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  1. The 28th of Dec is dia de los Santos Inocentes. Usually we see images of a soon to be release 2t montesa but this one seems to of caught most people out quite well
  2. I asked for my friend who is looking at ordering one and was told 250 is 5399, 280 is 5449 and 300 5499 .. RR prices to be announced
  3. Brilliant thanks, MSM it is then
  4. Has anyone been successful in getting a new 300RR insured for the road? The current insurance company I'm using for my 2015 260 doesn't recognise the 300, and so far neither do any of the others I've tried. Cheers
  5. What method did your doctor use to check electrolyte levels? In the mineral test I run you typically see what specific mineral someone is low in, or if their are out of balance with regard to some mineral ratio. For instance I had enough magnesium, potassium and sodium but in relation to my magnesium levels my sodium was far too low. In others I've tested it's been magnesium and others potassium etc. They're all important but its the balance between them thats vital hence various things work for some but not for others and why things stop working over time.
  6. Time to start buying some bling for them now. Looks nice
  7. Depends on how quickly you suffer from pain soreness. If it's really bad start of with small amounts and then train again when your pain free. Once your pain free add in some structure
  8. Yes you're over training. Pushing through it will lead to adaption in someway, most likely injury that necessitates a longer break to recover. Training is about cycles of overload and recovery, during the overload phase we break the body, muscle tissue etc down (catabolic phase). The rest period is where we move into the anabolic phase in which we rebuild and repair (hopefully stronger) ready for the next training session.
  9. I think it's useful for the novice as it lets you watch what he does and breaks a few things down. Not seen the others but I'd say you'd learn something from it and the more people you learn from the more you'll pick up.
  10. It gets like that on here at times. It's an interesting video but its use depends on your current skill level to be honest.
  11. Waste of "flipping" time & money! Thanks, not the most interesting piece of psychology work but covering trials has made it more interesting.
  12. Why is it? My time, my money, my choice what I do with it.
  13. Brilliant thanks, managed to find a copy of the ACU handbook so that should be good enough.
  14. Am completing some university work about trials and need a credible source to reference. I thought the acu site had an explanation of what trials is but I can't seem to find anything (maybe since they altered the website). FIM site doesn't seem to have anything either. Does anyone have any ideas? (books or sites other than wikipedia)
  15. Rode a 125 Gas Gas in 2009 and it was more than capable on the moor crossings, in fact I found it suited me better than the 280 I rode the year before. On the 280, 300 and 250 I never felt like I was in the right gear over the moors. I rode a 200 Beta and did consider one myself. I was 11.5 stone and went up to 12 for the Scottish that year. Pretty much any bike will make it round if you look after it, usually the rider that struggles more.
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