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  1. Boots with a good steel shank in the sole is really good for protecting the foot as well
  2. If this happened at any point in history other than now, the responses would be totally different. So let me give a different type of feedback: Yes, proper landing technique is key when doing drop offs, thank you for pointing out one of the possible negatives of doing a drop off incorrectly. heal up quick, but take the time necessary to do so. Land with rear wheel first seems to be the best way, and as you said have the feet more forward on the pegs so that the ankle does not "dip down" when landing
  3. 80:1 seems to be the normal ratio for the majority of modern trials bikes. Also with GasGas Pro engines the crank bearings are lubricated with the gearbox oil, not the premix. Premix is only lubricating the piston and con-rod bearings
  4. do you know what the previous owners were running for an premix ratio? Possible they were running a high(er) amount of oil which would foul the packing sooner than 80:1 OR it's possible the crankshaft seal has gone bad and is sucking in gearbox oil.
  5. Yep, had a few fires in the silencer of my 2003 300 GasGas. Got hot enough it started melting the outer decorative plastic up by the airbox. Packing looks horrible too
  6. @mbeers6 sorry for taking so long to respond, bike maintenance has taken a back seat lately. I tore down the dog bones today. As you can see in the the VXB photo of the bearing there is no seal. Here is a photo of the same bearing installed in my dog bones. (Still a bit dirty, but hopefully can see it clear enough) note: it is a caged bearing and there is a rubber seal, I "persuaded" the original GasGas seals to be in place. It is a very tight fit and the seal does stick out probably a half mm from the dog bones. but after install in the bike, they don't stick out anymore. SQUISH!! 😀
  7. zippy

    GasGas txt2000

    Try this thread https://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/44825-identify-gg-year-from-frame-number-250-txt-pro/
  8. A friend in Germany mentioned the next 2 trials events have been cancelled. Events with more than 75 people are currently banned in their area. Here in the states I have not heard of any events being cancelled, but it may be a regional thing. MOTA doesn't have any events scheduled until May 17th.
  9. I have medical insurance............. motorcycle doesn't............. but that's just me being a smartass
  10. Of course refill with new gearbox oil, but be sure to run it until warm, dump that oil and fill with new. That will help get rid of any residual coolant in the gearbox.
  11. Actually been a little while since I changed the bearings. If memory serves correctly, (this may be the issue and as I type this I may have remembered differently) the new bearings are just a touch wider than the originals, I believe I put in O-rings to take up the gap or I was "persuasive" with the old seals. I actually need to grease the dog bones bearings soon. I should take a pic and post it.
  12. I buy these and re-use the old seals https://www.vxb.com/HK1516OH-Needle-Bearing-15x21x16-p/kit7374.htm
  13. I really enjoyed his commentary through the sections, was interesting to hear what he was thinking etc..
  14. zippy

    2017 280 questions

    my GasGas starting procedure - from cold choke on - from hot no choke Lean bike against appropriate item (tree, truck, garage, etc) OR have bike supported by skidplate (on stand, on a log, on the neighbors annoying bratty kid......) Stand on the footpegs Bring kickstarter down gently until you feel resistance From that location kick through with a forceful fluid motion - gotta get it to spin up quickly, but don't "stab" at it NO throttle Mine starts 1 or 2 kicks 99.9% of the time
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