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  1. just do as zippy says above. they are pre-gapped for lazy mechanics
  2. suzuki250

    Sumpguard Helicoils

    Its worth putting some red Loctite on the insert, it will stop it coming out in the future. (but don’t put the bolt in until its set)
  3. suzuki250

    Pre-mix Ratios

    I run my Beamish on 40:1 Silkolene comp 2, no problems and no smoke
  4. Same here, I just have an account for my trials results and information about bikes. I just don’t post pictures of my dinner every day
  5. Try the Beamish Suzuki enthusiasts group on facebook Lost of parts on there
  6. suzuki250

    Sprite 250 Mk 2

    Yes, I fixed the bearing issue with Loctite. mine also had the large round points cover! Good luck, it's a nice looking chassis
  7. suzuki250

    Sprite 250 Mk 2

    Is the engine a 37a Villiers?
  8. Use the clutch, its not a race so you don't need the power on all the time.
  9. I use Silkolene / Putoline Light Gear Oil (75w) they all seem to work the same. If you buy Putoline in 4L cans you can get it for £38 posted! It doesn't matter what you use the plates always seem to stick when its cold!
  10. suzuki250

    Age of beta 300

    is the wiring ok, it looks a bit rough around the headstock?
  11. there are a couple of ways, In a four jaw chuck and a fixed steady (and a bush to fitted to run the steady) or the slider mounted on on the cross slide (vee blocks and lots of packing), and boring bar in the chuck both methods take a lot of clocking up!
  12. I've done similar on a few sliders, but I used a boring bar in a lathe.
  13. The biggest problem is you can’t order spares from 1965, so people need remanufactured parts to keep them running!
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