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  1. Hope you solved the spring issue, looks like the last tooth on the Bart gear is broken also....
  2. Hello, I need to install my new bearings. I've watched Jim snells video which is great help. I'm just wondering when I heat the left crankcase is it ok to have the magneto seal already fitted? The seal must be fitted before the bearing. Can it withstand this temperature? Thank you very much. Gary
  3. Hello. After installing a new driveshaft bearing I'm a little confused about the two o rings that go with the shift seal bushing. I think the skinny o ring goes inside the bushing And the thicker o ring goes over the outside of the bushing under the lip of the oil seal. Is that correct?? Sorry just can't quite remember what way it was.. Thank you in advance. Gary
  4. Thank you very much d2w your advice is much appreciated
  5. Hello , can someone please advise. Is it OK to replace the driveshaft bearing with a version with non metallic seals. Original bearing is a 6005zv. The version I bought is a skf 60052rsc3. The noticeable difference is the original has metal seals where my new one has rubber seals. Is it OK if I use this one and would it be a good idea to remove the rubber seal on the internal side to allow extra lubrication from the gearbox oil? Thanks in advance Gary
  6. Thank you very much. Got bearing and seal out now... God bless blind side pullers. Cheers for the advice
  7. Hello could someone please advise me. What is the best way to remove the oil seal crankshaft on the magneto side. I want to remove the crankshaft bearing to replace it. Does the seal get pushed out at the same time the bearing is pushed out? Thanks in advance. Gary
  8. Thank you both for the advice much appreciated
  9. Hello, I'm putting my 2009 engine back together. When I put the two crankcase together they won't meet even with some gentle persuasion... there's about a 5 mm gap and I don't want to force it and break something Have I to get the gears into a certain position? Or should it slide together in neutral. Is there some trick I'm missing. I've watched Jim snells video but his just tapped together effortlessly! Thanks in advance. Gary
  10. Thank you very much for the replies.... Sorry just one other thing to ask. What is the best method to remove the bearings then... thanks Gary
  11. Hello can someone please advise me. I have my engine split to replace the crankshaft bearings. The crankshaft is stuck in the flywheel side of the casing. I've tried a tap with a rubber hammer but no joy. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. See pictures Thank you very much
  12. Thank you Peter. Yes that's the kit I'm ordering the one trial bike breakers advertise on their site... Cheers
  13. Thank you very much Peter. Your help is much appreciated..
  14. Hello. Can someone please tell me dies a 1994 bike have kokusan electrics that would fit a 2009 bike. Flywheel, stator, cdi and regulator... Thank you very much
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