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  1. I use them and never had any worrys with them... Its worth regreeceing them before you fit them. Just pick the seals out and push some better greece into the brearing and then replace seals.
  2. mikee

    Head Spacer

    Ok i know a little about these... The guy who sells them is Steve Tabb and rides down here in cornwall. I have rode a 09 290cc with one fitted and it does calm the power down quite alot. The lads bike it was, is a novice rider and seems to do alright. I also ride a 09 290cc , but the only thing i have done is retard the ingition timing a little and think this is all the 290cc bikes need.(once set up well) Gas Gas do the same head spacer for the Pro engines and i had one fitted on a 05 250cc which made the bike very soft and docile.Made it grip better in the mud and was alot easy to ride. They are easy to fit with a little sealer on both side,but you do have to take off any sharp edges which might be left for mechineing.Bit of wet and dry paper works well. For the money they are a cheap way of calming the bike down and if you don't like the way it rides after installing,not a big job to take out.
  3. mikee

    125 more power

    A kenlin carb will help a lot..Lets the bike rev much better from off the bottom. I also found with the 125cc bikes that the piston and bore needs to be in top condition to get the best out of them.. New rings on a good bore or new piston kit and replate on a worn bore.
  4. mikee

    Team Greeves

    Good bit of info there shercogeezer,,, I like this little bit the most "Also, a final bit of gossip that he said to me was that he has designed and plans to have for next year (in same frame) a 4 stroke 300+cc with as much power as 2 stroke, side valve, wait for it..........supercharged!! Is that made up?!? If true I would assume it would run a carb with charge air blown through it...time will tell I guess!"..
  5. Brilliant photos ....
  6. I normanly put them on wet with a little bit of soapy water. They are easyer to get in the right place and you don't get air bubbles.
  7. Don't run the 320 with ATF use a good 10w/40w oil. I ran mine with only four springs and it would only slip in 5th gear with a big handfull.Made rideing in the sections alot better as the clutch was very on off with all six springs in. The spring bolts just need to nipped up thight with a spanner.
  8. mikee

    Smoothing it our

    I've had a ride on a new 2011 290 and found that it was a lot smoother than the 250. Weather it was just setup better i don't know,but it was a lot better off the bottom end than the 250. Not saying go and buy a 290, but find someone who has one and have a go..
  9. mikee

    Leaky rad

    I have used GMX radiators in the past and have always been very happy with the price and service they offer. quick turn around too. Have a look HERE
  10. mikee

    Buying '05 3.2

    How cheap is the question ???? If you can get for a good price you can always spend some money on makeing it start better. Some of the 05 models would have all the late model bits on by now,just check with the seller if any of the mods have been done. They where not all pigs to start and once setup right will start hot or cold, even after its been upside down.. The 08 bikes have come right down in price, so an 05 would be under a grand...
  11. mikee

    JT7 Carbon Airbox

    Have a look HERE... As Kot fround out carbon is not the best for trials bikes. I seem to remeber there was a 1.5 kg weight saveing on JT7 air box. Not sure if they make them for the new frame yet or if they where always a special order...
  12. The Dan Thorpe vid is good if your just starting out.Its well put together with all the basics...well worth the 20 quid. Be good if he would do a more advance one as he explains things very well..
  13. mikee

    beta 2010

    Ha Ha i had this happen to me aswell....took me a bit of time to work out what was wrong..The bike would run,but was missing and popping like mad... I take the carb off after every time i wash the bike and blow out with compressed air. Takes five minutes at most, also wash out air filter box and reoil air filter. I've also found the kelein carb to very senative to water and needs to be spotless to get the best out of it...
  14. mikee

    Oil level sight glass

    I sort of miss not haveing a sight glass on the 290..The 320 had one and all the gasser i've have had have them too. I think on the four stroke its was more important as the service intervals are longer than the two stroke. It gives you a good idear of whats going on and if you need to top up before a big ride. Can't rellay see you would ever knock or hit a rock with it,so would not see that as a problem.. The ones on the Gas Gas where very usefull, as both bikes where haveing problems with water pump seals and crank seals.. You only had to have a quick look and you see the oil was either milky or had gone down.This helped service the engine quicker after seeing the problem. With the 290 i just change the oil every third ride and put 450ml of 10/40 back in...
  15. mikee

    Sherco Rear Shock

    Yes it will fit, but they are not very good..best to put the money towards a o'llins. I've found the olle's shock very dead and does not give you much feel for grip,but the o'llins are very good once setup right...
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