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  1. jonboy883

    Scorpa 94

    Can you share the video
  2. Sounds a bit like a top end rattle at higher revs, may need small end bearings, easy, quick, cheap fix
  3. Air leak to the crank. Get some silicon sealer, smear to all round the joins on the outside and start it. If there's no revving, there's your issue, new crank seals.
  4. Get him a Scorps Ty125, four stroke. Lovely light, manageable and really easy to ride. Brand new at £4300, you'll struggle to get a good, clean Bantom for the same money!
  5. There is a good Scorpa breakers on eBay, reasonably priced as well.
  6. I'm also going to enter this topic with an entirely different perspective. 2 HR's or 100 miles is not a great distance, most people on here do more miles than that to compete in various trials, so I would suggest contacting the dealer, returning it to them and giving them time to fix it. When they have tested it and even get them to video the test and email to you, then collect it and use it. if they refuse to fix it, get your money back as they know it's not worth the fix up. this way, you either get a fixed bike or you money back, and you'll only be time and petrol money out of pocket.
  7. jonboy883

    Cota 310

    Try carlsalter.com. the Montesa 330 manual is the closest and the engines are virtually identical. At least it will give you workshops diagrams to work from, even if the part numbers are incorrect.
  8. Also, unlike COVID, there is no vaccine, once bitten by the bug, it's a lifelong affliction.
  9. It's type approve to use in the EU, thus the country designation, so, yes it's legal. the not for highway use stuff is for the US market, only ever taken note off, when they are no markings on the tyre.
  10. Credit card on interest free terms!
  11. Hi Mark, I'm up the road in North Dorset. sandpits farm is still there, join XHG Tigers motorcycle club, trials at Stur Marshall and around, and you'll get the info on Sandpits from there. cheers.
  12. If you search for beta rev3 manuals on the interweb, several come up and can be printed. Try this one first, I got a techno one and it's fine:. https://www.carlsalter.com/beta-service-manuals.asp
  13. The clutch as you say in Q1 is exactly that, they free off with use each and every time. Q4 taking a clutch apart is fairly straight forward, give it a go, just place all the bits down on cardboard in the order they came out. sump plug is immediately above the hole drilled in the bash plate,towards the rear of the gearbox, for the purpose, you shouldn't, with the plate on reveal any other plugs.. Filler is on the left side behind barrel if I remember correctly.
  14. Supply some to someone like Trial Tube or BVM Moto for their reviews and get it known out there, Once known, get someone to supply for you.....less profit, easier life however.
  15. Sounds like a master cylinder seal, as the pressure builds the fluid is pushing past an iffy seal internally and going from one side of the piston to the other. Do you need a new master cylinder or just a seal kit?
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