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  1. The best ones, are the ones I get for free failing that, Michelin's and new type Dunlop's work well
  2. suzuki250

    Fuel Mixture ?

    Same here, I run my air cooled bikes at 40:1 without any problems or smoke. I Also used Castrol without any issues at 40:1 Could be a damaged seal, or wrong way round?
  3. I've used a DC rack on various cars and vans in the past without any problems I use a trailer now, because I now have a small car. The rack was a lot more convenient to use
  4. The rims are in reasonable condition, inside and out. the drop arms and stubs axles are also ok, do I need to check anything else on the suspension units? I would change the suspension, but they have been welded directly to the chassis! I have one brand new 4x4PCD 25mm hub assembly which someone gave me, but I cannot find anyone else who sells them. A few companies have tried to sell me the 1" hubs!?!?!
  5. My trailer needs some new tyres, but I don’t know if I need tubed or tubeless. currently I have one of each! Is there any difference in the rims? I would normally just buy some new rims and tyres but they are odd ones with the bearings in the wheel!
  6. I use a good quality clear instant gasket and the proper paper gaskets. never had a problem with oil or fuel leaks
  7. You need a press, some centres and a lead mallet to true it up I use a 6 tonne press, it does the job ok but does struggle on more modern cranks
  8. its hard to tell from that picture but the piston & bore look ok? take a picture with the piston all the way down
  9. suzuki250

    C15T Query

    New concentric
  10. If you just go round with a toque wrench your wheel will go out of round rather quickly Do as b40rt says
  11. Nice too see a tidy workshop
  12. the bearing face on the little end looks like its seen better days, maybe the crank mains are also worn? the oil also looks quite contaminated with gritty looking particles?
  13. It needs to be quenched in cold water to anneal (the opposite of steel)
  14. I caught a virus at a trial, it causes a large rash of 5’s. It’s nasty, I've had it for years and it doesn’t seem to be curable ?
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