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  1. I’m not a regular visitor here, but for what it’s worth I do agree with the OP that there’s little talk of actual events and competing which is regrettable, though presumably it’s because few find it of interest? I think the technical discussions are a valid and much needed part of the forum, as time goes by we risk losing knowledge if the exchange of information is not maintained, I know from recent personal experience how hard it is to find basic technical information on some of the more popular bikes from the 70’s, and have been helped greatly by other members here. Trials is tough on machines and even those with bikes only a few years old need some support to keep them going and thus compete. There’s no easy answer save to say if you’re not happy, post on the stuff that interests you and hope that others join the conversation.
  2. OK, have crawled over the (earth) floor of the workshop and found the ball bearing, normal service has been restored. Thanks for all the help folks!
  3. No problem, thanks for the help Antonio
  4. Sorry, to be clear do you mean the ball bearing in the actuator shaft or is there one the other end too? If so that may be the problem, the actuator rod fell out when I had the bike on its side and I may have lost it
  5. didn’t see one when I took it apart. I’m going to adjust the cable (I didn’t clock the how it was adjusted when I stripped it) and see what that does
  6. Ball bearing definitely there, is there anything that could have fallen out when I had the bike laid on its side?
  7. I think I’ve given myself a clutch problem - I’ve had the timing side cover off whist I’ve been doing some rewiring, put it back on this morning but now the clutch doesn’t feel right - lever is very sluggish to return and feels much too light. I stripped, cleaned and regreased the actuator arm but suspect I may have lost something - the pushrod extends 16mm from the sprocket not including the felt washer, but there is 20mm from the edge of the casing to the actuating arm, what have I lost / done wrong? I’ve had a google but can’t find a very detailed drawing of the actuator.
  8. John Brilliant thank you, that’s the same flywheel as mine!
  9. I’ve searched the forum to no avail, so can anyone please tell me what size puller I need for a 350 213 Alpina with a Motorplat flywheel, or how to measure it to get the right one?
  10. I don’t mind what it looks like!
  11. Ooh, yes please, I’d love to keep it original
  12. Graham Thanks, I hadn’t looked there, as you say he is eye wateringly expensive, but may be my only option
  13. I’ve found a couple of old threads on wiring but they don’t fully address my problem... I have an Alpina 213 but the brake and tail lights aren’t working. The bike has been retired (badly) at some point and the resistor is now missing, and they are apparently unobtainable, it also has a brake light switch with normally closed contacts. I’ve had one suggestion which is to fit an LED bulb as they’re more tolerant of fluctuations in voltage, though that would need a normally open brake light switch. I know these are available but I’d like to keep to the original style and position, and am yet to find one suitable. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to overcome this, or a source of the parts needed?
  14. mick annick

    Steve Sell???

    I don’t know, he’s never been easy to get hold of, but if you do please let us know! Mick
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