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  1. What year are you going back to, all rubber seals are synthetic! Nitrile, FKM (Viton) & EPDM all synthetic Also a lot of car/bikes pre2010 are fine on E10
  2. How many times did he run it on E10, it’s only been available for a few weeks? And why would you even bother when E5 is still readily available!
  3. Why not just run it on E5?
  4. They do, especially if the bike has already overheated! The melt and become detached from the shaft
  5. You want something newer that a K-Roo. If you just want a trials bike on a budget. something like a GasGas TXT Pro, Beta Rev3, Montesa 315
  6. change the bearing and seals, they only a few quid from bearing suppliers I run my GasGas at 50:1 never had any issues with smoke or fouling. Was the fan working correctly, also check the pump impeller
  7. Needs re-plating or find a good second hand one. you will scrap another piston if you use that bore again!
  8. What tyres do you use? was they made before 1965, or are you using modern grippy tyres?
  9. Well said It’s easy to moan and ridicule what others do, not so easy to get stuck in and help!
  10. I run 50:1 in my gasgas without any problems or smoke 👍 I use silkolene Comp2
  11. just do as zippy says above. they are pre-gapped for lazy mechanics
  12. suzuki250

    Sumpguard Helicoils

    Its worth putting some red Loctite on the insert, it will stop it coming out in the future. (but don’t put the bolt in until its set)
  13. suzuki250

    Pre-mix Ratios

    I run my Beamish on 40:1 Silkolene comp 2, no problems and no smoke
  14. Same here, I just have an account for my trials results and information about bikes. I just don’t post pictures of my dinner every day
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