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  1. There should be more numbers on the frame, they are faint you may need to remove the paint, run along side the dgm number, why do you want to know the year? They are all the same really,
  2. I use 1st in most sections, but if there is a good climb at the end 1st can be too slow, 2nd to fast on the flat. They are fantastic bikes, that little bit better than the minarreli engine.
  3. Im running 13/53 on mine, would like to try it slightly higher. Can I ask why are you using 520 chain?
  4. furse

    Tom Sagar

    He didn't have the time, with commitments to the Enduros, Tom and his Dad did enter but pulled the entries out early as he knew he didn't have the time. Shame he goes well up there,
  5. furse

    Storm Graphix decals

    They made me some for a twinshock fantic, really good and lasting well, but not sure if they are still going as I tried contacting them last month and heard nothing.
  6. That's modern club trials, no one wants to lose marks! Organisers don't want people to get hurt so won't put anything in that may cause a big 5! Bikes new and old are better than they ever were, suspension and tyres alone. Trials is more social than competitive, especially in the twinshock zone
  7. Only problem with the minarelli engine is it won't start in gear! So the 200 pro is better but not many about. As for the 240 or 300, if you can ride half decent the 200 is better, personally.
  8. Gerry has made me some for my trifield, nice quality and 2 cups to hold roller bearings. I'm using 35mm marzochi forks in Norton road holders legs. Threse are allowed in Scotland pre65
  9. furse


    I've now got a PVL for mine, which piston do they go off for timing?
  10. furse

    315 Frame Polish

    Lots of wet n dry and a new set of finger tips!
  11. Are you mistaken by a 500 twin triumph piston? If so 1 of them is 250cc, used regularly in the bsa unit single. As above keep it simple, and speak to Charlie Prescott. It will save you a lot of time and money
  12. Could I have a copy please, pjsmart@live.com
  13. Magical springs, but go for TLR as they are longer and don't need as much spacers!
  14. furse


    Ok thanks Dave
  15. furse


    What modern ignition do people prefer for a Triumph twin 350, PVL or Electrex world?
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