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  1. Nice score very collectable bike , cheers
  2. Hi , some people use die in cooling system , like food coloring die to find the leek use with clean water ,, if other ideas don’t work , it’s cheep ,
  3. Hi I ,, double check connection 2 wires on the points , some times screw And wires can ground out , , it’s happened to me , Cheers
  4. larry s. k.


    Hi found pictures posted on bottom , ? Have spare frame croam Rick, just maby install bultaco Astro 250 engine cheers
  5. larry s. k.


    Rickman 250 vr73 original installed other tank ,to get running , it ran after 20 plus years storage ho used another carb , it was blowing oil out left case vent , , I disabled engine rest bike stored foam boxes engine had trans shaft broken slowely reassembly ,, my Rickman hodaka I purchased from bike salvage co. Chicago area ..it runs I built it from frame up ,some super rat wheels forks fit right on ,it really hi geared
  6. larry s. k.


    Hi would like to see more pictures of Yamaha , like engine mount , I’d tag , one of other Rickman Yamaha 360 owner,, he quoted on his site there was 32 yamaha 360 mf , , but ,,, his 1972 , had a vin number into thousands , there is a book Found on site , listed for sale quoted ,it has all the Rickman mf ,, originals ,, does it ,, have all special order frames , mf without engine wheels installed , just like here still selling today , I purchased new old stock frame montesa 250 frame from cycleservant Oregon , few years ago , a spare ,project , found a site selling selling Rickman kits frame tank plastic , new , think it was connected to new owners of Rickman store in England , there frames plastic tanks seats , listed on ebay , all the time
  7. larry s. k.


    Very nice , can you post the vin tag , , was it a special order
  8. larry s. k.


    Ya trials , trails, there dirt bikes , I just x moto racer , I like classic bikes . Don’t really like standing all day on bike . Like the speed , and motocross , Rickman was expensive bike now even more , there still in business ,, special order ,I don’t think there perfect by far , don’t like gas tank , , or brake cable , think they should put more Yamaha , Honda engines , on small bikes . Ya fixing montesa engine , what a exp. pain . Thanks for good times cheers
  9. larry s. k.


    Ya , thanks fo re Wright , Sounds like a better description , of , do have pictures of few bikes on ,, about me ,, My sight ,,,, Rickmans , yz Honda’s I cannot post them on main sight , , don’t have any problems , with bikes , ,Just wanted you all look at bikes ,
  10. larry s. k.


    More pictures of bikes are on about me
  11. larry s. k.


    Hi I don’t see any form for Rickman , I have a couple project bikes a Rickman 250 vr 73 montesa , Rickman hodaka 100 hodaka I purchased from motorcycle salvage yard in Michigan ,,,frame , mainly , had it shipped , just got lucky was looking at frame tag stamped H Most small Rickman are Zundapp stamped z ,purchased most mislanious on ebay , wheels forks . We’re off a super rat 1972 , , it runs with hodaka 100 Purchased on ebay , runs and shifts , its early year 6/ 71 . Small tag left side intact with model number , the whole project cost 1500. Usd so far , might find a better performance engine , it’s stock engine 100 hodaka with super rat parts , ,there really high geared for a little 100 ,my montesa did run , upon coupl hours after purchase , found trans , shaft broken , required , engine split case , it’s project , it was all there upon purchase , really , was stored East Washington state , in barn like 20 30 years , two bro’s , then to son , and sold it me delivered , I could not believe the compression power coming out old engine , I sure it was pickled cylinder ,, did have rust in tank wheels , mislanious parts , it’s all torn down and boxed up , when I get to it have purchased lots parts , from dealer in Oregon , I do Bultaco’s , and rebuilding a few engines , now ,,',,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,these bikes are not for sale. So , Just looking few Rickman dirt bikers ,on trials form don’t have any pictures , av my other computer toasted , with pictures , , cheers,,,,, and Happy hodaka day pictures are on about me
  12. Ebay I score , previous purchased montesa manuals , used and new ,new copy from montesa dealer Oregon ,
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