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  1. So this morning the weather was finally torrential enough to wet-out the softshell. Might try something rain-specific on top.
  2. This is a never-ending one, and you’re likely to have a collection of jackets based on weather and seasons. On green lanes on the trail bike it’s become the norm for me to have a modular system of layers to give the freedom to keep warm enough or cool enough while remaining protected from the rain. There’s been no ‘perfect’ jacket for anything more than one half of each season (too hot/cold/wet) Currently on the trials bike now that the weather is naff, I’m practicing in an old Hebo-made soft shell. It is vented under the arms and lightweight. Treated with waterproofing it takes a long time to wet-out. The downside is it can be a bit warm for the static practicing. All the same, until we’re on the other side of winter, the soft shell is my go-to jacket.
  3. Also remember, the slower you can keep the bike at the top, the slower you are going at the bottom. Keep it at an absolute crawl until you have no choice.
  4. Are you sure it wasn’t simply because the fuel was fresh/better quality? Any engine will feel more crisp and responsive when you put fresh cold petrol in after it has been using stuff that’s even a fortnight old.
  5. I had a similar issue on the Sherco a fortnight/week ago when practicing. Assumed maybe the fuel was turning, especially due to heat. Cleaned carb twice, air filter, spark plug, even gearbox oil to make sure everything was smooth. Fresh fuel. Still four-stroking a bit. In the end I had to adjust the air mix on the carb and the idle until it was a bit more stable.
  6. Don’t forget the concrete base and ground anchor
  7. I think I even had a dream about this thread last night… and I own a Sherco!
  8. Ummm no? Left kickstart. Rotax 237
  9. Might want to search Scorpa Easy, as it shares a Rotax engine I believe? My Scorpa Easy (that I paid too much for) was totally uneconomical to rebuild the top and bottom end (piston slap), so I have most parts sat in a box here in the UK.
  10. Regarding bleeding technique… Maybe it’s like the Scorpa Easy, where you just crack the bolt and bleed down the face of the clutch cover. If you fit a bleed bolt, agreed it might foul on the exhaust.
  11. Good luck with the new pipe. If you keep the original, maybe a local tig welder can clean it up and you have a spare for the inevitable dents? All the same, I feel inclined to say my ‘16 ST300 has much nicer welds than even that replacement. Shame to see the standards drop, especially in such a small market like trials.
  12. I thought this was a thing across most manufacturers? Didn’t Danny Butler make a comment about it on one or more of his recent TrialTube videos? Good news about the new header. Hopefully everything goes back together properly!
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