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  1. I had the swing arm off the bike to do the swing arm pivot bearings anyway so it was easy to get it in the vice with suitable sockets to press them out! It feels so much better now with 11 new bearings in it!
  2. Helicoil? Gives you a stronger and more durable thread than tapped aluminium
  3. Got there eventually, they were just very, very tight!
  4. I have every bearing (or what is left of them!) out of my swing-arm apart from these two! cant work out what is holding them in there! Let me know if you work it out!
  5. Just to clarify does the washer go engine side or clutch cover side of the plastic gear?
  6. OK, maybe ATF wasn't recommended but 450ml was! To determine the level I was going to make a temporary perspex cover in place of the round clutch cover, fill with 450ml, observe, start up, observe and work out the level from there. On the Beta the sight glass is fairly well protected by the water pump cover, was planning a similar location for protection.
  7. Hi All, I have just rebuilt my Sherco 250 (2004) and filling it with oil it suprised me that there is no sight glass (as mates beta has) or dip stick? Put in 450ml of ATF in as recommended but I would like to be able to check how much is in there after a couple of hours running (without having to drain the oil). Has anyone modified the clutch cover to add a sight glass?
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