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  1. https://davidarmstrong.smugmug.com/Enfield-reduction/i-swGCrjk I built one up, it needs a better ignition and a slimmed down primary but I am pleased with how it rides. Hit and miss on parts from India. Just at 300lbs with oil and gas.
  2. 4 speed Bultaco's are great to mix and match parts. I built a 1966 Sherpa Scrambler with a Matador top end and a Mercurio close ratio gear box lower end. http://bultacoforum.com/index.php?topic=267.0 https://davidarmstrong.smugmug.com/My-First-Gallery/ I also ran a 1966 Matador 4 speed set up as a trials bike for about 7 years, only recently selling both the Sherpa s and trials bike to the same young guy.
  3. None as far as I know, the difference is in the primary gearing. These make great trials motorcycles with very few changes.
  4. Dave my Enfield heavyweight trials isn't the problem, it my G80cs scrambler for Sundays races that is screwed up. The big bike needs a new carb and the head steady is stripped out and its blowing bubbles at the base gasket. Dave
  5. Yep, thats Jody's AJS 350cc. I didn't drive down because my own g80cs has a few Gremlins that need to be sorted. I should have just brought out my Enfield but that's a long way to go and only run one event. 6 hours one way from Redmond WA. Man I am catching **** from the VME member for not going!
  6. Hey Swooshdave, I like it! If you get a chance check out Jody Heintzmans 350 AJS for inspiration. Also the VME Vashon Island guys are big on the Matchless/ AJS stuff. I have a G80cs that's giving me fits. Its hard to resist the big bikes from o'l Blighty. Dave Armstrong
  7. I would start with a rod kit-crank shaft rebuild and work out from there. double check the ignition side where the crank bearing fits for wear. The last 4 Bultaco's I had rebuilt had bad ignition side bearing surfaces. I don't think Bultaco compensated for heat expansion and the left side bearing moved on the crank causing wear.
  8. With my E250 I can crawl in between my Matchless and Enfield and still have room for the dog. when the wife goes i drag a 5000 pound travel trailer no problem. The big Fords get stuck on slippy surfaces, my Chevy vans never had such problems. something to do with fueling injection I suspect.
  9. The bash plate i built for my heavyweight Enfield is cracking and dented. It as made of 3/16 inch aluminum with welded "wings". I need something heavier duty. what is the recommended aluminum? Should I switch to steel? Dave
  10. Sammy Miller and Ralph Venables are big names in the sport. A spec tire seems so obvious to me.
  11. https://davidarmstrong.smugmug.com/Campera/i-WMKvpHK Rode this in a few trials before getting my Matador. Cheng Shin tires fitted.
  12. All the talk about period correct Pre 65 trias motorcycles and I havent seen any mention of modern tires. My guess is if a specification tire such as a Chang Shin C186 was mandated then the sport would be much closer to the magic pre 65 than by limiting any other modification? Maybe this has been discussed already?
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