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  1. At least that way you’ll have plenty of options
  2. Or here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373668695141?hash=item570063cc65:g:wKIAAOSwD0phB9eX
  3. These guys may be able to point you in the right direction: https://www.classic-red.fr
  4. And it’s up for sale already…
  5. Inmotion are very good in my experience
  6. I’ve not ridden much lately, but I’m still getting the death rattle, though intermittently- any ideas please? I’ve had the clutch cover off but nothing amiss there, strange that it doesn’t do it all the time.
  7. Join Alton Club, a lovely bunch of people
  8. It’s been a while, but having drained out all of the fuel and repainted the exhaust I’ve got it running again, though a couple of times it started making a loud rattling noise! I took the clutch cover off (not easy tracing engine noises) but nothing amiss in there, so just hoping it doesn’t return.
  9. A few weeks ago I made a mistake - I left the fuel tap on, which coincided with a stuck float in the carb, went into the garage after being away for a week to a strong smell of petrol. Stripped and cleaned the carb and all sorted. But, today decided to repaint the exhaust, so started to remove it when petrol started pouring out of the exhaust port! I put a tray underneath, removed the plug and gently turned over the engine - got about half a litre out so far… I’ve squirted a bit of oil down the plug hole and turned the engine over a few times, but the question is will I have done any damage? The crank seals are new - I replaced them a couple of months back - should I pull off both side covers to see if any fuel has got through? Thanks
  10. Did you find anything to fit?
  11. Having given it a quick clean there was still something a bit loose inside, so I opened up the other side and found the packing was shot (already removed when I took the photo), so will replace this with stainless wire wool.
  12. mick annick


    Had a loud rattle from the back of the bike (Alpina 213), so pulled off the rear silence and give it a shake - something heavy adrift inside. I thought I’ve nothing to lose so took the disc cutter to it: Having fished it out it appears to be the same size as the lower tailpipe, but where does it belong?
  13. Dave will have most of what you need, or Ivan Cirre, though don’t rely on what the website says, email them or call - Gemma speaks English. There’s another Spanish supplier I’ve had dealings with that I won’t touch with a barge pole again, I won’t shame them publicly but beware...
  14. I know you’re now sorted, and theirs communication isn’t great, but as Woody says email Gemma, she speaks good English and is really helpful, I met her and Ivan 2 years ago when I drove down there to collect my Alpina I bought from them.
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