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  1. Hi there a montesa repair manuals on ebay , today , there was ? A montesa parts dealer in central England . Think his name Andy , he was on ebay , I purchased a cylinder from him few years ago for my 200 Cota , you have a very nice looking bike , , I don’t see Andy on line from the states , , you might call around to find parts or a exp , repair man , if the cases need opening , , , I opened up my 250 vr and transmission parts just fell everywhere , don’t know if gears where working , so I purchased a short block by chance it was on sale in Oregon , Ho ,,, he had a 123 he was parting out ,, Oregon state he is on line ebay montesa parts ,
  2. Do you dig it ,,,, message 12 30 2019 , please I. seem to say something a little off , please don’t take it personal Just from states , thanks ,,
  3. Hills climb , race other bikes open dirt road ,around hear there old Loggin roads where I started , with old Honda sl 90 with a straight pipe nice and loude , ,',,,,,,,,,, ,I have a steep hill near home going to tackle it ,,, I
  4. Hi have not fired up this engine have some parts to complete , as a short block found a match cyl , would like find better cyl..yes would like make more hp , has good crank rod is ok , I had a model 213 running few years ago , it sat years old gas in tank , got it running after few hours cleaning it was not very powerful lasted 3 hours and lower end &. Piston started scoring , and puffing out of carb , so I put this on back burner , would like to make fast 326 , if possible ,pursang parts big bore best ignition. , maby with some ideas ,,
  5. Hi ya have 2 listed I was looking for another 100cc model 80 and found one , so bultaco model 92 350 was wondering how big can I bore or replace cylinder with another that will fit it’s at stock bore with original cylinder , by the book stock is 83.2 can I install say 360 cylinder , or any info just looking to trick more hp ,
  6. Bul model 92 pictures of engine in progress I mk at 83.00 the bottom of sleeve look thin . So will check on other options. Or maby as is with new piston rings
  7. Hi Purchased a Sherpa m80 100 cc , on ebay few years ago ,just engine , Installed new piston please look at pictures ,small head ,don’t see any 100cc , on m80 ,, what you think
  8. I have matador model 4 . 200 cc 4 speed mf 63 to 66 ,do these models qualify , do any of you use these old Bultaco’s for pre 65
  9. Hi found a 80 Sherpa campion 1970 100cc , in Chorley uk , under supermotos.com its blue white silver frame listed for sale , I just need to look a little more , Larry
  10. Thanks rcgods , this engine has me going back forth , I thought it was model 8 Then , some guy said Sherpa , maby a mis stamp Not like 6 bolt , round case , small spacing head studs , ? Model 78 Sherpa ? , lobo , or special order engine , some one might have the same , really just 100cc,larry
  11. Hi Purchased a Sherpa m80 100 cc , on ebay few years ago ,just engine , Installed new piston please look at pictures ,small head ,don’t see any 100cc , on m80 ,, what you think
  12. Great , I purchased 348 from ebay looks nice complete clean piston ,, think I better check the trans ,before installation , thanks for the heads up ,larry
  13. Pretty cool , looks very clean
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