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  1. Hiya mate, yeah that's right i raced superstock 600 in 2011 and then sold that because i couldn't ride it for toffee, and bought the blade above and raced stock thou last year with a bit more success lol. I know Tim aye! No doubt know you too, what's your surname mate?? We on Facebook???!
  2. I picked this up today
  3. I don't mean to be pedantic if it's purely a choice of words, but its a 4 stroke, so not strictly gearbox oil as it's a sumped and pumped motor. Just want to make sure you're sticking in the right oil and not gearbox oil! I can't anwer your question though as mine's a 2008 which is 900cc.
  4. Sound mate ill probably go up for the day anyway lol, loving it at the moment!
  5. Nah i knew it was on but rode the course yesterday and knew how much there was to ride anyway. In reality, the only places we couldn't ride, we didn't want to ride anyway! They just used trails and paths. We were let free pretty much everywhere anyway as long as we didn't get mowed down! Cracking day! Gimme a shout when you're riding mate, I'm only in Old Skem myself lol.
  6. So if you don't use the hot start regularly and it's always shut, it will stick open?!
  7. Eh up, anyone heading up there tomorrow? Say ow do if you are, i'm in a white VW Transporter T5 on a 08 Beta Rev 4T. Dunno if anyone will be but worth an ask! bongo
  8. I can't find neutral with my foot on my 4t, no biggy though, just left hand it and it's fine. I had trouble kicking mine over and read something stupidly simple that just struck a chord with me. On a 4t you don't kick it over like a 2t, you push through it with a steady and constant push. Push it over rather than kicking it over! Sounds daft, but just aslight alteration with my technique and it's bang on everytime now. If not, maybe a fuelling problem/plug problem?? I never have to use my hot start. Was out today and it was a scorcher, and never used choke, hotstart, or throttle all day on starts.
  9. Outside diameter on mine is bang on 17mm mate
  10. Too right yeah, I didn't know not had been sat for a long period! Billy have you heard of slipping clutches when using fully synth? I'm new to trials but rroad race for years and its common knowledge that slipping clutches are often down to fully synth oil. I've always used semi however I'm on fully onte trials bike as it seems to be common practice in trials.
  11. Hi all, a good friend of mine recalls when my 08 rev4t came out, and the 07 model too, some people here and there talking about modifications they had made tote standard exhaust system to help with things like the responsiveness of the throttle, the power characteristics and torque etc. he's not sure what they did now and I can't find any info. Anybody able to help with things that I could do?
  12. Well yeah I agree that you would expe t it to happen in lower gears and torquier areas of the bikes rev range, but it often is the case that the overall speed of the spinning basket and plates at higher revs combined with the inertia of the wheel against the crank in the clutch tends to make it happen in longer gears. The description of it feeling like you're pulling the clutch in is the perfect and exact description of clutch wear though
  13. That will be your clutch slipping mate. Usually it'll happen in the torquier part of the revs and often within the first second of changing up a gear. Your steels will be fine but get yourself a new set of friction plates for your clutch and job should e a good'n
  14. Jesus this was painful to read. Have we established who knows more yet?! Glad your bikes sorted dude! Kept me entertained on my night shift this thread!
  15. Very interesting timing with your post! My 2008 rev 4t kickstart did the same thing on Saturday at cowm! Exactly the same!! But... We managed to get a gas gas kickstart to fit on with the same spline which worked fine, but was only a borrow for the day. I then put my mates 2012 Evo 4t kickstart on it which is the same spline size and from lampkins on Monday ordered one, for the '12 Evo, as its much bulked up and stronger. It's also marginally shorter but obviously works perfectly. This was around 55 quid give or take a few (bought some other bits too you see) I must have the bigger shaft though if yours won't accept the newer Evo model kickstarts. Try to try a few of other brands though as you may be able to just get a Montesa one for instance for much cheaper than the 200 quoted. When we were looking at the weekend to find one for the day, many of the smaller cc bikes had smaller shafts than mine so could well work for yours. Hope this helps! Bongo
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