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  1. Once upon a time someone here had these documents... are they still available?
  2. I cut all the plastic gubbins from a pit bike seat and attached a bit of foam, put a webbing loop under the cover. Straps to the footpeg mounts. Buttrest would be ‘easier’ I guess!
  3. Easy way to find out is pump them up ‘hard’ and leave them for as long as you can tolerate. There’s a risk (if improperly stored) of cracking, maybe the valve leaks now. I’d just pump them up and leave them hanging. If they are still pumped hard a day later it’s okay for emergencies. If they hold air for a week then it would be worth using.
  4. Just like to bump this thread to see if anyone can help with it!
  5. I have personal experience of even E5 making rubber parts brittle. I even had a fuel filter snap in my hand because the plastic went hard with the hose. Fuel hose that is not E10 resistant will still degrade with E5, but slower. E10 will damage soft components. I would not touch E5, if there was a choice of ethanol-free. No pump that I know of is ethanol-free, it is E5 high octane, or E10 regular.
  6. I have got into the habit of just lifting the magnet gently by thumb, while practicing in the ditch near the house. However like you have said, I prefer having the button as well, I am not sure how long the lanyard magnet will stay stuck for, hopefully longer than yours!
  7. Sorry, I was out all day on the green lanes! Why not splice the push button onto the lanyard? You can always redo or undo whatever you’ve done.
  8. It won’t work because the kill button is not “always closed”, it is “always open”. What that means is, when you press the button it closes a circuit causing the short and the bike to stall. if you put the lanyard in series, on one wire only, it means that you need to press the button AND pull the lanyard to kill the engine. Take one wire from the lanyard and splice to the brown. Take the other wire from the lanyard and splice to the black … like in the photos of mine. Use bullet connectors or solder them, whatever you wish.
  9. Sounded like you are trying to attach the switch in series (cutting only one cable) and not in parallel.
  10. Here we go, photos. ‘As close as possible’ was in terms of the length of the lanyard cabling.
  11. On my ‘16 Sherco I fitted the lanyard killswitch and left the pushbutton in place. As close to the loom as possible I cut the wiring and attached bullet connectors. Then, I ran the lanyard wires parallel to the pushbutton. In layman’s terms I just attached both (both positive/both negative) into the same bullet connector.
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