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  1. I've got a pair of Sidi Trial Zero's that have seen one re-sole and are coming due for their second. The uppers are still going strong but the soles wear through at the pegs far too quickly as far as I'm concerned so I'm not going to put on another pair of Sidi soles. Does anyone have any feedback about durability of Forma or Gaerne soles? My other option is to see about getting them soled with Vibram Boulder or Claw rubber - that's pretty tempting as you pretty much know what you're getting with Vibram soles!
  2. Sidi update and re-sole question here. I've been patching up the resoled Sidi soles with ShoeGoo which has extended their life. The uppers remain in excellent condition for the amount of time they have on them I reckon I'm looking at putting a third sole onto these soon and am going to try another brand sole. I'm hoping to find something more durable than the original Sidi. Any suggestions? I can get Hebo, Forma and Gaerne soles pretty easily. The Forma are cheapest which is appealing, but not if they don't last. The cost of the resole is more than any of the replacement soles. Any suggestions for a nice durable sole?
  3. Covid is obviously not only a Chinese plot set upon the world, but a politically aware one. There's a worry. Our second wave has already happened/is happening and largely been managed pretty well - a few mistakes for sure, but overall we're doing OK. No doubt there will be a third wave and more, but the evidence suggests that doing an effective dance with targeted lockdown, broad & responsible adherence to physical distancing and fast effective contact tracing will keep all of them to easily managed sizes and allow us to more or less go about our daily business. Really that's a pretty good result in one of the world's most urbanised populations. This has also given us the breathing space to watch the roll-out of vaccines in other countries and see how that pans out. We've been having cricket test matches and now the tennis - it certainly will be interesting to see the consequences. I've no doubt they will cause a spike in cases but quietly optimistic that it'll be reasonably well contained. With my distaste for ball sports I could consider it "natural selection". Despite it being summer (for much of the country winter is our trials season) there have been a number of events happening and the general view seems to be that next season will go ahead somewhat normally, with appropriate event management. Now if we can just get rid of our own Trump-ettes in political power... With America rid of Trump it sadly gives our lot their opportunity to shine as some of the world's most pathetic leadership.
  4. @lineaway What I don't understand is how you can sustain these beliefs in the face of the evidence to the contrary, probably just as you can't understand how I can't see what you're saying. The courts did their jobs from what I read, but there are a lot of people who don't like the answer they got so they wont believe it. I've very rarely pointed the finger at the Republicans or the Democrats, although there are members of both who are complicit in some woeful activities - it's Trump who has escalated things so badly, the rest are just sad opportunists for the most part. I understood the officer at the Capitol was killed by being hit with a fire extinguisher. I've little doubt most of the people at the rally were well meaning citizens, but there were an awful lot who quite obviously weren't, and Trump and his cronies have to take responsibility at least in part for encouraging their actions. Here in Australia we have literally little more than a handful of people with Covid. We have largely accepted our lockdowns and abided by them despite not relishing them in any way, and as a result we can currently go about our lives with relatively few restrictions and with little fear of Covid. By contrast, in the USA where you largely refuse to take the most basic precautions on the basis that they are unconstitutional or unfair restrictions on your freedom you are a world leader in Covid death and illness rates, and things are continuing to get worse. Your choice, but it's not one I can understand - "I'd rather die or have my parents die than curtail my activities for a short time, or wear a mask". I call that weird. But then I expect you don't believe the official figures so fair enough, carry on. I have very little fear of people coming into my home, and I don't have, or feel any need for a gun to keep it that way. Australia ranks 141 in Homicide deaths per 100,000 people (0.8/100K) with pretty strong gun restriction laws. The USA sits at 55 (5.3/100K) amid such salubrious places as Ecuador, Suriname & Zambia. Perhaps a little more reliance on rule of law rather than rule of might could be beneficial? Increasing the numbers of killing devices available seems an unusual way to make a place safer, and the numbers seem to bear that out. Or perhaps you Americans just enjoy the thrill of the additional risk? I know there is nothing I can say that will move you from your position, just as it is apparent there is nothing you can say that will move me significantly from mine. I wish you well over there. And good luck, as things are going I believe you'll need it.
  5. @lineaway I think this needs to be said: It's people like you supporting Trump, his lies, his encouragement of white supremacist violence, his attack on your constitution etc that enable all that is going on in your country at present. If people like you required more of your leaders, decried the actions and words that support this violence then it would stop. But you don't. You continue to support a person whose lies have been widely proven false by a number of different courts. By doing so you implicitly approve the overthrow of the rule of law in your country. It's you who is asking your compatriots to rise up in violence against your institutions. It's you who empowered the mob who entered the Capitol and killed a police officer trying to protect your legal institutions. Just be very clear that by choosing this path you are also empowering those who choose to stop respecting your local police force, those who might decide that they would like to enter your home by force because they disagree with what you say and believe. It's a slippery slope you've stepped onto.
  6. That's not "goes around comes around", that's just another Trump groupie continuing to demonstrate that they have an exceptionally tenuous grip on reality and that they will do anything they can to disrupt anyone who has a different opinion to their own. That is simply a media stunt that will go absolutely nowhere because it has no basis in reality. Have you noticed that even Trump's big right wing financial supporters, Deutsche Bank, Goldman etc are all running as far and as fast from Trump as they can? That even many of he's staunch Republican supporters within his inner sanctum are now saying he has gone too far and are withdrawing support? There's a reason for this - he's a threat to your nation and our world. He is a dangerous fool, hopefully he'll shortly be safely locked away in prison for his illegal, immoral activities. Why would you continue to support someone who is widely considered to have committed an act of sedition? Do you want your country to operate like Iran, Egypt, Somalia etc - you're doing your best to make that happen.
  7. Question already answered, 5 dead for starters. It's just a matter of how much more blood. Spot on. In a nation of religious cultists (be they Catholic, Baptist, ... whatever) he's just another one. Religion, formal or not, has a lot to answer for, certainly more deaths than any other cause.
  8. Apparently you have no idea how much of what you say below is just mind bogglingly blinkered! Actually the Democrat`s have caused most of the unrest in America. How on earth do you figure that? It was Trump and his lackies who encouraged and inflamed the violence in Washington. It was Trump and his groupies who have gone out of their way to empower the lunatic far-right violent fringe. That statement is absolute rubbish which is not borne out by facts. Do you know the BLM riots have continued every night? And what does that tell us? That people are sick of the racist behavior. That violence is becoming the voice of the population - both left and right wing. Does that suggest that something's broken systemically? Does to me. "become a cesspool of anarchists" If you were joking I might, possibly, laugh. But you're not. For a country that continually bangs on about it's great rights to free speech it's amazing how quick you are to shut down anyone who speaks outside the conservative, christian, capitalist tradition. You lot are still so insecure and frightened of anything outside your own ideology that you don't even allow a communist party in many places. What do you think the Communists and Anarchists are going to do? Suddenly, miraculously get elected to the Presidency and take control of both House & Senate? Seems a little unlikely. So perhaps they are just going to talk? No, wait, we can't have that. Ever since February ammo has been scarce and 2020 recorded the highest amount of firearms ever sold. About 500,000 thousand guns a week. And it`s not the hunters and gun enthusiasts buying them. It`s mainly unarmed citizens who feel threatened by the threat of total chaos or civil war. Where to start? Who do you think is going to start this chaos and civil war, based on evidence please? Not, perhaps the far right, white groups who stormed the Capitol? No, of course, I guess it'll be the rest of the nation who stayed at home and watched it on TV. Lets just leave the discussion about which segments of society are doing the majority of the buying too. Maybe it's time you realised guns aren't the only answer. Just like tonight they are voting to impeach Trump. It`s 8 days Trump has left in office. Total waste of time and our tax dollars. No, it's an attempt at saving you from having Trump derail the country and incite more violence by running again. If they do get him impeached, it would/could cause major riots in every state! So you're saying that the rioters and violent types should prevent the rule of law? If he was successfully impeached it would rather strongly suggest he was guilty of some pretty heinous crimes, but no we should suspend the law because people might get violent. Now who is promoting anarchy - certainly not the governor of Portland!
  9. I really can't quite work out who is the most outrageous: The Trump supporters who effectively attempt a coup and then are surprised when the police come knocking on their door. The Republican cabinet members etc. who finally take a moral stand against Trump only after he has conceded defeat. Moral cowards. The broad general American population who seem incapable of recognising that a bus, in the form of Covid, is already hitting them. At least there's now a glimmer of light that Trump might be in some serious trouble and suffer some consequences for his actions. Maybe.
  10. And he didn't. Demonstrating once again how little he actually cares for the individuals and institutions that comprise the country. No. I expect he is confident of his inauguration. He probably quite rightly thinks the chances of violence are too high, not to mention any sane individual not wanting to encourage mass gatherings in a country with Covid rampaging freely.
  11. Floating voters are for the most part hip-pocket voters. They vote for whoever they perceive is going to put the most in their wallet, right now. The Pollys are fully aware of their motivation and resort to all sorts of pork-barreling to gain their vote. In Australia we increasingly have a number of independent politicians who are holding the balance of power. Of course the two parties try to convince the population that this will derail their ability to govern and result in "the economy" going to rack and ruin. I think it's unquestionably a good thing, even though I disagree strongly with some of those independent's views. Now the two major parties have to actually consider viewpoints other than their own and (miracle of miracles) actually make some attempt to govern cooperatively and with some compromise to their particular dogma. I disagree that it's the "fruit loop or hyper enthusiast element that make the noise", yes they do make noise, but the larger numbers of moderately invested supporters who all talk with their friends, co-workers, family etc make a far more significant contribution. The problem is that it's in the politician's, big business, big media etc.'s interest to polarise people's views, to keep them from being the swinging voters. This has gradually created the chasm between what are really very similar world views, and the tendency to call anyone who has a different view a "fruit loop". Once the broader population feels able to call anyone with a conflicting view "a fruit loop" it's almost impossible to have a sensible conversation and arrive at a consensus agreement. It makes me so angry that our nominal leaders are so short sighted and self interested that they continue to promote this bi-polar view despite the obvious damage it is doing to their countries and the world. Neither the UK, nor the USA, nor Australia have anything like parties with truly "polarised views of how to run the country" - they are all well entrenched in a fairly neo-liberal world view, they just fiddle around the edges with the particular implementation. Generally also showing very little ability to plan for anything much further ahead than the next election cycle. Heck, the USA is so scared of anything outside the accepted norm that in some states they wont even allow a Communist party to run for election - so much for free speech! If they are actually concerned that the Communists might win significant power then perhaps they should ask why that might happen! I think it's pretty laughable to think that the American population might vote in more than insignifcant number of communist party representatives, but strange things can happen, as we've seen. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in any way a Communist, just demonstrating how narrow the the range of views in much modern politics is. It is a complete mystery to me how people can be so completely gullible too, although I have to suspect that I'm being gullible in my beliefs simply because I see so many others who don't think themselves gullible, but who from my perspective are. I put it down in large part to education systems that increasingly focus on specific, measurable results rather than learning sound processes applicable to "life in general". Rather like trying to teach someone to be a good trials rider by teaching them how to get up this particular rock, instead of teaching them how to learn the basic building block skills, and then how to analyze a problem and decide on the best approach to solve it.
  12. I rather think this is quite separate to (but manipulated by) the media interests. The common 2 party democratic systems are one of the keys to this lack of understanding - politics has been actively turned into sport between two opposing teams, and the spectators respond similarly with blind, religious fervour for their chosen team. Usually if you stop and actually listen, individuals on both sides have sane and sensible ideas, just as both sides have raving lunatics. Vote for the individual, not the "team" and you've got some hope of a representative government. Vote for the "team" and you get - election 2020. Although the Murdochs et al are obviously a big part of the problem, this polarisation has really flourished since the rise of Facebook, Google etc, who are still not considered "publishers" and so are largely exempted from many of the laws and social contracts that have controlled traditional news media. Bring on the day when governments finally somewhat catch up with the world they operate in. I applaud France and Australia's efforts to bring them to account. There remains a fairly decent segment of reasonably impartial media if one takes a little effort to seek them out.
  13. @lineaway I'm confused. I thought US elections were decided by majority vote. Well, usually a majority of the +/-50% who actually bother to vote, so you're right, a minority. I really don't understand why it would be considered "lucky" that the election has nothing to do with majority vote. Whilst "democracy" does not require a majority vote, it does seem that a majority vote is one of the better ways to ensure more accurate representation of the population's wishes. Why do you think it's lucky that the "election has nothing to do with a majority vote"? That really surprises me. Why would you want a government elected by a minority? And if you do want a government elected by a minority, how is that minority selected? You are correct that this election has gone down a dark path, and yes the media and social media have been complicit in some of it, as they have been for many decades. However it remains Trump and his apparatchiks who continue to do all they can to try to derail the process that has apparently provided you with "fair elections" in the past. Thus far there has been almost no credible evidence (as opposed to claims) that the Democrats (or the Republicans) have systemically cheated the election. So you either need to accept that the election has been fair, or you have to conclude that previous elections have not been fair either. So perhaps Trump and the Republicans cheated their way into power too? In which case it's just swings and roundabouts and fair to both parties. But not fair to you the voters, but that then requires you to censure both parties equally. Personally I think it's pretty much a joke to consider the US electoral process fair or representative, but that's beside the point. Wikipedia - The Epoch Times opposes the Chinese Communist Party,[20] promotes far-right politicians in Europe,[3][5] and backs President Donald Trump in the U.S.;[21] a 2019 report by NBC News showed it to be the second-largest funder of pro-Trump Facebook advertising after the Trump campaign.[18][22][23] The Epoch Media Group's news sites and YouTube channels have spread conspiracy theories such as QAnon and anti-vaccination propaganda. I guess you're just providing examples of the jaded media, not suggesting this is unbiased reporting?
  14. I dare say the Germans and the Japanese will never forget their losses in the 2nd world war either. So I suppose they were cheated out of a fair win too? The logic is astounding.
  15. What's your definition of Trump "knowing he was cheated" @lineaway? His imagination saying it's so? His cronies saying it's so? A bunch of citizens saying it's so based on absolutely no real knowledge or evidence? Certainly not a judiciary if it hasn't been hand picked by him! You're probably right that he'll never back down but it's got nothing to do with "knowledge", it's only got to do with what he chooses to believe, despite the evidence to the contrary. It's pretty hard to argue with people like him who maintain that because they believe something then it's true, Q.E.D. Doesn't make them right though.
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