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  1. In terms of build quality they are another level from the 21 models (which themselves were improved as result of the KTM ownership) Everything well bolted together and all fits as it should. A GG trait I've always had over the years is fasteners / bolts etc working loose so I would, as a matter of course. spend 5-10 minutes going round and checking everything after each clean. Although again, the later bikes were way ahead build wise. This is not needed on the newer bikes, although always worth checking though. New bikes ride like a Gas Gas but better. The suspension is beautiful but the main thing is the attention to detail on them like the repositioned linkage so fully out of the way, re-worked footrest mounts etc. The more you look the more you see.
  2. Having seen the Scorpa in the flesh at Sheffield the whole engine area looks tiny which possibly makes the rest look a bit bulky. But I do agree with you. They have to keep the width though otherwise would be awful and unstable.
  3. So, everything we've seen from Sherco (and Scorpa) is that there is a load of weight savings on the 2023 bikes - 4.95kg we're told. Just seen the new download for the 2023 bikes and the weight 66.95kg Yet the 2022 bikes were (so we're told) just shy of 70kg Where have the other 2kg's gone?
  4. NAD1


    you can be pretty sure it wont be a trials machine. The Ossa tooling and tech would probably be property of KTM Gas Gas now I'd imagine. I know Mecatecno bought a lot of the Ossa bits - frames etc etc
  5. Given my looming years, tendency to fall off and inability to fix as well as I used to I'm looking at getting chest and back protection. Looking at the protectors and how they work / are formed they all seem much of a muchness apart from pricing.... the Comas one looks great and only £59.99 whereas the Jitsie appears very similar and is £95 Anyone know if there is anything glaring that the Jitsie offers over the Comas one? (or suggest another alternative) thanks
  6. Spain is normal though and stop allowed. Cant for the life of me see any benefit to this new enduro style thinking. Riders, teams dont like Wont add any viewing pleasure for spectators So what's the point? 🤔
  7. Jeeez.. no wonder all the riders / teams are p*ssed off. What a mental thing to introduce. Wonder if they'll abort given the widespread condemnation from everyone involved
  8. NAD1

    2021 TRS 125RR

    My son rode a 2019 RR and while the bike felt nice it had no 'get up and go' compared to his Gas Gas. He rode a Beta Factory, Scorpa and a TRS and found the TRS his least favourite in terms of torque and grunt. I believe this has been rectified on the later 125 TRS but not sure.
  9. Seen lots on social media with the Spanish riders slating the opening round and rule changes. From what I can deduce there is some kind of time element involved now around quickest rider etc... What is this and what happened? Saw Casales picked up a nasty injury as a result.
  10. NAD1

    2021 GP models?

    21 GP should be April time and only cosmetic changes + some minor changes that are on 21 Racing
  11. As new prices rise, second hand prices follow. Pretty basic economics alongside supply & demand always driving prices
  12. NAD1

    2021 GP models?

    New GP out in April/May I believe, no changes expected
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