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  1. Don’t say that, you will start the rivet counters off…
  2. Can you get a torque wrench in to do the cylinder base nuts?
  3. It seemed a good show, but a bit pricey? £16 entry & 4.50 to park, quite a lot for a Autojumble, didn’t seem a lot of bikes on show!
  4. I've got 2 front and 3 rears, seems a shame to just dump them.
  5. Does anyone know if inner tubes have a shelf life? I’ve just found a few new boxed ones from the 90’s are they any good? They look ok, boxes are a bit tatty!
  6. Restoring bikes is fun, but you will need a set of deep pockets
  7. Etch primer and a good top coat, acrylic or High temp paint? (I’d avoid 2k as its not good for your health, but it does give an good finish)
  8. 99.9% have them marks, makes no difference. Price is more dependent on condition and how it runs, if its a good runner and in reasonable nick then £1450 is a fair price I've got an 2004 and its a nice bike (it also has them dents!)
  9. I've never had any gearbox or rust problems in 10+ years The wheels have caused the most problems, corrosion on the rims and spokes!
  10. Plastic zip tie to the handlebars and tuck it under the bar pad 🙂
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