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  1. If it is your ignition try Bradford Ignitions. He did one for me, cost £125 and works well (not for a gasgas though)
  2. They now have a forum as well
  3. I see someone is selling them on ebay, has anyone seen one at a trial? It looks quite heavy with an electric start?
  4. suzuki250

    Pre mix

    I use Silkolene comp 2 which is synthetic I did use Castrol power 1 which also worked well it's also worth noting that Castrol and some other manufactures state a maximum of 50:1
  5. suzuki250

    Pre mix

    I use 40:1 on my air cooled bikes, never had a problem
  6. Very True the only way to find out is to do a trial
  7. I wouldn't have fitted them normally, I just presumed they were correct. It was only after I looked at the old ones I noticed the size difference 😞
  8. I recently changed the seals on txt pro but the od of the seals supplied are undersize. They seemed to fit ok The od should have been 52.2mm but the ones supplied are 52.0mm, they don’t seem to be leaking but I’ve not done a trial yet! Anyone else had this issue, I don’t fancy wasting the oil to change them
  9. I've done Zinc plating on nuts bolts and brackets at home, with good success. but its only tiny parts I do Also you need to be aware of hydrogen embrittlement.
  10. Does it need the bigend replacing or just main bearings?
  11. thats a nice looking bike, I’d be happy to swap it for my old gasgas if you want a trials bike
  12. It would be a brave man to try on my sweaty helmet!😰 Many years ago the wife kept it clean and shiny, but she’s lost interest now! 😲
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