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  1. hi thanks to all for.your replies. finally had another look and the needle was set with the clip at the very top i moved it to the middle,richened it, and the bog has dissapeared happy days
  2. That's great thanks for the information I will give it a go and see if it can be improved
  3. Thanks for the replies. Section swept Do you know which carb should have been fitted as standard and will the main jet have an effect on the initial throttle response? Or should I look at Pilot jet? Copemech is it worth fitting a slow action throttle to loose the bogging I have only ever ridden 2t trial bikes than
  4. Hi new to the forum have spent awhile looking for answers but can't find a definitive. Just bought a 320 sherco registered 57 pl ate has a Pwk carb, it bogs when throttle opens quickly either in neutral or when asking to lift the front end without clutch. Have just ultrasonic cleaned the carb and jets then blown thru with air. No difference. Does any body know the factory jetting sizes and needle position. Any help appreciated
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