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  1. ? Thanks God it;s spot on! I really love the fuel injected compared with carbs...much more easy to play with the throttle and very responsive!
  2. Isn't that quite low figure? I mean 5ml/1 litre ?
  3. Thank you! Great to know the mixture.I usually do 100ml/5 litres on my enduro so 30ml seems very strange?
  4. Thank you so much will sent a pm! Good to know about the starting procedure Primodious cannot receive messages. Looks like i can't send a pm to you?
  5. Hi to everyone and i'm happy to say that i have just purchased my first trial!Been doing enduro for few years now and thought it's time to get a trial bike now..2018 Vertigo 250 Dougie Lampkin edition? I'm trying to find a service manual so if any of you guys could point me where i can download one from i would really appreciate! My other question is..what do i need to do before starting the bike? Had to be delivered to me due to covid restrictions so just want to make sure i'm doing the right stuff before starting the bike? Can't see where you turn the fuel on?! Any riders around London area?If so where are u playing with ya bike? Thank you and it's a pleasure to be part of the forum!
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