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  1. I've run my 2011 without anything on kickstart. It's fouled for 10 years still fine just has a chunk out. You'll do more damage dropping it
  2. Strutty


    ive always used the S3 front and rear pads like these https://shop-s3.com/gb/home/374-front-brake-pads-s3-original.html not sure if thats other peoples preference but never had any issues
  3. Not too sure on major changes i know they have different axels on them, meant to be a bit lighter build quality of the new bikes (including 2020) seems a lot better even down to the nuts and bolts used since KTM took over. resale value a 2020 is now worth less than a 2021 as its older so the purchase price new will reflect this. new 2021 looks very pretty in white i must say
  4. If you eased up the top route to increase entry, we'd never have world riders level interested / younger riders would never progress to international as the step would be huge. Its bad enough at the minute.
  5. Sherpa were the Trials model ?
  6. From Aniols page, the writing seemed to read between the lines as Vertigo getting rid of riders due to costs and the affect Covid has had " the decision is as a direct result of the covid-19 pandemic on the motorcycle sector" might be a coping scheme by the company for the season. would have thought they'll find a ride somewhere they're decent riders and seem likable people
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