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  1. NAD1

    2021 GP models?

    21 GP should be April time and only cosmetic changes + some minor changes that are on 21 Racing
  2. As new prices rise, second hand prices follow. Pretty basic economics alongside supply & demand always driving prices
  3. NAD1

    2021 GP models?

    New GP out in April/May I believe, no changes expected
  4. With the withdrawal / retirement of James Dabill and Jack Price from Trial GP I think that leaves only Dan Peace as a UK rider in the top level for 2021 and possibly on 10 riders overall. You'd probably assume that 1 or more of Fuji (nearly 41 ?), Raga (38) and Fajardo (35) are nearing the end in the next few seasons as well. Pretty bleak outlook for the sport at it's highest level, and don't see many Trial2 riders wanting to make the step up. What are the issues / reasons? Cost - harder to get sponsorship and funding? governing body? Rules? Manufacturer support? All of these? Think Dibs was expected as he'd hinted at it a couple of years back, but Price was possibly a bit of a surprise to most. Do riders now attempt to crack the elite for a few years, earn some money then have to call it a day if they realise they will not crack the top 5 Is there even a 'fix' for Trial GP? IMO keep trying to stifle the development of the bikes and riders via the rules does not / has not helped
  5. Hi Got a 2013 Vito Dualiner LWB with standard rear seats. Currently have to remove the seats when putting the bikes in which is a bit of a faff. Looking at a set of upgraded rear seats that fold fully in the hope I could replace mine. Asked the guy to measure from back of folded seat to the closed tailgate inside the van. Measurement I got was 74-75" from the seller. When I measured my Gas Gas I'm getting 77" so my question is has anyone got a LWB Vito Dualiner with the folding sports seats? If so can you fold the seats and get 2 bikes in the back?? My thinking is I probably could - bike in front ways and turn steering towards side doors or even deflate front tyres. Didn't really want to drive all the way to see the seats with bike in to find out they dont fit so thought I'd ask hear in the hope someone else knows..? TIA
  6. I've never been unable to find weight of a helmet... As above, most carbon ones advertise a weight IRO of 950g (+ / - 50g) assume the caveat is around different sizes but generally around 900g Maybe some of the cheaper ones dont but again would imagine 1000-1150g
  7. NAD1

    Beta evo 80. 2019

    Buy any Beta 80 IMO new or old as they've not changed them at all in the last 15 or so years other than new stickers each year
  8. NAD1

    Racing or gp

    @Robert n I'm in the throws of selling a mint 2017 250 GP if thats any use??
  9. Miguel riding Gas Gas. Aniol looks like going TRS
  10. See both Miguel and Aniol are ‘parting ways’ with Vertigo. Strange one. Will they still do what’s in calendar for trial GP this year and on what? bad times!
  11. Any virus can be caught a second time - colds, flu etc. If you’ve had it and beat it your body will store the Antibody in your white blood cells and if you catch again your body will fight much quicker.
  12. Very very key words in that statement ‘up to 24 hours’ The very nature of most cardboard / paper means it’s largely absorbant so if someone had the virus (or any virus) and if they sneezed, coughed etc on the paper / cardboard then yes the virus would be transmitted onto that surface. Reality is that this would then absorb the moisture and the virus would be dead pretty quickly If someone had the live virus on their hand (highly unlikely btw) and touched the paper / cardboard and it moved there, then again it would absorb, even quicker and die. for punchcards, gloves solve problem and really only the rider needs to touch it during trial and could be washed after trial. Like I said, small, simple and quick changes could make trials happen again.
  13. Ultimately as things ease the fear would ease. A virus cant live on paper / card etc and unless pen was metal you're more likely to win the euromillions than catch anything from a pen / clipboard. Anyway. Sign on could be easily solved - sign on and get number from car / van as you enter the ground - hope most people have or can have a pen in their car / van. Enter on day either take form and fill in in car / van then social distancing as hand form / money over (see above re: transmitting via paper / plastic) or have a strict NO ENTRY on day policy. Queues relatively easily managed, back to back with no side by side queuing. If people wearing gloves (and from my experience most do) grabbing same branch etc wont matter a jot. Same for pulling people out of a section, picking up a bike if someone falls off etc etc. Trials could be a relatively simple sport to run again with minimal changes.
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