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  1. ok, found it - BP5ES so hotter then racing models.
  2. just curious if trial use hotter plugs then racing models.
  3. no battery? that's great, thanks
  4. Hi, I'd like to know if trial bike with lithium batteries have also problem in winter with starting? Currently have sherco enduro 300se and in cold weather need to push button like 4-5 times... and restarting later also takes 2-3 times sometimes.
  5. looking for starter helmet for myself and found this , looks good with sun blend. Anybody used it? It's half the price of airoch or Jitsie.
  6. I was practicing on 125cc and damn it pulls hard enough as well tried 300cc for a moment and it's kinda scary as for now, switched back to 125cc
  7. thanks guys, BTW I have already subscribed for few trials lessons for start and had one, didn't it's so physical demanding not being able to seat from time to time .
  8. actually 250 is also available, you think will be better? I'm not too heavy for this? Regarding boots, I am afraid a bit for my ankles as most trial boots I saw are don't provide much protection.
  9. hi, getting first trial bike soon, most likely sherco 300. (I'm 230lb) Good choice? Generally I am enduro rider (riding ktm 500 exc) but need a small bike for training everywhere including garage, house. Second question can I use alpinestars tech 10 boots for trial or better get tech T?
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