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  1. All, Many thanks for the feedback. The exhaust work definately seems a solid starter. Taylo63, when you have 5 mins is their any chance of whipping your carb off and giving me the full jetting, slide and needle information? thanks again Rob
  2. Hi all, I have recently had a TY Mono fully rebuilt (engine) but whilst it runs "ok", comparing it to a friends on Sunday who has recently bought one the engine goes appear more flat. Now that I know the engine itself is 100%, I want to explore the front exhaust (the rear has been replaced with a new box) and also the carb, so questions: 1) I have a brand new Mikuni VM26. Has anyone tried one of these and do they have a starting point for jetting (slide, needle etc) 2) Are replacement front exhausts available or is it a "cut it open and weld it up" affair? thanks, any advice appreciated....
  3. I have never found Betas the most easiest of bikes to maintain brakes on, my sons Sherpa always seemed much easier .... but I am hitting a problem with my 09 200 and wondered if anyone has hit the same problem or has any thoughts. The rear started to show signs of being ineffective so I thought a full strip and service was needed. Taking the pots out and examining the seals showed significant wear so a refurb kit was purchased. After cleaning everything as I normally would do, the new seals and pots were refitted and one half went in OK whilst the other half would not move past the seal with reasonable pressure. Just to check it was not the seal grooves, I took the seal and pot set that went in easy, put them in the half of the caliper where I was having the problem and they fitted fine. The suspect pair went into the caliper half that previous was OK and they grabbed. Measuring the seals I noticed that the depth across the seal was not consistent and a wider than normal edge appears to extrude from the groove which looks like it is causing the piston to catch on one side. I sent the refurb kit back and was sent a new pack which once again measuring them (before they had been exposed to any fluids etc) show the same manufacturing defect ie inconsistent measurements. I have tried fitting these and whilst they went together, it was more than hard thumb pressure and once assembled, they are that tight that the master cylinder (which has also been refurb'd) will not get them to progress out to a sufficient depth, in fact when striping them this afternoon it took 45 mins with an airline to pop them out! I have tried assembling with both DOT4 and also with rubber grease as an alternative. I would appreciate any thoughts?
  4. Thanks Goudrons, The original pads were quite worn so they have a new set gone it. Also thanks for the tolerances. Any thoughts on preventative maintenance routine?
  5. Hi all, about 12 months ago I bought a very tidy 2009 Evo 200 to compliment my twinshock bike. Its been a while since I have had to maintain disc brakes and being a rider whose technique tends to lend itself to a solid rear brake I have two quick questions: 1) What do people treat as normal maintenance. I have had two comps now where the front brake started to seize in one event and then 2 comps after the rear started to hang. I assume good practice is not to service on failure? What is the frequency people use to strip down and clean and is it a full strip (ie pistons out) or purely an visual inspection and make sure the pistons run freely without having to lose the integrity of the hydraulics 2) Is their a supplier just for the caliper seals or do you have to by the full refurb kit? It seems silly to have to buy the full kit if the pots are OK but the seals could do with changing Any thoughts / advice / experience is appreciated. Rob
  6. Appreciated all, especially the post link to the ACU ruling
  7. Hi all, Am thinking about getting a camera (gopro etc)and and getting some good advice. Was just wondering peoples views on here plus whats the best mount position? Bars will give the bike route view whilst helmet will get a good perspective on where the eyes track within the section? I know its a fairly wide angle lens but was wondering peoples views on mount position?
  8. Cheers all, was hoping that a strip down is all they need. Took the caliper off as the weekend and its very gunky! and I mean very! Have not had time to inspect the pads yet. Was worried that the heat may have damaged the seals (the fluid had boiled as I had no lever pressure at all come the end riding back to the trailer) but their is no heat discoloration on the disk etc. Hopefully a full strip down and service will do it and whilst out a new set of pads. Same question though, if their is damage to the seals etc, what is the kit I'm looking for (or is that in the threads... will look tonight). Thanks again
  9. Hi all, Had a great ride a few weeks ago, getting use to a 200 Evo I bought to supplement my twinshock. It was bought as a well maintained runner but at the last comp the front caliper started to seize and bind on the last 2 sections. I am quite comfortable stripping the brakes as I had a Rev 3 before but I am trying to workout what caliper service kit I need to be ordering. If I hit the search engines I am getting info for both a Grimeca and an AJP front caliper for that model. The one on the bike is embossed with a Beta logo so I'm confused even more. I am assuming that the caliper is in fact an AJP branded as a Beta part but I don't want to order a service kit until I am sure. Any help appreciated
  10. Hi Glynn and welcome to both the site, forum and world of trials. Some great advice here already, especially the bit about not doing serious practice on your own! The best advice i can give is get onto ebay and buy yourself about 30 reasonably sized tent pegs. When you practice mark yourself out sections that you think will just push you enough then ride them until you clean them. Then make them a little bit harder. Tighten the turns, add in a new obstacle, change the entry line from straight to a tight turn in. It is easy to spend 2 hours riding around with stuff that is comfortable but my experience is that a set of tent pegs and a good eye to knock up a section can work wonders....
  11. Martyn, sure you will get an answer from the forum but if you don't give me a shout. Plenty of people in our club running bultacos
  12. Welcome Rob, any best of luck with your crossover to classic trials. What part of the country are you?
  13. 60north, you were spot on (as I am sure you know)... took the other one apart and I can confirm it is 22mm and their is no restriction. Just need to get one made up now!
  14. 22mm across flats? Sounds a bit wide to go through the narrow restriction inside the fork legs?
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