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  1. That’s them! I did loads of googling and couldn’t find that?! Thanks
  2. Bit of a random one, at the Dirt Bike Show a few years ago there was a company selling sheds that were lined with metal cages. So from the outside it looked like a normal she’d but was far more secure. I’m pretty sure the chap was a trials rider. I think they were called Secure Sheds but can’t find any reference on the net so may not exist anymore. Anyone remember or know anything about them? Cheers
  3. My lad is desperately after a trials bike toy/replica model that he can actually play with. I have done a bit of googling and had very limited success, I found a thread on here from 2010 that basically said they didn’t exist. Just wondered if anyone knew of any changes in the last 10 years? Thanks Dave
  4. Planning this year’s trip to the Scottish and looks like I am going to have to bring the dog. I’m pretty sure there’s a couple of groups that are no dogs allowed (Fersit?) but wanted to know if the majority of spectator groups are dog on a lead friendly? Thanks Dave
  5. doogle

    SSDT Sticker

    Perfect Andy, thanks. I’ll keep my eye out today and tomorrow and if I don’t catch you PM you address when back. Much appreciated. Thanks
  6. doogle

    SSDT Sticker

    I have come up to spectate later in the week this year than usual (arrived today) and not only have they run out of kid’s T-shirts and hoodies I can’t track down any stickers. Seem to have all gone. My lad will be gutted if I can’t find one. Does anyone have a spare one I could have for a donation to a charity of their choice or a drink at the bar or something? Cheers Dave
  7. Agree reference the Manx and Longmynd. Reeth can be a hard 3 days at clubman level if the weather is against you, (same amount of sections as 4 days of the Scottish but obviously less miles) but in a stunning setting. That’s definitely a good gauge whether to consider the Scottish I reckon. I would love to ride Scotland but in all honesty it would be a week of dragging the bike through sections at best for me, and a long way to go not to finish. Still go and watch though. Gerald Simpson, Blue Bar and the Bemrose are all good shouts too. French 4 day is meant to be great too, but I’ve never ridden that one
  8. I am after an engine case cover for the gear lever side, ignition cover for my 4rt. I’m not a fan of the trick bits ones. Has anyone got a pic of an alternative on the bike? I’ve found an apricot one but can’t work out what bits it protects from the off the bike pic. thanks Dave
  9. Think the suspension is different on the 4ride. Slightly longer travel than the 4rt. Geared differently too as far as I’m aware. I’d probably go for a 4rt or an Evo 4t with a long ride removable seat if I wanted it purely for trials. Or a 4ride if I wanted to Trail ride too.
  10. Yes, thanks. That’s what I thought. Shame, I know they’re not the most popular bike but a few about and more than the earlier model I would have thought which you could get silencers for.
  11. Has anybody found an aftermarket silencer that fits the current model Alp 200? The only one I can find looks ridiculous and I’m presuming the old DEP one from the earlier 200 alps or the DR200 ones don’t fit. Cheers Dave
  12. Yep, read it and enjoyed it. Agree regarding the surprising parts. Especially the 4rt. Not sure how interesting it would be for non trials riders, but a great read if you’re into trials.
  13. doogle

    What did I buy?

    Yes , pretty sure 301/250 was as big as they got. Fantics used to be good bikes. Lost their way a bit when things went water cooled, wish they were still making trials bike though. Used to look like this new.
  14. doogle

    What did I buy?

    Yep. No expert either but that’s what I would say. 247 cc but the model was the 301. 241 was 212cc, 201 was 156cc etc.
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