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  1. Here is how we are doing things in Ontario Canada.Copied from our fb web page. We will still be adhering to the number of changes at SOCT events to keep everyone safe and still be enjoyable. The following will be in place for the Mono Mills and all subsequent events in 2020. 1) Entry to event is restricted to CVMG members. CVMG membership is available online at www.CVMG.ca Proof of membership (membership number or print out of receipt) must be shown at sign up. 2) Pre-entry for the event is required. Deadline is Monday August 3 for Entries for the event. Register by sending an e-transfer of your $10 entry fee to: Les*********51@gmail.com IMPORTANT >>> Include your name, CVMG membership number and class (A,B or C) in the comments section of the e-transfer. <<< IMPORTANT Entries will be accepted on a “first come, first served” basis. Please pre-enter now. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH OTHER RIDERS WHO MAY NOT CHECK FACEBOOK OR THE WEBSITE 3) We will be running the event similar to a “shotgun start” golf tournament. Groups of no more than 5 riders will be assigned a section to start at and must remain as a group throughout their event no riding alone. The group may get smaller during the event depending on the class and number of loops, but not exceed 5. Each group will need to wait for the previous group to leave a section before your group proceeds into it. Organize yourself into groups of 5 and leave in the comments in this post who is in your group and if you don’t have a group, ones registration closes we will organize a group of 5 for anyone needing in a group. 4) At all times respect the “social distance” of 2m from anyone who is not from your immediate household. The only exception to this will be providing emergency assistance to a rider in your group. 5) All individuals entering the property will be required to complete a Covid 19 questionnaire (travel, exposure, symptom related) and have a digital temperature reading taken. Those who cannot pass this initial screening (along with anyone else in the same vehicle) will not be allowed entry to the property. 6) Unfortunately for the safety of everyone there will still be NO SPECTATORS allowed. If you attend the event please do so with a commitment to respecting and following these rules.
  2. Part numbers for the shims in post #8 of this thread in ADVRider. https://advrider.com/f/threads/how-to-correct-beta-clutch-drag.1375397/ I have not tried this yet.
  3. I'm thinking that the change made in this video is a better (and easier) modification.Now if someone can translate! https://advrider.com/f/threads/how-to-correct-beta-clutch-drag.1375397/
  4. No idea.I just got rid of my 2011 Ossa.The Beta will allow to have fun without fear of breaking something i can't fix.
  5. Just took delivery of a 2020 Evo200.I have lots of time on my hands and i think i will pull it apart to do the mod.The drag is bad even tho i know nothing is broken in yet.Great bike!
  6. Yes.A slow throttle might be a good idea.
  7. Why no mention of Beta? As soon as i sell my Ossa,i'll be looking at a replacement.I'm afraid of anything made in Spain.
  8. TW200 is $6300, A GasGas250 is $8800. Same for a Sherco.
  9. Availability.250cc and under beginner bikes are very scarce here in Canada.And when they are available they are a lot more money than the cost of a brand new TW150 which will sell for approx $1000cdn less than the TW200.
  10. They have a 150 aircooled model due out soon.perfect beginner bike.
  11. So the second batch of ten TW200's is on it's way to the UK.I don't see any mention of the first ten.Curious?
  12. Google.......metric bolt torque specs
  13. ric h

    Bolt on footrests

    Take the spring out.Flips up and down with your toe.You get used to it quickly.
  14. For sure,fair enough.It was a link to the first US dealer to carry them.Oh well.
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