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  1. People bitch and moan about switching over. I did, and will never go back to mixing gas and oil again. 4Rt is a great bike, you just need to ride it like a 4 stroke and not a 2T. When you do, you can really feel the difference in torque. 2016 4RT
  2. Yep, Dennis at Overland, located in PA. As everyone notes, great guy to do business with. Order extra gaskets for the season.
  3. Need to ride the bike like a 4 stroke...not a 2T. Once you do, you will turn to the torque side.
  4. In the US it is tough and expensive to get the ELF oils. I use BelRay Gearsaver 80 weight with the Honda dimpled clutch plates. Works excellent, super smooth clutch with this setup.
  5. tman427


    Have a 2016 4RT. Same deal. Checked two items and bike run perfectly. 1. Set engine idle up a bit, will run differently depending on where you are located...needs to be set so the EFI can fire properly. This was also noted in the forum somewhere. 2. Air filter. Yep, Thats_a_five is correct. ONLY use light weight motor oil, 10-40 or so, very lightly on the filter. The stock air filter is not like the Jitze ones that have large pores. The stock Monty, the black version has very small pores that can get blocked with the typical sticky air filter oils.
  6. I have a2016 4RT, just put in the dimpled plates and run all 6 springs. Use BelRay Gearsaver 80w for wet clutches...works great.
  7. Thanks, looks like it has good coverage of the pegs and frame. Tom
  8. Stu at Jacks Cycle is the best. Great guy that knows trials bikes.
  9. Like the light weight rims...where did you get them?
  10. Does the skid plate extend back to protect the linkage?
  11. How did you make out? Was it the seal? I also use the Belray Gearbox oil. Thinking of using the dimpled clutch plates. When the bike is cold the plates stick together a bit until they are lubed with oil. Thanks Tom
  12. 2016 Monty. Just love the bike.
  13. Went through the break in on the new bike and changed out the oil, filter and tranny oil after a fews hrs of about half throttle. Lately, I have been going about 10 to 12 hrs on an oil change, full synth 10w-40. I go about 30 hrs on an oil filter change. Draining the oil, it still looks clean after the 10 or so hrs. Does it really need to be changed that often? I mean you go thousands of miles on an oil change with a car, which travels at much higher speeds and higher rpm levels than a trials bike. Thoughts? Many thanks, really liking the 2016 standard. Just starting to get accustomed to its manners. Tom
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