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  1. Yep, TXT series for GasGas. Good luck hope ya get it back to running good again
  2. If it has a history of running good until one day just is not running well, I would suspect a blocked jet. Take the carb apart, clean it. throw it back together and see if it's fixed. I believe so, but still a GasGas and basic running principles are the same. (Maybe we can convince @mastermatt to buy a GasGas trials bike too)
  3. Exceptions are made for good friends, but great friends help you rearrange logs with a smile.
  4. with the idler gear broken, be sure to check over the "Bart" gear on the kickstart shaft for damage as well.
  5. zippy

    Wheel Compatibility

    I believe it was a 2015. Just be sure to use your spacers that are original to your bike on the new wheel.
  6. zippy

    Wheel Compatibility

    I fitted a new style wheel (2-piece spoke) to my 2003 GasGas. It was used (much cheaper than new) and came off another GasGas. Fit right on, just had to use the spacers that were original to my 2003. No muss, no fuss.
  7. Betty White is, she was born in 1922 and sliced bread was introduced in 1928
  8. Can you get a clamp of some sort in there. Maybe a small version of this. one side on the bolt threaded area the other side on the frame next to the bolt hole. Push the bolt back toward the shock, eventually having enough bolt shank showing to grab with pliers. this is of course assuming you can get the nut off or cut off the nut.
  9. In defense of @nigel dabster his continual smart mouth jibs ARE his Trade mark.......... in every forum.
  10. zippy

    Gas gas 250 txt

    Also take a look at the cover in the area around the kickstart to make sure the cover did not also crack during the "event".
  12. Boots with a good steel shank in the sole is really good for protecting the foot as well
  13. If this happened at any point in history other than now, the responses would be totally different. So let me give a different type of feedback: Yes, proper landing technique is key when doing drop offs, thank you for pointing out one of the possible negatives of doing a drop off incorrectly. heal up quick, but take the time necessary to do so. Land with rear wheel first seems to be the best way, and as you said have the feet more forward on the pegs so that the ankle does not "dip down" when landing
  14. 80:1 seems to be the normal ratio for the majority of modern trials bikes. Also with GasGas Pro engines the crank bearings are lubricated with the gearbox oil, not the premix. Premix is only lubricating the piston and con-rod bearings
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