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  1. Well suppose they are essentially a KTM these days.
  2. jonboy883

    Workshop Manual

    Look on the gas gas uk website or John shirt moto suk website!
  3. Take the switch off, keep the wire handy, start bike, touch wire to earth, does it work like the kill switch should. If so, no wiring issues. Once confirmed, fit a decent new switch and it should be good to go.
  4. Before you do anything else, remove any switches totally , and ensure you still have a spark. This will confirm its a switch issue rather than a more serious bike issue, possibly caused by the switch change over. A lot of wires when in plastic cases/shrouds when moved around and manipulated when they're old will just snap, unseen. You may need to start continuity testing wires once you know where the fault lies.
  5. If your last boots lasted 16 years, why change brand if there's a pair you've obviously liked and have lasted! That said, I've tried on Sidi boots and they pinched, Gaerne for me all the way, good fit, accurate sizing and well made.
  6. Have you tried Trials Bike Breakers? It'll be the same as the 309, etc, if I remember all the air cooled ones of that era had the same box and it only changed when the water cooled 311 came on scene.......
  7. Saw that one and the promise of some old and new bikes, being reviewed with kit and tools being looked at was enough to make me subscribe. What else have we got to do!
  8. Being a Southener, could somebody enlighten me as to who the front man is. Ive watched a few and it's entertaining with some interesting stuff in it, but aimed at newer trials riders, I think.
  9. I use UFO enduro/MX trousers. They have a Lycra panel in them, so stretch well and are quite loose fitting also. Got them from MD Racing in Yeovil, really good value. Wulf sport do some as well. I am, as I suspect a lot of us are, too old for the full spandex/Lycra outfit, and at my standards, it may be the only thing that looks the part as my riding will undoubtedly let the whole impression down.
  10. What about a UK veterans championship then. john Lampkin, Steve Saunders, Tony Scarlett, Rob Sartin, rob Crawford etc. all out on on their old mounts! Again, I think I'd watch that?
  11. I'd turn up to watch, wouldn't be fantastic to see them all compete again on the old classic machines.
  12. You could also try Trials Bike Breakers, they may have a decent pre used item.
  13. Wow, throwback to the 80's, check out them tyres! nice looking resto.
  14. Reeming tool welded onto an extension bar to get down in? It wouldn't weaken it that much.
  15. Hello and welcome. Trials, as you'll discover, is possibly the friendliest of all the motorsports fields and newcomers are always welcome. We know it's the newcomers that keep the sport alive! Do not be worried or concerned about being "the only newbie in the village" at your first event, everyone will be helpful , offer advice and within long you'll meet some other riders who you tag along with and they will help, guide and advice you. In short you'll be accepted immediately and love the sport. One word of advice first though, try not to practice semi difficult stuff on your own, if you fall and hurt yourself etc., then there will be no one around to help or get help. Before long however, you'll know people to practice with and join a decent club and they may have a practice ground where other riders will also be. embrace and enjoy your new hobby, don't sweat the newness of it, just enjoy it. Take care, keep us posted.
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