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  1. Murine works good for the eyes ,, cheers
  2. Hear is my spark plug story NGK maby 20 30 hours upon start when cold choke on , fouled out , removed cleaned still would not start , checked spark laying on head , kicked over , noticed spark traveling from top to side of spark plug , not electrode , , must burnt I suppose did note have same had old champion off mopar car looks lot hotter cleaned with emery installed first kick starts up , ,,, old champion must be 25 years old , in my opinion champion spark plugs rule , will change to proper heat range later , and probably purchase a champion brand ,,, cheers
  3. Yes I better clean my glasses . Thanks if you look up Kelch gas caps you can find them on ebay part number 203487 , , I have noticed my computer correcting me when I type Kelch , there it did it again , had to correct it , tipes ,, Kerch ,, very strange , any way , , I still don’t know where universal yellow fuel tank is mf. . Some one previous quoted ',,,, pacific mf , there was quite a few I picked up locally , there all blue , scratched ,old inventory most new stock , from a motorcycle shop bent bike , sold out store , , , cheers
  4. Motovia and answer to gas tank , on the gas cap stamped Kerch mf Michigan Wisconsin , , I don’t know if original screw on cap fits leaks a bit , no other stamps on yellow plastic , I have others tanks ,,same I picked up at bike shop went out of business .there blue in color . Very cheep to purchase if you look around standard pump gas does not effect it ,, This yellow tank came with bike with cap . Cheers
  5. Hi , southwest montesa in USA ,,has lots info , mf 172 1974 to 76 Numbers produced 1990 , by southwest info ,, Looks to been in barn for a while lots , wd40 or auto trans fluid it let it soak , have fun on your new project ,, lots help with this club ,, , I have 200 cota 1984 project , it was parked in back yard for a while had ,,bugs under the seat ,, exposed rain , eng still turned over , its under repair , ,good luck cheers
  6. egr. Sure looks same , I don’t know what brand ,
  7. JonM , my brother has similar model a 250 , he cleaned carb quite a few times starting problems ,constant , runs fine , and again starting issue , , now he think it’s in tank , it needs sealer , from sitting in winter with fuel in it he’s not sure ,,, his clutch is ok but cover rubs , think it’s just a used bike needs tlc ,, call dealer ask them to fix it ,, , upon your stuck with it , ya I understand
  8. Hi , larry hear , whow mick andrews on a hodaka , , , in states ,,Oregon club gathers once a year , hodaka days , , I just put this bike together , to ride , original parts are , frame rear wheel exhaust , cables , ! . I purchased on ebay front wheel assembly ,21 inch new tire tube spindle brake hub neck bearings forks triple tree , big aftermarket Handel bars , and this running engine , new chain , sprocket air filter with road toad ,, front fender ass ,, aftermarket universal seat fuel line fuel filter one can industrial spray paint 220 sand paper the hole frame ,,,, and fuel tank original road toad ,on the bench being repaired , all purchased on ebay ! it’s not show bike , it’s a dirt bike saved from scrap , some one threw it away , a couple owners ago ,a bike I could see it was ridden hard and tossed ,,we drove 8 hours from north wash. To Vancouver wash , to purchase ,for 100. With title ,seller decided to just give bike free upon its previous condition ,,,next my bro, is driving on another week end trip to pick up another , hodaka ,super rat ,project , a runner in ruff ,condition I ,,,already purchased early air filter assembly ,with super rat logo and gave it to him I have lots to do , hope you can understand my English 101 ,,,cheers,,,,,,,larry
  9. Every body has an opinion , , I don’t see my self ,,, purchasing brand new 10k bike ,, I have so many I can’t keep count , really larry ,,cheers
  10. Hi farmer58za . Tank , It’s often sold on eBay cheep ,, these bikes when brand new in 1970 ish cost 500. USD .now in the states a collectors , this bike is related to super rat , hodaka ,, , it’s a 50 year old bike , heaps of fun ,cheers
  11. Thanks reply feetupfun , , the hodaka did well was great ride , ther was 4x4 tracks , , hear and there , ruts , Rear shocks are little stiff , ther not stock , , noticed I was out of shape , have not ridden in woods for a while , will practice more , cheers
  12. Hi , you all , a 1970 hodaka ace 100 , ,, custom mf to road toad , , with big sprocket , big Han bars ,, will just about crawl , it was a frame up ,,project . Just got the shifting working , working on orig tank , is next .. , the parts market is hot ,, right now , original parts are Exp$$$ , went on trail riding today , for hour , ,,,
  13. Hi Scotty , most engine builders welcome , please come back , upon a problem , , you cannot see where oil leak , they might have a black light , engine die additive , to find leak , or other abilities , , it happens on new rebuilds , loos shafts older worn bushings , cheapie seals ,, bashed under carriage ,, it’s a vintage classic , CHEERS
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