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  1. That just means its time to re-arch the pan. —Biff
  2. Txt editions have a crank case bottom end drain plug for this. Remove the skid plate and the plug is on the bottom of the big end. Wish others did this... —Biff
  3. There used to be a great trial on hunter mountain. Grand parents lived in boiceville. Jim is an amazing resource out of oneonta. —biff
  4. Welcome! Check out the group from 3d and d4. Growing up in Caz myself you have a ton of people in your neighborhood that are trials enthusiast. Between tryals shop and those two groups you should be all sorted. —Biff
  5. Hey have you all been hearing about corduroy pillow cases? No? Weird! They've been making headlines! --Biff
  6. 3d printed shark Fin. --Biff
  7. Well you are going to have to look. Clutch baskets from this era were known to wear grooves in themselves where the plates ride. That can cause the plates to stick and suddenly break free. With this home made bushing idea it really caused a delay / slack feeling transitioning from coast to accel. 3 and a half years later its still working for me. --Biff
  8. That is a bad water pump seal. If you didn't change out the water pump shaft that rides on that seal then it would also cause the leak. It is the only place on a pro that water can get from the coolant into the transmission. The shaft can wobble if the brass bushing holding the shaft is enlarged as well. --Biff
  9. These Michigan boys are really tearing it up these days! Woot Frankenmuth! --Biff
  10. @feetupfun I am just about to transfer a set of Arkon rims from a TY250L mono over to my Ty175. I want to go with the tubliss 2nd gen system when I do this with a set of Dunlop 803GP tires. My main reason was to use the forks on this one but why not go all out right? I am interested in the grove you are speaking of (pics?). Is this just roughing up the bead area so it sticks? As i read this you are still running a tube with a tubeless tire right? Currently i am running a new IRC tubeless reject on my standard ty175 rim with a tube but gotta love those gold rims so this is going to happen. --Biff
  11. Most of the time if you are leaking at the rim strip its because the spokes underneath are loose causing it to move that rim strip. Check your spoke and make sure you have no corrosion issues in the spoke area. --Biff
  12. 3:26 not only stop but foot down along with. smh --Biff
  13. The Scorpa SY250 was the hardest one I have ever worked on. Everything has to be exactly where it needs to be or nothing will fit. Throttle cable can't be above the frame between the tank. Carb takes a week to gain access to, If you remove certain things you break others if not paying attention. Again they run and run and run but only if you have a good shoe horn. Also changing a one off spark plug on a Fantic Kroo makes me wonder if they just forgot that spark plugs were needed when laying it out. --Biff
  14. The adjuster at the lever is pushing the piston too far into the master cylinder on the handle bar. That or the piston will not return all of the way back blocking off the port in the cylinder. --Biff
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