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  1. New to trials

    Can I come and practice at yours.....😄
  2. Evening Trials near West London

    Depends on how far west of London you want to travel. Ringwood, Hants, do a summer series, but it's a 90 minute drive from Staines/Hampton. Too far?
  3. Best small van on a budget

    A Fiat Doblo, ideal for you. sliding doors both sides, two bike size and cause it's a Fiat, cheap as chips. okay'ish to run as well and shares all parts with the car range so cheap from the specialist car parts stores!
  4. Questions re: 1987 Montesa 335

    I thought the 335 was an updated 310, updated specs and conventional forks. Sandifords possibly have specs for the old 310 as they imported them at the time.
  5. 2 questions for those wiser than me

    Agree also, no need for decompresser, find tdc, then one good swift drive through on the kick start should do the job. Build 🏋'S
  6. 2 questions for those wiser than me

    Defo, 6v circuit, check it with a multimeter, that'll confirm ac or DC! if DC then no rectifier.
  7. Parking a trials bike

    I'd always heard the 4rt's had a heavy front end, now seeing the photos I believe! 😂
  8. New to sport bike selection

    I'm aware I'm coming into this thread late, but at 6'4" and 220lbs, I thought I'd contribute my thoughts also. i use a 250 and it's fantastic, does everything I need, in the class I ride at, vets and clubman! i occasionally practice on a friends Beta 200 and that is great at everything also. The 300's I've ridden seem to knacker me within a couple of hours as they ride you, not you ride then. I can't bully it enough at my standard for it to be fun, but I can bully my 250 or the 200.
  9. If you are totally new, best way to get going is to find a more experienced training partner and start with follow the leader session around a small off road circuit, e.g around a wood or along a stream bed etc. This way , you see lines, body position and hear what the other rider is doing throttle wise. As you get a bit better then start to create sections and then practice. do not start out on your own, you'll get demoralised too quickly, won't learn as quickly as you will from being given advice and the danger if you do something wrong. where are you in the country?
  10. Milky oil

    In the picture, is that oil leaking from the site glass? has the seal for the site glass is weeping, they will weep both ways when power washing. I hope this is the simple, possible, problem. good luck.
  11. BVM broken into overnight,

    Remember, dialling 101 will take you to the force where your dialling from. So if your buying one in Kent and dial 101 it'll go to Kent police, who won't have a clue what that reference relates too! Any concerns call Gloucester Police with that reference number! You don't want to get stung cause you've dialled the wrong force.
  12. 1999 gasgas 321 spark gone after a fall

    On older bikes, as yours is, I'd hazard a guess, the fall has dislodged one of your spade connectors. We all change a lot of the consumables, but cheap spade connectors deteriorate over time but we never check 'em. Get the tank off and have a look and feel. Pull and check each one, looking is never the same as feeling!
  13. salisbury uk

    Hello, and welcome.... you have, Shaftesbury &DMC , local to you. Blackmore Vale , also local. ringwood MCC & LCC , run some really good trials just down the A338. XHG Tigers, most of their trials are around Blandford/ Poole area. lots of choice near to you, a few practice areas, including XHG Tigers ground. enjoy yourself!
  14. Let us know how you both get on....
  15. Another quick tip: When signing on, see the riding numbers of others riding your route through the sections. Have a chat to these guys and seek advice, most will want to help and encourage and many, I'm sure will walk you through the routes and advice you where you should go. as you improve you can choose what advice you listen too according to your developing ability. most importantly, enjoy yourselves........