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  1. Some very good dealers around the country , all deliver, I use SW Trials, or BVM moto or Trials UK, All will video clip a bike if your interested in one from their website, and I've never had issues with any of them. Lots more dealers around as well, all will offer the same services, but I can only comment on these three as they're the ones I've used. You can always go on to Gumtree, and FB market place, and some clouds have notice boards on their websites which are worth checking. Rest assured, your not being optimistic, 2 for 4K is realistic, just keep looking.
  2. White smoke, burning water - blue smoke, burning oil - black smoke, unburnt hydro carbons. either a head gasket, water pump seal. Check your coolant levels. Gassers I think have a history of water pump seals going.
  3. The Scorpa is a good bike and yes, ideal smooth power, but at your budget get a Beta Evo 125 or 200cc, slow action throttle fitted, you'll have the ideal bike for your lad and at his build, either sized Evo will be perfect. loads available as they're still being made so loads of choice. Get the best looked after one you can find. good luck.
  4. You are now asking the question that could also be asked with, " what's the meaning of life". In part answer, you need to answer several questions, what's your 18 yr olds build, if he's 6'5" and 22 stone, I wouldn't recommend a 125, but if he's 5'8" and med build a125 would be ideal for him to start on, forgiving and not overpowering, never muscling your son around and able to build confidence on. Forget 280s and 300s. Whats your budget. Less that a grand, a grand to two or more ? Lots of bikes in this range, some great, others not so for a beginner. Personally I'd seriously look for a beta Rev3, 125 or 200, if your budget is Evo bracket, even better, loads of dealers stock the parts at reasonable prices and it'll need spannering, but not after every ride! Gas Gas 125 or 200 and Sherco 125s also good, but I'd look at Beta first. There are some good aircooled monos out there which are quite placid com paired to really modern stuff, and lots of riders have honed their skills on a TY mono over the years, it does really depend on your lads build, budget, his taste, (he'll have to like it), and parts back up or clubs in your area that cater for the bike he chooses, i.e beginners mono class, instead of all in together. Good luck choosing, let us know what you get with some photos of his progress. 😷😷
  5. On all the carb'd Ossa's they had a backbone frame and the down tubes were all bolt on from the headstock to the crankcase mounts. Remove the left side down tube and this at the top is the one to weld the sidecar mount onto. Don't use the headstock itself. Theres some old photos, of Ossa sidecars on the web from the Pearce Simon trial, that Ringwood MCC put on, when it was a sidecar round!
  6. At your budget forget a TR34 or twinshock as they are holding and increasing in value daily so possibly to pricey for a good one now! As a novice a 98 or 99 Techno or a later rev3 would be ideal for a novice, and if you can find a 200cc one,brilliant, as they are really forgiving and not a handful. Your other shoulder will remain intact. Because I have one, consider also a Yam engined Scorpa (2001-2006) bullet proof engine, soft, smooth power, and will not bully you too much.
  7. You may not be able to get a bracket, cardboard template and a friendly engineering firm to cut a nice alloy one!
  8. Defo a 349, as said it should have a grey frame and matching grey mudguards, front and rear. the tank/seat unit should sit flush to the rear guard, is it the correct air box or is that not holding it up, it's just the image and not held down tightly?
  9. jonboy883

    Kickstart stuck

    I had an Aprilia TXR, air cooled with almost the same engine fitted which did the same. i only removed clutch and gears and the spring had a right angled lugg end which seated in a hole/indent in the clutch side crank case to secure and retain it. Never split the cases at all. hope this helps, bottom line is, you'd have to take the clutch and gears off to split the cases anyway, so whip em out, and that should reveal what you need.
  10. jonboy883

    monty 242

    Cracking little bikes, overlooked for the MH349's and the 330's. I had two during the mid 80's, a white and an orange/red tank model, bought one from Sammy's , when he was on Gore Road, New Milton and one from Roger Painter's at Warminster. If the price is right get it,and put some photos up!
  11. Option 1 with massive cohoona's. It'll either work, or you can dine out on telling the nurses from your hospital bed the story of your wipeout! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  12. From memory it's a 28mm carb, and as a replacement get an Oko. Email. Inmotion as they will know and ship worldwide!
  13. jonboy883

    Fuel Mixture ?

    My old MAR, was 35:1 on mineral oil. If your using synthetic, 50:1 but nothing less! hope this helps.
  14. Not sure if one was ever made for you TY. You may have to use a motorcross one from an early YZ which cable tied around the lower fork leg. have a scan through MD Racing's website, see if there is anything!
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