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  1. I did not notice any additional numbers when I got the bike. The frame has now been powder coated so that will not be coming off. I just want to find as much info on the bike as possible. Cheers.
  2. Can anyone advise. Im after as much information as possible on the bike I am restoring. I know it is a Fantic 200 FM350 but any additional info would be welcome. The chassis number is DGM 19461 OM also Fantic 350 stamped along side the chassis number, engine number 0001620 and the date stamp under the tank is 1979-9 What I would like to find out if possible are all the numbers matching and its date of manufacture. I bought the bike as a non runner with a box of bits. Thanks in advance
  3. Gwill007

    Tyre Size

    Many Thanks for the info.
  4. Gwill007

    Tyre Size

    Hi all can you let me know what is the original size of front and rear tyres for a Fantic 200 FM350, 1978 also would a 120/100 18"rear Trail X Light comp fit the rear 4" rim.
  5. Eddie, Many thanks, engine now removed. Just jiggled it a bit at a time and it came out.
  6. Hello and advice please. I have a Fantic 200 - FM350 that I hope to restore. I have completely stripped the bike and all accessories from the engine and now trying to remove the engine but can't get it out of the frame. Do I need to remove the cylinder head or is there a trick to get it out. Cheers
  7. Hi All from North Wales. Just bought a Fantic 200 1979 to restore so will probably asking for help.
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