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  1. Carol Nash now have the 4Ride on the books still felt like I had been Ass raped five bikes total loss value about 25k came in at £360 full comp. said I would take one of the bikes off an old 1984 XR250 they said they could knock off £2.50 if I took that one off so I left it. I was thinking about telling them I had 2nd xr 250 in the shed could they add one on for £2.50 just to see what the blood suckers had to say but by then I had been on the phone an hour. funny thing as well I did an online quote with them same bikes as a newbie to them and it came back at £380 I was well expecting it to be a ton or more cheaper Pug
  2. Hitchcocks for parts uk lots of online parts can be found on the web from India lots can be dun with an old Enfield Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Accepted file types pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, tif, doc, xls, xlsx, docx · Max total size 3.39MB Insert other media Uploaded Images enfield[4].JPG 52 kb · Done
  3. Yes carol nash did the 4ride this year adding it to the rest of my bikes cost me £90 to ad fully comp MSN last year think it was £260 3rd party fire theft made me feel better she only did 200 miles in the year cost me £1.30 a mile insurance like I said felt like I had been ass raped. Pug
  4. Like wise with the 4Ride I love it I just use it for Green lane riding it can handle anything you throw at it and to watch riders out with you on Enduro bikes bust into a sweat on a slippery wet rock climbs just makes it all the better for the older less fit rider. if you come from a Enduro bike background you are never going to like the 4Ride Enduro bike it is not but if you come from a Trials background a Trials bike with a seat so ticks all the boxes for a days fun riding. Pug
  5. 4.0 x 18 tyre will fit in a Bullet Arm I put one in not long after this Green Lane build I did 8 -10 years back VIDEO
  6. So its coming up on time to Insure My bikes an after the Montesa 4Ride was a no go with C Nash last summer when I got it [not on there model list I got p****d off needed it sorting fast] I then went with MSM just thinking I would do battle with them next time with the multi policy for My TTr 250/ Harley panHead 1200/ and Honda xr 250 was due as to adding the 4Ride. Has anyone Managed to get anywhere with C Nash on this model.............. they only had a 250cc RT listed not even a 260cc............ when I called last year seems bad as its a Honda really and the 4rides been out as a model for 2 years now I know some Insurance people are not doing Trials bikes anymore but the 4rides not sold as a Trials its sold as a Trail bike. so whos with who on Insurance with the 4ride
  7. Thanks for Keeping us up to speed on this I'm on school half term so took a run out on the lanes yesterday very sticky mud an lots of leaves only about 40 miles but that front calliper was never to far off my mind the hole time out each time I pulled the front end up could not help thinking about it
  8. Had a similar thing with my 4Ride carol nash said they don't know the model just list the Rt 250 an Rt260 said they would look into getting it on there list of models then I called the lot could not find a company that had the model on there books and would touch it so went with Msm Ho boy they like to charge but I needed it so it cost more 3rd party fire theft for that one bike than a TTR 250 XR250 And 17k Harley fullcomp on one policy with carol nash felt like I had been ass raped must call carol nash see how they are getting on putting the 4ride on there list as I'm not going back for seconds next year Pug
  9. Straight back to the shop chap as said take it up with them then follow it up with a call to Honda UK ask to speak to someone high up as you can get in Honda Sales UK . I'm new to Montesa so don't know the bikes that well is the calliper shared across the 4RT an 4ride ?. I'm looking at the pic's as an Engineer an its a Catastrophic part Failure and they should move quick on it. that said it took BMW 4 years to sort out the front spindle snapping off the fork leg's of the F650's after saying it was not a problem how you like to lose the front wheel off a bike Pug
  10. 4RT an 4RIDE Water crossing so on the lanes last week I came to a river crossing and I took a pass and went round the water was about 2 foot deep in parts an it was 100 plus yards of stream bed to ride into then up stream and out. what I'm asking is the Montesa good to go in water just short of the air box top or should I steer clear. I would have not given it a 2nd look on the TTr 250 she,s good for near 3 feet under side of the seat kind of stuff so what about the 4ride under side of the top of the front tire kind of thing ? Pug
  11. As Said a Triumph 350 twin as it's what I would put in it and I have seen one in a Montesa before there are lots of Jap motors around the 250/350 size you could play with. I go with what I have in the parts pile and what's cheap and close by on Evil Bay Best of luck with the Build
  12. I'm taking he's saying a BSA motor as you have one under the workshop bench at home or his place what job to swap motors in a frame and the hard job is to make it look like it came from the factory like it. I can think of lots of motors I would pick up before going for a BSA c15 top first on the list would be a 350 Triumph twin. Hears a pick of my Honda XR with a twist it's a 84 with a 82 cb250rs motor running a xl head gets used for Green lane work the pic belittles the time it took to get that motor into that frame lets just say the frame is now 25mm longer than before and has no bottom rails should you go for the motor swap do a build post on hear I love a good build The things you have to do to get a bike with a comfy seat for that all day ass is ok thing on a Honda
  13. pug

    Montesa 4 Ride

    Well I'm no trials expert but have spent time on both the 4Ride and 4Rt it will do all that the 4Rt will do till the seat unit gets in your way. they made the seat unit I little wide on the side panels and could have pulled it into the seat width a wee bit more but it is nice to have a proper seat fuel tank and unless you intend using it in proper trials events it a cracking bike in the hands of a expert he would still look like a expert riding it I love my 4ride
  14. pug

    Montesa 4Ride Cat

    The shop the bike came from had pulled the O2 sensor wire and air cleaner cover is the big hole one like the full power one I don't no if the map it is running is the soft one or the full power. But it runs like its the full power if I jump from my mates 14 plate 4RT on to 4Ride it pulls the same as that one on the power mode and he said the same even more so now with the front pipe swapped over. I'm guessing I can get a map mode switch and just plug it in to the loom like the 4Rt if I wanted. So do the 4RT260 & 300RR street legal versions have no map mode switch as well. I have started putting some 2nd hand bits in a box so I can swap the body work over to the 4RT setup so I can play around in the woods with my mate without fear of smashing the 4Ride seat box and plastics up so far I have exhaust can cover rear mud guard an its support bit I cant see me putting my hands on a fuel tank and pump for small money but I will keep looking I might just for now cut the front lip of the rear mud guard round the 4Ride tank and fit it on like that but the tanks not a nice looking thing Pug
  15. pug

    Montesa 4Ride Cat

    Front pipe and guard cover was sourced on the bay of evil pipe came in at £90 with the post and cover £18 it was just there when I was looking the only one on there. I did see a 30mm bigger bore one in a certain Trials shop don't think you can say names on hear can you but starts with H for a little more but did not know if it would fit for sure into the 4Ride end can and not wanting to p*** around with the gasket. plus not even being sure if the exhaust can is the same as the 4RT so I went for the standard one and it looks like the can is the same as 4RT as it fitted right in. Pug
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