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  1. My 2003 Pro had the kickstart hit the peg, and my current 2015 Pro kickstart hits the peg. Basically the peg is used as a stop instead of some part of the frame, some bikes have a metal stop on the frame that the kickstart hits (TLR200 Reflex I think had one) It's a design of the GasGas Pro engine. Internally there is "stop" for the kickstart as well. Pro engine has been mostly the same design with upgrades to internal components that retro-fit from 2003 - 2015, I am not sure about retro-compatibility with 2017 -2021 models All credit to The Hell Team: https://www.thehellteam.com/technical-support/gas-gas-parts-and-service-manuals.html My advice: (yeah like anyone listens to me) ride it, enjoy it, crash it, pick it up, repeat. starting procedure, stand on pegs (lean bike against tree, etc; bike on stand; balance on pegs), slowly bring kicker to where it engages, kick firmly and smoothly, DO NOT STAB AT IT - for some owners that has caused problems with breaking the clutch cover. most often starts 1st kick, sometimes 2nd kick. same way for the 2003 I had as well as the current 2015.
  2. that spring has definitely sprung. I am not sure if the shaft on a 14 can be pulled without splitting the cases. My 2003 required splitting the case because of the rollers attached to the shaft being inside the shift drum. I am not sure what the kickstart positioning bush is, do you have a photo?
  3. Did that used to be the spring on the gear selector shaft??? DAMN! The hole in the crankcase is normal, my 2003 pro300 had it as well. some are "better looking" than others, I have not had the cover off my 2015 yet (just got her last summer) but I suspect the hole will be there as well.
  4. Are you are referring to the single allen bolt in the center of the clutch basket? If memory serves me, the head is about half the thickness of a standard allen bolt, but the threads I believe are standard right hand thread. The bolt is also hollow to allow oil to pass through Some use a thread locker of some sort on the bolt. (I don't believe thread locker to be necessary, and I know a couple people that just leave that bolt out)
  5. welcome, hope that's the issue, should be relatively inexpensive
  6. Shift shaft issue. Most likely it is the cross bar in Part No. 10 with the return spring. Cross bar is a sacrificial part for just those instances when crashing on the gear lever. It is accessed under the clutch cover side. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0Mfile5AhnmN0RMR0lRNGRWRjQ - Page 42 10 - SHIFT SHAFT CENTER LOCATOR AND SPRING MT280238037CT
  7. It's all good, responses passing in the night........
  8. 6 IN/LB is just snugged up and just barely a small bit more.
  9. If that model has the standard 6 springs with the small bolt through the center of the spring, If I remember correctly the torque setting is actually quite low. but I don't remember an exact number. I did find for a Sherco, that the torque for the clutch spring screws is 0.7Nm (0.516 FT/LB or 6.2 IN/LB) http://shercousa.com/pdfs/Workshop_Manual.pdf Page 4 of 60. in the PDF I know it is a different brand, but the clutch design may be similar enough that the torque is similar as well.
  10. You mean the guy that has been missing for almost 3 yrs?
  11. What evidence has been provided that shows the election has been rigged on such a grand scale? The Supreme Court is not the only court in the country to have said no to the cases brought forth. Is it the residents of those18 States, that have no choice other than Secession? or is it just a couple of the Republican officials in those states? e.g. Attorney generals, Senators, Representatives etc.. And it is about Trump, He is the Republican candidate that lost, He has been outspoken about alleged widespread voter fraud and these are Republicans bringing forth the accusations in support of their candidate. and yet no hard evidence has been brought forth to prove their position. (I knew it was a mistake to post on here)
  12. I have tried to not comment on this thread, been reading it but not commented. there is a bunch of discussion about climate change, misleading news media, alleged election fraud, etc. etc. etc. I want to touch on one item, (this may be a mistake but here we go). Yes I am a citizen of the USA. Why is President Trump trying to get Georgia (16), Pennsylvania (20), Wisconsin (10) and Michigan (16) presidential election results thrown out?. Because at that point Biden will no longer have 270 EC votes, Biden so far has been awarded (projected, whatever) 306 EC votes. 306 - 16 - 20 - 10 - 16 = 244 EC votes aahh but the votes do NOT go to Trump. The votes are gone. and a candidate needs a minimum of 270 to win. At this point it now goes to congress to decide the Presidential election https://www.archives.gov/electoral-college/faq#no270 (ooh sources) so the House of Representatives will vote for the President and the Senate will vote for the Vice President. For the House each STATE (not Representative) gets 1 vote, and the winning candidate must have 26 votes. House of Representatives currently has 26 Republican states. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_House_of_Representatives (yes it's Wikipedia) So Trump and his campaign and supporters are betting on the 26 Republican states in the House of Representatives to vote him in for a 2nd term. In my opinion this is just a last ditch effort of a sore loser. It is not about Voter fraud, it is not about election integrity. It's about making the other side lose, it's about staying in power. All of the rest of the stories, outrage, fluff pieces, rhetoric, posturing, etc are just a distraction from or to help get the 4 states EC votes nullified and thrown out.
  13. Yep, TXT series for GasGas. Good luck hope ya get it back to running good again
  14. If it has a history of running good until one day just is not running well, I would suspect a blocked jet. Take the carb apart, clean it. throw it back together and see if it's fixed. I believe so, but still a GasGas and basic running principles are the same. (Maybe we can convince @mastermatt to buy a GasGas trials bike too)
  15. Exceptions are made for good friends, but great friends help you rearrange logs with a smile.
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