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  1. mick annick

    What does one think....

    Metisse I do agree with you, I find the long lunch break counter-productive, I just want to sleep after a good lunch! I’d rather keep riding
  2. mick annick

    What does one think....

    Metisse I’m new to riding in France, but they seem to be more of a social event than we have in the UK, so maybe less sections (zones) are OK. At the trial la Roche en Brenil a couple of weeks ago I was surprised that no-one was in a hurry to start - in the UK on that sort of terrain you’d have been run over in the rush to get round... Rochepaule sounds like the sort of trial that was common in the UK 40+ years ago.
  3. mick annick

    Mont Ventoux Classic October 2019

    Metisse Yes, it seems to be getting harder to get a ride in France now without travelling a long way. Talking to the guys at La Roche they were amazed the club I’m a member of in the UK runs 11 trials a year.
  4. mick annick

    Mont Ventoux Classic October 2019

    Metisse Did you ride la Roche en Brenil last week?
  5. mick annick

    Hi, looking for advise on buying an Alpina project

    Thanks Lee, B40 doesn’t take PM’s
  6. mick annick

    Hi, looking for advise on buying an Alpina project

    Would you mind letting me have details of them please?
  7. mick annick

    Ossacels (Spain)

    Steve's a cracking bloke - let me know if you can't get hold of him, I know where to find him!
  8. mick annick

    Ossa Mar Porting

    Woody Can't help with the porting question, I'm a bit technically inept; have you tried Steve Sell for the parts? Mick
  9. mick annick

    Bit Of Newbie Help Please :)

    From the front forks and tank it looks like being a Mk1, though as you say many of the parts are not original. The good news is if your pockets are deep enough most parts are readily available, try Steve Sell Steve Sell <steve@marlimar-uk.wanadoo.co.uk> or Dave Renham at Inmotion. Good luck with restoring it.
  10. mick annick

    Tyres Again...

    Michelin X11 fitted today; new tube and rim tape, happy
  11. mick annick

    Tyres Again...

    OTF Some trials (not many I grant you), involve a bit of road work, so a strictly legal bike is a must for me. I've also been known to ride to and from events on it...
  12. mick annick

    Tyres Again...

    Thanks Woody, that's clarified things
  13. mick annick

    Tyres Again...

    Apparently not road legal
  14. mick annick

    Tyres Again...

    I have trawled the archive, but not found quite what I need. I need to replace the tubed tyres on my Ossa MAR, but need something properly road legal. From reading the other threads it seems like Michelin are the only option, though not their radial. I've looked on the Michelin website though they don't list this one, so which should I be buying? Ta
  15. mick annick

    Old film footage

    Apologies if this has done the rounds already, but some great trials footage on here: http://www.yfaonline.com/assetDetails.cfm?film=4540&keyword=police&fromSearchValue=fromKeyword&start=31 Mick