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  1. I caught a virus at a trial, it causes a large rash of 5’s. It’s nasty, I've had it for years and it doesn’t seem to be curable 🤧
  2. suzuki250


    Locking wire from an electrical connector?
  3. if its below the piston rings you can drill a small hole at the top of the crack to stop if getting worse I've done this on a few cylinders and its lasted years. Not my preferred method, but it does seem to work.
  4. you need a press to get the swing arm spindle out (or in) the are very tight!
  5. Yes, cub & bantam swing arms are interchangeable Are you just after a swing arm?
  6. I change mine every 6 months (if I remember) never had a problem with clutch drag
  7. I use dexron II in my txt pro I'm sure there's issues with the clutch and synthetic oil on the Gasgas, the clutch pack swells
  8. You could have a blank machined to suit
  9. I could do with a pair, it would clearly state my riding ability
  10. If it is your ignition try Bradford Ignitions. He did one for me, cost £125 and works well (not for a gasgas though)
  11. They now have a forum as well
  12. I see someone is selling them on ebay, has anyone seen one at a trial? It looks quite heavy with an electric start?
  13. suzuki250

    Pre mix

    I use Silkolene comp 2 which is synthetic I did use Castrol power 1 which also worked well it's also worth noting that Castrol and some other manufactures state a maximum of 50:1
  14. suzuki250

    Pre mix

    I use 40:1 on my air cooled bikes, never had a problem
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