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  1. Look up "the hell team" They have the manuals to download free.
  2. How did you come out on your wiring? I picked one up back in March and will be doing some maintenance soon. I will be replacing the spark plug so I will have the tank off. That's convenient!
  3. This covers it.trialtech-article-20081122-crankshaft-seals.pdf
  4. Had a spare exhaust that was in rough shape. I had burned the sludge out last year when doing another one. I opened it up today just to look. The pics show that the packing was pushed to the back but the perforated holes are clean.
  5. Check out yamahaty.com there is a I.D. link for serial #'s and lots of other information.
  6. Has anyone recently got a DEP silencer? I just noticed one listed at Sammy Miller products but they are "out of stock" I emailed DEP USA and asked as their website said "not available at this time" But I got no reply. I was curious whether they made their own or if it's a re-badged WES? It would be a DEPY2919.
  7. I remember having a issue like this only mine would start bogging down after a hard run between sections. After cooling off would start again and run for awhile. After searching this forum I tried the new condensor, and points while I was in there and never had a problem again. Maybe you have done that already and I missed that.
  8. I vote condensor also! I had the same symptoms on the one I had and new points and condensor= no more problems.
  9. I just had a email this week from Paul Cowley of Shedworks and he said he is making or has them in pink.
  10. I am freshening up the top end on a 84 TY250 mono. After looking closely at the new rings, Yamaha # 38v-11610-00-00 I noticed that one ring has grooves or ridges running around the sealing face of the ring. I needed a magnifying glass to see them. Would this be the lower "oil ring" possibly? Other than that they appear identical.
  11. Same as a TY80? DC plastics in the U.S. make a reproduction set.
  12. I agree it is 22mm. I bought 2 22mm. nuts, drilled the threads out to just slide over a length of 1/2"rod and drilled through the nuts and rod and drove a 3/16 roll pin through and cut them off smooth. I have no access to a welder so that was my remedy which worked well.
  13. I have one on mine. I have banged it around quite a bit. The only weak area is on the right side between the tank and the rear mount where the airbox "tube" is as I layed it into the rocks and it flexed in and some stress cracks resulted. I have a year of alot of use on mine.
  14. As briefly discussed in a recent post, has anyone else fitted a Mikuni TM28 flatslide to a ty350 mono with success or not and what jets did you end up using in your region. I just put one on mine and changed out to a #145 main and a #40 pilot with the needle on the top groove. It's only been ran at a slow speed on flat ground in my small yard so yet to be tested.
  15. Hey Bestrcpilot! If I can interfere? What was the model # of Mikuni 28mm that you used? Did you have to change the jet sizes? I would want to try one on a 350 so I'm sure that it would require different jets.
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