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  1. WJSmith

    Steve Sell???

    Thank you, that is not the email I had for him ?
  2. WJSmith

    Steve Sell???

    Does anybody know if Mr Sell is still offering his services? I have tried contacting him via phone numbers listed online but no joy as of yet. Thanks in advance
  3. WJSmith

    Before and After

    Does anyone know what exgaust is better? The spark arrestor or the banana?
  4. WJSmith

    Before and After

    This a model 159. Thanks for the nice comment ? When i purchased the bike it had clearly had some money spent on it in the right areas but had been assembled quite poorly. I got it in a deal with another bike and it was running very poor. After taking it apart and doing some homework i realised it had a worn out carburettor slide (a well known bing issue) I sourced a new slide from bultaco uk and adjusted carb accordingly and now shes spot on, very happy with it. Are you having issues with yours?
  5. WJSmith

    Before and After

    Thank you. Got a few things to be getting in with. Either my 360 frontera or the Ossa explorer behind the sherpa.
  6. WJSmith

    Before and After

    First bultaco I have purchased. When i done me homework and realised how it was meant to look I knew what had to be done ? Cheers to the guys at Inmotion (Bultaco uk) for the advice and parts.
  7. Seconded, a new slide off of bultaco uk will do the Job. I had exact same issue. Bing carbs slide is made of the same material as the body and they wear out, you end up with a horse shoe worn in the engine side of the slide ?
  8. Ok people thanks for the advice. The tank has the proper grommets with sleeves fitted to prevent the issue with the front bolt. Here it is at the moment ?
  9. I am in the process of putting my sherpa back together. I have fitted the fuel tank (aluminium) with the long mounting bolt through the front, but am a bit lost at the back of the tank. Is it just the seat that holds these tanks in place? Or is there a strap of some sort that holds it? Thanks in advance
  10. Yeh ? no wont be butchered. Nothing that will not be able to be undone. All frontera parts will be kept and stored. It needs a lot of work, found some sections that need repair on frame and engine has to come apart. I like them with the metal mudguards, but I want to race vintage flat track on it.
  11. Astro/pursang flat track bike build underway soon. Think i'm gonna go for the earlier style with a rear fender and pursang seat though rather than the seat unit
  12. Same height as myself, comfortable at that height? With the lower bars I always felt hunched over.
  13. This was where i got to yesterday, i stripped the bike to put it back to standard 159 colours etc. I also removed the extra height blocks from the swing arm
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