to do a welded head tube job, I don't trust my welding abilities well enough to do a head tube lol. This bike goes by many names, it's a puzy rocky, a Cleveland ffx, a jumper 125, a stag rocky. A probly a few others, it's a great bike to modify, it has the fuel tank inside the frame and has pretty good geometry for a Chinese bike.the foot pegs are way to far forward from new to be used as a trials bike, but it's an easy fix to be honest.
  10. Here is a bike I did a foot peg mount modification and welded some bash guard frame rails in, added a gasgas rear wheel and mini brake mount it was a pretty cool bike. I'd like to do a cub 90 next.
  11. How did you get the head tube of the triple clamps to fit through the frame, iv looked at a few honda cub/c90 frames with the idea of doing a off road mod but the head tubes have all been designed for a old fork with a very thin head tube. Cheers.
  12. Just out of interest today I was looking for the geometry of a beta rev 3, to compare it to a beta tr34 from the late 80,s just to see how much bikes have changed from that view point. after some Internet trawling I could not find the geometry charts for either bike, in fact not much info came up for any make which I was supprise about. I do abit of mountain biking and geometry charts are easy to find for pretty much any old shed, I'd would have thought with trials being a very technical sport geometry would be discussed a fair bit on here. Does nobody give a **** about the geometry of there bikes in the trials world or is it just a mountain bike obsession cheers.
  13. No it's an odd length, with the piggy back at a slight right angle to the upper mount so most wount fit, after some research online some older tm 250 shocks are the same, but you don't see many up for sale.
  14. Im just doing a refurbishment of a gas gas ec 250 2005,and found that the lower shock mount is cracked near the shock station so un repairable, I can't find a suitable spare, so does anyone know of and other manufacturers shocks that fit this bike cheers. The shock is 430mm eye to eye.
  15. Had the same problem on a 1998,tx, it was a work kick start spring, lean the bike on its side, take the side casings off you can leave the clutch cover in place, you may have to drain the cooling fluid from the rad and remove the water pump pipes, you can leave it in place but it makes it easier just to move them, take the kick start gear out and check for damage and bent spring end's whare thay house in the casing, mine was a bit bent from use. Check your water pump gear whilst you're in there.
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