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  1. Got my 4ride with Hastings direct maybe Worth a try ?
  2. monty4r

    Montesa 4Ride Cat

    Done mine earlier much better now I have my Bike back ?
  3. Bikes back new front forks ? New brake system new disc and Calliper and nothing wrong ? Or we’ll see how it goes out tomoz for a ride out ?
  4. After a lot of arguing with montesa they have agreed to replace the part even though they not taking responsibility for product failure sort of says it all must say Thunderroad gloucester as dealers have been very good in arguing the case big thanks to Colin ?
  5. Parts have gone back to Honda Germany for testing lots of pics taken of front end of 4ride and sent They may fear taking blame and a re call on parts ? i think dealer is going to sort parts and take it up with Honda montesa there after ? We keep you posted
  6. Thunderroad Gloucester on the case with montesa bolts on mine tight had a job to get them undone Was on a downhill steep rd but shouldn’t have been a issue ?
  7. Here’s another one that broke last week on FB page ?‍♂️
  8. Front calliper broke apart today didn’t hit anything just cracked apart that’s 2 I know off anymore had this failure ? Bikes only done 90 miles 3weeks old
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