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  1. zippy

    Show Me Your Twin Shocker!

    Getting closer to having RatTY 175 finished
  2. zippy

    Show Us Your Ty

    Finally started getting RatTY put together. I have an engine now. Took these two tables of parts.......... And turned them into this:
  3. zippy

    ty175 rebuild

    There is also an online manual http://trialsport.com.au/TY175/
  4. zippy

    Imperial bolt question...

    Imperial bolt identification: Well if it is powerful and down right scary, it is probably a Darth Vader bolt
  5. zippy

    Sherco's - Which One To Buy Or Any Known Faults

    unfortunately I cannot locate any pictures of the gusset, but if memory serves me correctly it was basically just a small triangle that I welded to the mounting tab and frame. But can't remember if it was on the outside edge of the tab or inside edge. End cap of silencer should fit inside the tube portion of the silencer, and then held on by rivets. I have not had that bike for quite some time, so I will not be able to get pictures. 😞
  6. zippy

    Forum Upgrade

    Thank you sir
  7. zippy

    Forum Upgrade

    Andy, The issue of No Thread Titles in the "Unread" section has returned.
  8. zippy


    Sadly I must admit to that occurring when I pulled the clutch basket from the 2000 Sherco I had, but I did buy the correct tool as well as new basket..............
  9. zippy

    Keihin Carb to Airbox Seal?

    I have used a heat gun on low (doesn't take very long) to soften the rubber boot for my GasGas. My 2003 originally had the Dellorto with the rubber adapter and the rubber boot was a bit deformed, I have a Kehin now and that rubber boot occasionally likes to go back to the deformed shape instead of round. A little warm up and viola good to go.
  10. zippy

    2018 one raga racing missing bolt?

  11. zippy

    TXT Pro Front Pipe Bottom Bolt

    weld regular wrench to the end of allen wrench. permanent new tool. Be super proud of fabrication abilities. open beer
  12. zippy

    Kenny The Rooster - Contains Adult Humour

    There are two types of people in this world: 1. Those that can extrapolate from incomplete data
  13. zippy

    new to gasgas bikes

    The method works for all GasGas Pro engine bikes, there are a couple variations of the starting method, but they all have the same thing in common. DO NOT stab at the kickstarter, DO NOT just kick it like mad. What I do for my bike: Be "on top" of the bike, basically on the pegs (with bike on stand, leaning against a tree, your car/garage whatever) Take up little bit of slack in kickstarter, when resistance is felt this is the starting point Kick downward with authority, but smoothly. when cold, choke on. when warm choke off Note: throttle is not used My Old BAGG (2003 Old Bad Ass GasGas) starts first or second kick using this method.
  14. zippy

    Does more sticker give more HP?

    Unfortunately there is a paradox about the ability of stickers to increase HP of the Trials bike. Yes, stickers increase the power of the Trials bike, but the additional weight of the sticker negates that power. So you pretty much end up with the same power output in the end, but the bike will look totally cool
  15. zippy

    Show Us Your Ty

    My TY175 arrived with some assembly required.