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  1. Roger Christopher
  2. Another vote for Stu Day - had a really interesting day with him and my son last October. He started with the basics and explained fundamental techniques (clearly) that I have not heard explained before. Really good!
  3. Had exactly this problem - fixed it by shortening the vent tubes on the carb and cutting the ends at an angle. The ends can sit in a puddle on the bash-plate and draw water into the carb. Worth a try!
  4. White route is suitable for absolute beginner. Not always the case!
  5. Thank alot. Feel I may have to accept the inevitable and join ar*ebook! Hey Ho!
  6. Anybody had any results from last Sunday's Market Drayton MCC trial? Email address went on the entry form, but nothing yet... Cheers Roger
  7. Thanks - hopefully see you on 28th.
  8. Thanks Woody, thanks Andy. Also, thanks to Woody for organising the trial - my son and I really enjoyed it. White route was spot on for him.
  9. I really do not want to join facebook just to get trials results. Can someone please put them on the news page, or on the Stafford AC website?
  10. Me too. Do you need a facebook account to view? Useless if so....
  11. I have a 2013 Big Wheel Beta 80 Evo with a non-standard rear wheel (with a flanged rim), the rim offset of which is not correct - I cannot get the wheel in line with the front without it fouling on the chain guard. Offset looks to be about 6mm off. I would like to get the wheel rebuilt, so could someone kindly measure the rim offset of a standar rear wheel? Ideally rear disc to rim edge, but not fussy as long as you tell me what you have measured! Thanks in advance Roger
  12. The important bit about the Beta clutch fix is breaking the sharp edges on the tangs that do the driving on the friction plates (and the equivalent bits of the plain plates). A gentle "lead" allows the movement of the plates that is necessary to free the clutch. It is a mod I would do to any bike I own (even a brand new one!) Roger
  13. Try the Dan Williams clutch mod. Had the same on my son's 2012 80, and it worked a treat! Roger
  14. Hi Aidan Frodsham trials club will be running an electric-only route tomorrow at Mouldsworth Sand Quarry. See http://www.ifm-moto.com/?page_id=2248 for details. Roger
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