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  1. I use ATF, seems to work well
  2. No, but It had a rather large Lucas lead acid battery😧 I'm sure there could be a modern Pre65 version?
  3. BSA did build an electric trials bike, there's a picture of it with Jeff Smith riding (See: Don Morley’s BSA singles book)
  4. That’s a bit Harsh, I guess what B40rt is saying they are probably knackered. Most people just replace with new!
  5. They are good shocks, no reason to change (unless you want to give them too me 😉)
  6. I had the same problem a few years ago, I changed from Champion to NGK and the problem vanished. (bike was running a motaplat ignition) I was reluctant to change as I got the Champion plugs for free from work! it was only one bike that had the issue with the champion plugs, all my other bikes ran fine on them
  7. Plus you could sell your old parts for around £150 (if they are in good condition)
  8. Make a note on the sheet next to the riders number, then inform the C-of-C or anyone running the trial!
  9. All pro's are hard to find neutral Try using your hand, it makes it easier
  10. Thank you, it looks a lot better than I was expecting. I only paid £30 for the trailer & £50 on new parts
  11. It weighs exactly 50kgs, so it gives me 150kgs. Just enough for a beamish 😧 Just needs a few more jobs to finish, and source a spare wheel!
  12. I'm 99% sure its an old gracecourt skivvy chassis (Gross 200kg), but the chassis plate has long gone!
  13. I’ve just tied up an old bike trailer, and have replaced lights, tyres, some welding and a fresh paint job. But it has no chassis plate, I’m guessing it’s a homebuilt or modified small trailer Whats the law on not having a chassis plate on an old trailer?
  14. I use tubeless on my beamish without any problems
  15. If you have taken the rotor off it will need timing correctly, unless you fancy replacing a holed piston
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