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  1. spray carb cleaner around the base gasket to see if it is sucking in air.
  2. good excuse for the 10 pound sledge................................. yes, I have done so for the Old BAGG
  3. zippy

    Won't rev?

    check your ground, I helped a guy get his Sherco running the day after he washed it. He rode it for practice, washed it, and the next day at the event it wouldn't run. Cleaned the ground attachment at the frame and all was right again.
  4. those I ride with keep trying beer and liquor............. not sure how effective it is. We shall continue further testing
  5. within MOTA (Michigan Ontario Trials Association) we have 6 Clubs, each club hosts 2 events per season. For a rider to be awarded season championship points they must work 2 events per season. This is how we get the majority of our observers, the members of the club will set up, run, observe their 2 events for the season. and then you ride the other 10. Season championship standings are determined by your best 8 rides. It seems to work pretty good. But you do not have to be a member of one of the clubs to ride the events. You will get a trophy that day (provided you finish in the top 3) but you will not be awarded season championship points for the year end awards.
  6. The Wizard and the Unfillable Hole, By Nathan W. Pyle https://cdn1.kontraband.com/uploads/videos/2019/7/11/5edae1fc.mp4
  7. I use a tree, rock or a log.......... if none of those are available, I have leaned it against a buddy's bike. Or just lay it on the ground, that's her happy place anyway. Spends enough time there
  8. Reed valve is located between the engine and the carb. the valve portion is inserted into the engine. While the Keihin carb in my opinion is better than the Dellorto PHBL, the Dellorto is NOT a bad carb. as with any carb, keep it clean so it can do its job properly
  9. Clutch Master Cylinder
  10. I believe the pressure plate bolts are 6mm - 12 point
  11. zippy

    Future of Gasgas

    Looks like the Torrot website is down as well
  12. zippy

    Show Us Your Ty

    My RatTY 175 arrived like this: And it now Looks like This: There will be tweaks that happen for quite some time yet, but she can be ridden and enjoyed. And that was the goal.
  13. Good luck, hope it is sorted quickly
  14. I think you may have shift drum issues, if that is the problem, this will require splitting the cases. that pin looks a bit like part no. 13 in the photo below. source: http://lewisportusa.com/manuals/gasgaspartsman/04partscomplete.pdf
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