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  1. Do you know a source for that seal? I think mine may have done that.
  2. What is his username? I'll see it I can find him.
  3. jtrials31

    SY250 wheels

    Does anyone know if any of the aftermarket wheels offered by Jitsie will fit an 07 SY250? My wheels are battered and a need to source new ones. Thanks
  4. Looks really great! Always loved the look of the last years model, may want to source yourself a guard for the header though, your trousers may thank you.
  5. Looks like they finally have a repackable exhaust, that's something to be happy about at least
  6. I know this sounds a bit silly, but did you check to see if you have a fast or slow throttle? Also, some people did some 290 kits on theirs. They aren't readily available or were produced by a specific company or anything, but it's something to look into
  7. 2009 was the 10th anniversary model if I remember correctly it had special graphics and white wheels, only a handful were made. The 08 is probably the best one made, and the color scheme on it is real nice too. I have an 07 Factory bike and would still like to pick up an 08, such good bikes.
  8. Are only the 125's getting this color scheme? I love the look!
  9. These bikes are a beauty to ride, I don't think you'd have any issues with it. You won't have any power issues with a 250 unless you are maybe trying to tackle the pro line and even then if your that good you could probably ride anything lol. These bikes are super smooth and make power in spots that 2T's struggle, I've spent a good long while on one of these and I loved every minute of it. I think as a first bike it would treat you well.
  10. I have the same problem on one of my legs, except its the later one with the black coating. It's not terrible, but if I could find a way to replace it I will. I've heard about filling in the scratches with super glue and letting it sit for 24 hours and then sanding it back down to level, but I'm almost sure that will rub the black coating off the forks.
  11. I had one when I was young and it had a four speed transmission and could only be started in neutral. I remember having quite a bit of trouble stalling it all the time, so my dad made put more weight on the flywheel and it couldn't be killed after he did that, it would putt along all day. Biggest complaint about the bike for me is the waterproofing, everytime I'd go through any water, the water would get to the plug and foul it. Dad made a little plastic cover to fix that problem though. Another minor complaint was that since it didn't have full size wheels, the tires available were terrible, we were stuck with horrible Cheng Shin tires that gripped badly. Bike was what started me in trials though, for that Im thankful and had quite a few great memories riding it. Also, I remember there being few bikes and parts over here. There were only something like 20 shipped here and the importer only had a few parts here and there by the time I got the bike. So parts were pretty scarce here, except for engine parts, those you could get all day.
  12. Thats all true, Im of the opinion though that if Scorpa is to survive they're gonna need a redesign here soon, including there own motor.
  13. So thats the new one? Doesn't look a whole lot different at all than last years.
  14. As far as the rotax goes, you should be able to still get parts for it. Most of the other things such as brake and clutch parts will also be available. Im not sure what forks or shock it would have, but Im sure that stuff is still around as well. As far as plastics and such is, Im not sure if those would still be avaible. If I were you, I'd ask a Scorpa dealer on what is still available for that model.
  15. I saw this bike firsthand and pictures do not do it justice, there is all kinds of detail in the graphics, really looks great. I have still yet to try one, but Im sure if it's any as good as my yammie one, than they are probably the best riding bike out there. Yeah, that's the real reason I started this thread, everyone else already as the 13 out and Scorpa doesn't yet, so kinda gets me worried. Don't want to see them go away.
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