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  1. I use a good quality clear instant gasket and the proper paper gaskets. never had a problem with oil or fuel leaks
  2. You need a press, some centres and a lead mallet to true it up I use a 6 tonne press, it does the job ok but does struggle on more modern cranks
  3. its hard to tell from that picture but the piston & bore look ok? take a picture with the piston all the way down
  4. suzuki250

    C15T Query

    New concentric
  5. If you just go round with a toque wrench your wheel will go out of round rather quickly Do as b40rt says
  6. Nice too see a tidy workshop
  7. the bearing face on the little end looks like its seen better days, maybe the crank mains are also worn? the oil also looks quite contaminated with gritty looking particles?
  8. It needs to be quenched in cold water to anneal (the opposite of steel)
  9. I caught a virus at a trial, it causes a large rash of 5’s. It’s nasty, I've had it for years and it doesn’t seem to be curable 🤧
  10. suzuki250


    Locking wire from an electrical connector?
  11. if its below the piston rings you can drill a small hole at the top of the crack to stop if getting worse I've done this on a few cylinders and its lasted years. Not my preferred method, but it does seem to work.
  12. you need a press to get the swing arm spindle out (or in) the are very tight!
  13. Yes, cub & bantam swing arms are interchangeable Are you just after a swing arm?
  14. I change mine every 6 months (if I remember) never had a problem with clutch drag
  15. I use dexron II in my txt pro I'm sure there's issues with the clutch and synthetic oil on the Gasgas, the clutch pack swells
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